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11-06-2004, 10:01 AM

My deck mainly focuses on beatdown/control

it consists of 43 monsters
and also has 32 traps and spells

L(U)level one monsters(/U)
magician of faith x2
chaos necromancer x1

(U)level two monsters(/U)
man eater bug x2
kaizer seahorse

(U)level three monsters(/U)
dream clown x2
giant soldier of stone x2
unknown worrior of feind x1
claw reacher x1
night assailant x1

(U)level four monsters(/U)
darkfire soldier #1 x1
witty phantom x1
kojikocy x1
flying kamkiri #1 x1
island turtle x1
witch of the black forest x1
mystic clown x1
koumory dragon x1
skull red bird x1
dragon zombie x1
three headed geedo x1
ogre of the black shadow x1
mystical elf x1
destroyer golem x1
sorcerer of the doomed x1
rogue doll x1
lady panther x1
dark assailant x1
la jin the mystical genie of the lamp x1

(U)level five monsters(/U)
shadow ghoul x1
invitation to a dark sleep x1
labyrinth wall x1
patrician of darkness x2 (central card!)

(U)level six monsters(/U)


(U)level seven monsters(/U)
wingweaver x3
ryu ran x1

(U)level eight monsters(/U)


(U)level nine monsters(/U)


(U)level ten monsters(/U)
blue eyes white dragon x1
spinx teleia x1
andro spinx x1
theinen the great spinx x1

de spell x2
remove trap x2
malevelent nuzzler x2
prohibitation x1
black pendant x1
change of heart x1
dark hole x1
offerings to the doomed x1
horn of the unicorn x1
rush recklessly x1
sword of deep-seated x1
monster rebornx1
tribute to the doomed x1

(U)trap cards(/U)
earth shaker x2
trap hole x3
magic jammer x1
two pronged attack x1
waboku x2
driving snow x1
gust x1
enchanted javelin x1
reinforcements x1
pyremid of light x2

please tell me where my deck could be improved!

thanks :wink:

11-07-2004, 08:43 PM
Whoa your deck is huge! And I don't mean that in a good way. For starters I'd lower the the deck to around 40-50 cards. There's alot of things in there that aren't even good. Anything with 1000 attack without a good effect sucks. And the reason I'm guessing you're not getting any rates is because your decks to big to rate. Lower the deck to 40-50 cards and then get rates. I'd suggest making a strat surrounding the Sphinxes that you have because those decks are pretty good. Here's a little something for you:

Put in a Soul Release spell card, that way when Teleia and Andro are in the graveyard you can remove them from play and summon Theinen the Great Sphinx. Then maybe add a couple of cards to help out Theinen take out your opponent's lifepoints.

And if your deck's a beatdown you should add a Raigeki spell card. That'll take out all of your opponent's monsters leaving them open for an attack from Theinen. All a Mirror Force trap card. That way when they attack with an attack that's higher than your's you can destroy all of the monsters on their side of the field without having a scratch. They'll be open for an attack then to.

And take out the level sevens. They're useless. Try to make a strat for your deck, not just throwing a bunch of monsters and magic cards in a deck. And if you want a true beatdown deck, check mine out. It makes it so my opponents can't even touch some of my monsters and can get my Buster Blader's attack up to about 8000 with two simple cards.

11-08-2004, 04:16 PM
kk thanks.......

11-09-2004, 11:50 AM
OMG... 75?!?!

the max I've seen is 60... which is mine...

dude, no offense, but I think it's worse than a starter deck... for starters... 75 isn't gonna make your "central card" easier to get

2nd.. Witty Phantom??? Claw Reacher??? Unknown Warrior of Fiend??? Kojikocy??? there are better ones... like Blindly Loyal Goblin, Harpie's Brother, Blazing Impachi, Gagagigo... and they're all commons too...

3rd.. there are also better monsters out there than RyuRan and Wingweaver... if you want, buy 3 packs of the movie promo... heck that would be much better, since u got 3 Familar Knights, Metal Dragons and the ever annoyingly Petan.

4th.. equip magic just to boost the power of ur monsters are not that worth it. ESPECIALLY Sword of Deep-Seated... I learned the hard way that this card in ur deck usually means a sure loss, since it keeps coming back to your deck when not needed. Horn of the Unicorn is worth it, so is Rush Recklessly. Black Pendant is ok, but if u only got 1, it's not worth it.

5th.. well, at least u got the Two Pronged Attack/Thenien the great Sphinx combo right ^_^. problem is drawing cards. get cyber jar, pot of greed and graceful charity.

really, lower the count down to 60 at least, or better lower. the chances of getting the cards u need are really low with that amount. Remove those normal monsters what have an ATK lower than 1700... And hey, I'm not ranting you off, this is helpful advice, see the smily face ^_^... if Brian or Kenny would rate this... I dunno what they'd say =P have a nice day ^_^

11-13-2004, 04:57 PM
Heh, actually I'd do nothing below 1800 attack that doesn't have a good effect. Well maybe just a couple 1700s but that's it. Anyways, I'll take a look at this deck later on tonight and make it into a 40-50 card deck. And maybe add a few cards that you don't have but I'll try to keep most of the cards at rare only that way it wouldn't take you to long to make it.

11-16-2004, 07:55 PM
Hi ive made my new deck!

magician of faith x1
battle ox x1
peguin soldier x1
servant of catabolism x1
opticlops x1
man-eater bug x1
lady panther x1
harpies brother x2
la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x2
darkfire soldier x2
7 coloured fish x1
kaiser sea horse x1
dream clown x1
spirit of the breeze x1
chaos necromancer x1
witch of the black forest x1

labyrinth wall x1
blue-eyes white dragon x1
patrician of darkness x1
sphinx telia x1
andro sphinx x1
theinen the great sphinx x1
invitation to a dark sleep x1
nobleman-eater bug x1

tribute to the doomed x1
megamorph x1
remove trap x1
de-spell x1
monster reborn x1
change of heart x1
premature burial x1
ookazi x1
offerings to the doomed x1
prohibition x1
black pendant x1
sword of deep-seated x1
horn of the unicorn x1
axe of despair x1
malevelent nuzzler x1

dust tornado x1
trap hole x2
light of intervention x1
enchanted javelin x1
cemetry bomb x1
shadow spell x1
waboku x1

TOTAL= 50 cards Whad do you think? :confused:

11-17-2004, 04:00 PM
Take out sphinx telia, andro sphinx, and theinen the great sphinx. You don't seem to have the card needed for them. If I am correct, they need a Pyramid card. And you don't have it. Also, just b/c I caint remember some cards right now, I advice you to take out any monster than is 1500-1800 monsters that require a tribute. Also, take out a few tributing monsters. Just to help you out.

Edit:If I were you, I'd put in a Kelbek and 2 more Man-Eater Bugs.

11-18-2004, 06:17 PM
well on sphinx telia and andro sphinx it states that you can only SPECIAL summon them with pyremid of light, But you can normal summon them by tributing 2 monsters from the field!

i get theinen out onto the field by tributing telia and andro!

11-19-2004, 02:29 AM
well on sphinx telia and andro sphinx it states that you can only SPECIAL summon them with pyremid of light, But you can normal summon them by tributing 2 monsters from the field!

i get theinen out onto the field by tributing telia and andro!

he's got a point there... that's why he has Two-Pronged Attack... it's crappy, but it's the only way to get Thenien out without Pyramid of Light... unless u Cyber Jar everything too, that could work =P

11-20-2004, 05:15 PM
Sorry I couldn't make your deck...I'm not allowed on during the week for a little while cos I'm grounded and I couldn't get around to it.....

Anyways, your deck now is pretty good. But Actually I like to say anything with an attack of 2100 and below that's one tribute or more sucks unless it has a good effect.

And really Dark Necromancer can suck. Sure with 50 cards in your deck he can be pretty good after a while. But if you're going to have him why not add a Fiber Jar (You can get it out of the Invasion of Chaos I think, which is indeed one of the best packs in my oppinion, it's like super or Ultra rare though) and also a Blast ruins. It says when you have 30 cards in your Graveyard you can activate it to do 3000 damage. Good for beatdowns. Then you just use Fiber Jar to recycle everything. And with FJ you can have stuff like Card Destruction and pot of greed, and stuff like that to get cards in your GY that way you can use Blast Ruins.

11-21-2004, 04:10 PM
hmmm well ive taken out chaos necromancer and added cemetry bomb to inflict another large dose of life point damage!

P.s thanks for all the help!