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03-12-2004, 12:30 PM
Raine walked on the beach carefully. He was searching for some Pokémon that would help make him more powerful so that he could one day be the most powerful trainer in the world. He wanted to be able to defeat his brother who was one of the most powerful trainers he'd ever seen in his whole life. He was watching TV one day. It was the Pokémon league on PMTV(Pokémon Television) and he saw his brother step up and one by one. Each of his matches were easily won. It began growing tougher for him when he finally reached the Elite Four however. He beat all except for Steven in the Elite Four. So he wanted to be stronger than his borther and be capable of actually defeating Steven.

The sun was setting behind the ocean and one part of the sky and ocean was bright and pink. It was a beautiful sight for someone's eyes. Raine continued to walk along the side of the beach. Every now and then water would come up to the shore and barely make it up to Raine's shoes. The sky continued to grow darker as the time grew later. Raine walked with no excitment or anything until about 8:00. He saw a trainer pull out a fishing rod and cast it into the water. Raine figured that would be a good idea if only he had a fishing rod. He ran up to the trainer.

Raine: "Hey you!"
??: "What?" *He looked up.*
Raine: "Do you know where I can get a fishing rod?"
??: "There aren't any good ones around here. But I can lend you one."
Raine: "Really? Allright then."
??: "Just hold my fishing rod for a second and I'll be back."

The trainer ran and got another fishing rod from the fishing house back behind them. He ran back and gave him the fishing rod. The rod was red and blue. It had a few yellow lines going down it. Raine quickly grabbed the fishing rod. The trainer told Raine to stay a distance away from him because he did not want the lines to be tangled up plus the battles may disturb the other Pokémon who are trying to bite the other line. Raine got up and ran down towards the other end.

((I'll finish it on Sunday and Monday))