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10-13-2004, 01:48 AM
Shuppet Grudges
by KCash

Welcome to my Halloween Fan-Fic Competition entry! I'm writing this fic for this particular competition as well as for our enjoyment. Its been fun writing it so far and I hope that can continue because thats what makes fics fun! This will be a short fic, only a few chapters at the most, so then the judges won't have a lot to read.

This is rated PG, at least for now it is... and will be mostly suspenseful and very creepy-weirdish thingy. I dunno, you'll see when you read... ENJOY...BOO! Gotcha...

Happy Halloween everyone!

10-13-2004, 01:50 AM
Chapter One

Everyday around the time of noon you can find her with a Shuppet doll, having tea together in the back yard. Once again at two and at five in the afternoon. This six year old girl had never been able to make very many friends and especially not after moving half way across Johto. Her mother and father had to make the move for business reasons and Katie Lubbock was very sad about this.

She was overwhelmed with joy when her mother found an old Shuppet doll buried in the garden the first week they moved in. Now, four weeks later, she couldn’t be found without the old dirty doll by her side. They had recently moved into a large mansion that was built over 150 years ago. There were still rooms in the house that looked dirty and old but it was quickly becoming restored to almost brand new by the Lubbock family.

The grass smelled of a deep chlorophyll scent as if it was just cut. The large backyard was fenced in by a wooden fence that had white paint peeling off. A small wooden table sat in the middle of this yard with four chairs. Two were empty and the other two had Katie and her doll Shuppet sitting across from each other.

On the table was a pink cloth with a cheap tea set that Ms. Lubbock bought for Katie to play around with. As Katie went to give her favorite doll some more tea, Ms. Lubbock interrupted her thoughts.

“Katie, I just got off the phone with Mrs. Brady. She said she got a letter from you yesterday,” Ms. Lubbock crossed her arms and put an angry expression on her face.

Ms. Lubbock was a woman of beauty, always wearing an expensive dress, this time a white one, with curly brown hair hanging down to her shoulders. She was quite tall and had very long legs. Her chin bones to her lips to her skin tone was all laid out perfectly, as if she was specially molded by the most gorgeous angels of all.

Katie looked straight at Shuppet with a worried expression on her face. “Katie… in the letter… she said that in the letter you wrote that Mr. Brady was having an affair,” Ms. Lubbock studied Katie’s face. “Is this true?”

“Yes,” Katie picked up the white sparkling tea pot and poured some tea in Shuppet’s empty tea cup. Ms. Lubbock seemed confused, thinking only seconds ago the glass was more then half way from being empty.

“Why would you do something like that?” asked the angry mother. “Who filled your head with those awful thoughts?”

“No one. I just know because its true,” Katie took a sip from her tea cup and went on being happy and carefree.

“Tell me the truth or your grounded,” Ms. Lubbock shot at her daughter. Katie looked at her mother with a honest look and didn’t know what to say to that.

Ms. Lubbock nodded her head, “Mr. Brady is 90 years old sweetheart. Him and Mrs. Brady have been married for almost 70 years now. Why would Mr. Brady do such a thing?”

“He wouldn’t,” she answered her own question. “The reason being is that he has been in the hospital with a weak heart for two weeks straight. Your grounded young lady.”

Katie just looked down at her tea and waited to release her anger until Ms. Lubbock walked away and entered the house. “Why did you tell me such a terrible lie Shuppet! No more tea for you for the rest of the day mister!” Katie screamed. The Shuppet doll just kept the same odd expression that it was made to keep forever on its face but the inside of it was bursting with laughter.

Mrs. Brady was a woman of such grace. She always wore her black hair up in a ponytail and kept the end wrapped up around in a donut form. She wondered around her new mansion, looking for her newlywed. He was no where to be found at this time of night and Mrs. Brady wanted to see him more then ever. She sat down for some warm milk at the kitchen table as she pondered where her husband might possibly be.

Across the street, was another new mansion that was just bought by a couple. Only the man of the house, Mr. Jamison, wasn’t there at the time but on a business trip for the next few days.

The Jamison’s only daughter, Rebecca, had a Shuppet for a pet as well as a best friend. While Rebecca drifted off to sleep, Shuppet wiggled its way to the parents bedroom to find Mrs. Jamison with an unwelcoming guest to his eyes. Shuppet would never forget this night when the affair started because this would ruin the families life as well as his own.

But now after 70 years of no peace, Shuppet would finally be able to revenge the grudges he held against every human and pokemon that ever got in his way of having the perfect relationship with someone who cared deeply about him. In order to do so, Shuppet was going to have to make some arrangements so that he can live with his new friend, Katie, with no interference.