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liquid crystal
03-11-2004, 08:08 PM
KC's Story: Chapter I, part I

I couldn't believe it: I was holding the Indigo League Cup! It was beautiful: glimmering gold like a star in the night sky. Oddly enough, it wasn't a cup: more of a golden pillar with a masterball on top. Holding that trophy proved I was the best pokemon trainer this side of Safron; it proved I was better than all the kids at home, I get the last laugh. I would have sworn it wasn't real. And I did swear when I found out it wasn't, because the alarm clock rang. It was all a dream. A dream of my amazing six pokemon creaming the competition: Ninetales, Sceptile, Hariyama, Quagsire, Gengar, and Gardevoir, my dream team, and it was only that: a dream.

When I woke up, my very first pokemon, Vulpix, was there on my lap, licking my face. She was a birthday present from my dad, who was a pokemon breeder. She was born only a few weeks before my birthday, which was four days ago. I was so excited on my birthday, because I was getting a pokemon. Not as if this was the only pokemon in my life: my mom is a retired gymleader and we keep a few around the house: a Growlithe, nicknamed Cob, and three Delcatties, Precious, Perfect, and Pretty (all named by my younger sister), but this was the first of my own!

I turned off my alarm clock (in the shape of a pokeball, or course) and got out of bed. I went into my bathroom, and brushed my teeth. I looked at my self in the mirror above my sink. I looked ordinary: brown hair, brown eyes, neither tall nor short, and neither ugly nor rediculously good-looking. I was ordinary. Not smart or good at sports. The only thing that made me stand out was my amazing knoledge of pokemon. I could tell you what any pokemon's favorite BerryBlock flavor is by looking at it. I could tell you the average life span of a Lapras is; I knew just about everything about pokemon. Sadly, I didn't have anyway of showing off my talent because it was the hottest part of summer and my family lives in a small house south of Viridian. Even sadder, nobody likes to visit us.

I went down stairs for breakfast, which I prayed was pancakes, bacon and eggs. But it turned out it was only toast. No jelly even! What a disappointment! My did was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. My dad was tall, tan, and muscular, nothing like me.

"Goodmorning, son," he said. "Better get out of your pajamas in a hurry, the pokemon like the morning hours.''

"Hmm...?" I replied grogily.

"We're gonna catch some pokemon in Viridian forest," he explained, "A buyer needs some passenger Pidgeys, so I figgure we could kill to birds with one stone: get a few pokemon for the monthly paycheck, and start my boy on his pokemon journey." he winked at me. Sure, I'd gone with dad to get pokemon for his business, but he'd never suggest that I capture my own! I was overjoyed: a pokemon for my birthday, and a new one four days later!

To be continued with part II!

liquid crystal
03-11-2004, 10:08 PM
Part II

I hurttled up the stairs to take a shower and get on new clothes. I didn't use much soap since I was excited. I threw on my favorite outfit: jeans, a tee shirt and my pokemon baseball cap. I slipped on my lucky socks (I've had them since first grade. The first day I wore them I won the spelling bee by spelling "unbeknownst") which I wore every time I needed luck, like when I had a math test or a Pokemon TCG match. I hoped these plain-looking tube socks would give me that extra boost.

I rushed downstairs to the shoe basket by the door. The shoe basket is where everyone put their shoes when they came inside: not only to keep the floor clean, but to keep Cob from eating them. I found my good ol' fashon sneakers under my little sister's "My Little Ponyta" tennis shoes, these horible pink monstrosties that flash when she walks.

Dad kissed Mom and my sister goodbye and started our way to the Viridian Forest.

We walked, since it wasn't that far. Cob and Vulpix walked beside us, and I had the feeling that the two orange canines took a liking to eachother.

We were soon at the forest bountries. The trees were giant! Once inside, I could barely see my feet since the trees blocked out a lot of sunlight. My eyes soon ajusted enough to where I could see dad, who was searching for his flashlight in our napsack.

"D'jou put it somewhere, KC?" Dad said as he fumbled around the mess of papers, pokeballs, and sandwiches that we'd packed "Ahah! here it is." It clicked on and suddenly I realize the forest was full of pokemon: Caterpie crawling on oak branches, Spearow flying just below the canopy, and now, with the flashlight, I noticed more and more things; oddly, I wasn't paying enough attention before to hear the sound! A cacophonic synphony of chirps, growls, scratches, and rustling.

"You remember how to attract pidgey?" Dad inquired.

I thought a second, for it'd been a while since I last pidgey hunted "Whistle?"

"Yep," Dad replied.

Dad started to whistle. No tune or anything, just the kind of noises birds make early in the morning. Soon, a few pidgey flew over to us.

"Ready, Cob?" Dad asked the Growlithe.

"Grrrowl!" that meant he was ready for a battle.

I knew could have simply threw some bird seed out and capture one no problem, since they were so weak, but he was teaching us novices: me and Vulpix.

"Cob, use a flamethrower!" Dad said.

"Grrrowow!" Cob replied.

Cob opened his jaws, revealing his impressive pearly-whites, and bellowed out a big stream of fire at the three pigdey. The completely dazzled me and Vulpix: yellow, and orange, and red, and blue, all in a geyser of flaming water. The whole forest lit up, and the pidgeys were fried. Dad picked up three pokeballs and caught the pidgey without breaking a sweat.

"Good job," Dad said to Cob, and then rubbed him behind the ear. "Your turn," he said to me.

"Um, okay!" I said eagarly.

"Just walk around in the grass, a pokemon should pop up any second now."

I did as he said, looking carefully for a pokemon. I heard a subtle "tree" sound, as if from a pokemon. I heard it again. I looked up to a tree and saw before my eyes, a treeko, in the Viridian forest! I half fainted when it hopped off its perch and challenged me to a battle with its eyes, which glowed slightly when it took a fighting stance.

"Attack, Vulpix!" I yelled out.

"Vul!" it replied.

The treeko studied Vulpix for a while trying to build a strategy. It lunged forward suddenly and hit Vulpix hard with its tail. Vulpix turned around as quickly as it could and tried to scratch it, but the treeko was too fast for him. Treeko dove over Vulpix and launched a razor leaf from its tail. I knew this treeko fought before. Vulpix tried as hard as it could to dodge it but couldn't. The razor-sharp leaves thrust deep into its skin. Treeko dove into a leafy bush and snickered at Vulpix.

"Vul!!" the fox cried in pain.

"NO!!" I screamed, "Try again! Ember attack!"

Vulpix breathed in deeply and his eyes glew (glowed?) red slightly. He opened his mouth and out came a small fireball, barely larger than a softball. Treeko had no time to react: the fireball was headed stright for the bush and had no time to hop out. As the ember hit the bush, the leaves burst into a dazzling fireworks display of burning foliage.

"Tree, treeeeko!" Treeko called frantically, trying to get out of the flaming shrub. He hopped out and gasped for air.

"Hurry and attack him again before he gets a chance to dodge it!" I comanded Vulpix, knowing we now had the upper hand.

"Vul!" Vulpix cried as he bounded to the injured pokemon. Vulpix' eyes glew crimson once again as it fired another ember at point-blank range. "Vul!" Vupix barked in triumph, but too soon. While Vulpix was gloating, Treeko came around again, this time with more gusto, and spat out seed after seed of an organic amunition. Bullet Seed! Vulpix was now quite aggravated. He summoned the last bit of energy he had to unleash an attack. Vulpix started to glow darkish blue, an strange parranormal auta flowing about it. He breathed deap and cried out a desperate yowl. Slowly, the dark blue aura split bit by bit into strange looking fire flies.

"Wow! A will-o-whisp attack!" Dad exclaimed.

Treeko ran away from the lights, ran up a tree. The will-o-whisps simply changed their dirrection. Again, Treeko tried to run away, but quickly ran out of room on the short branch. He had no change of stopping his fall. Treeko fell head first into the swarm of the eerie fireflies. he was burnt badly, and if he wasn't already knocked out from the ominous will-o-whisps, he certaily did from the landing. I raced to Dad's knapsack and grabbed a silver-and-red pokeball, enlarged it by pushing its button.

"Go pokeball!" I cried as I hurled it. It landed smack-dab on Treeko's head. Treeko suddenly began to glow bright white as it was vaporized and sent into the pokeball.

Wiggle once.

Wiggle twice....


Jack of Clovers
03-12-2004, 09:46 PM
the story is written nicely. good detail and ideas. the problem i have is that Treecko is hit by only one attack (and a falling down). That isn't enough to qualify for a capture. you would need to attack it some more. plus it's rarity will need a longer battle.

Outcome- Treecko Not Captured!


liquid crystal
03-12-2004, 09:48 PM
Thanks for your tips. I'll fix it right away.

Jack of Clovers
03-13-2004, 06:02 AM
for future stories, try to make the battles longer. i feel this one is ok. keep it up.

oh, it's glowed... not glew. Treecko has a c in it also. :doh:

Outcome- Treecko Caught!