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03-14-2004, 11:21 AM
Part 1: The Murkrow Low-down
Note: This is a Rework of the R/S Diary's on the URPG Forums

Time: 10:00am
Place: Petalburg Swamp

'Arrrr Man! what a day. See if your like a normal trainer just like me, you have to be in good situations and bad situations. Well mine had must of been in the bad situations catagory. You see there's this Pokemon who lived in the Forest of Petalburg.' { Flashback }

' Now as you can see the Pokemon's attacks are from the Tip of it's tail so they would be very Poisonous. Be on guard because they can be Very Dangerous Pokemon ' The Warden Explained. The Damp Surrondings looked like a place of which many Poison Pokemon had lived Especially one Pokemon. The Warden Carried on the Explination of this 'Dangerous Pokemon'
' This habitat is from the Pokemon named Seviper.'
I Looked on my Pokedex for more analysis on this Pokemon. The Pokedex made it's Analysis and Told More Facts. It Said the same thing as the Warden Did, how very boring!
I was on this Boat through the Swamp, it travelled south to Slateport Harbour. it was either that, or Mr Briney and his 'pet' Wingull. I've Been Exploring now and looked at my own 2 Pokemon. Flygon and Mareep. The Warden kept going on using the Pokedex as a Script. Suddenly we stopped. me and 5 other trainers were wondering what for. A burst rocking from the boat came and it stopped, we were wondering ' how did it rock on a deep smelly swamp and who would of done it? ' suddenly the rocking happened again. But this time it didn't stop it kept going. I looked down with fear and saw that the boat had cracks on it, then the cracks became bigger. Something or Someone must of done this. It doesn't happen all by it's self.
Then what happened next was like a Mini Titanic but it weren't like that. This was the time we run for our lifes. The Boat snapped in half like a twig. Now there's 2 sides to the boat with one 'hole' of sewage and it was rising every second. We saw the current rising on both sides in Horror, Fancy Posh Trainer's, the boat was for rich people and i had a Ticket which i found.
We moved back two steps has it rised. We were happening what was going to happen next. So we had to wait and see.........

End of Part A

03-14-2004, 02:23 PM
As the boat sank onto the misty depths of the smelly-dark-blank-scary Swamp i was wondering, what have i gotten myself into. As we were swimming to the shore we heard a Splonk sound. It was growing with sounds of splonks and splats and i knew we weren't welcome onto the Jungle even though it's a swamp i'd saw a Song named 'welcome to the jungle' by Wobbas'n'chus but.......
Ok get a hang of your self, now back to the story. the sewage grew and grew and came bigger and bigger and bigger, like a size of an avarage house. Then the time of 'running for our lifes' had started.

As the 5 Trainers ran in Different parts of the forest, the Huge big blobbly Monster had to come my way {sighs}. Passing though the Hot, Wet Jungle many habitats were destroyed, 2 Nidorans ran in my Direction, both male. I was wetting my pants and was praying to myself ' Please Survive, Please Survive, PLEASE........!' Then i made a cunning plan. Go Flygon! i scramed and the flash exposed a Green and Yellow Coloured Dragon. I Jumped on it's Back but i noticed the 2 Nidoran's have fallen, i'd had to save them otherwise they would be crushed. I Asked my flygon if there was a way to save them. Suddenly my Flygon had a cunning plan. He zoomed down the jungle and charged at the Nidoran's. I Jumped to the tree and made a rope. Until i leaped like Tarzan and saved the lifes of them two Nidoran's. I was hoping there mother was around here some.... wait a minute, I've found them. The Nidoran's Cheered for joy as i gave them to the Mother Nidoqueen. She thanked me by giving a big Bearhug of joy. I'll Never forget that time { Ouch! }. Then the Time has come. FLYGON HYPER BEAM ATTACK! as i screamed those words Flygon Shot a Big ball of offencive power onto the 'Muk'. The Blob broke into pieces and saw that a Murkrow was in there controlling it. Then i was Mad. It was time to Settle the score on Murkrow by a 1 on 1 Battle!

End of Part B

03-15-2004, 07:25 PM
The stage was set for our 1 on 1. I was on the right, Murkrow on the left. Our settings were one part of the greenland and one part of the forest. We stared like a wild west shoot out to see who would take the first shot. I drawed out my Poke-ball and threw, the flashing light flapped Murkrows wings, a Burring sound of a Sheep came out of the Poke-ball. A Mareep with it's Soft, Sweet smelling cotton wool charged it's electric power readying for battle. Since electric attacks work well on flying this would of been an easy battle but my luck was about to change. The Murkrow flew into the forest and i told the mareep to use a thundershock but the Forest stopped it from happening. I didn't know why it happened but enough was enough and decided to chase Murkrow into the Forest. As i looked though the forest i noticed the Torn Trees and the destroyed habitats. The seviper's slithered it's tail like a rattlesnake telling me to go away. Most of the Pokemon were like that. I was sad and angry in which this Murkrow has done. When i reached a Circle on the middle of the Forest the Murkrow stopped and decided to battle on this ground. Now the settings changed, the Darkness of the Forest around me made me a bit scared but was not enough to panic me. the ground was different as well, half of it was ground as usual but the other half { Which Murkrow was on } had a swamp on the bottom of him. My Mareep had no way to use short-ranged moves so Long Range was the only choice.

The battle started as i told my Mareep to use thundershock. Mareep shot out lighting bolts from it's fur and lunched into Murkrow, it shocked him but done little damage. I was wondering how this Murkrow can survive thunder attacks, i looked around my Surrondings and i knew why. The murky trees and wet ground were Electric proof { Like a Tropical Rainforest } and as i knew Mareep was electric thus made my Mareep useless. I Told Mareep to use a Cotton Spore attack, It's fur turned to a electrical field to a sweet scent and Murkrow Loved it. Sniffing with it's Beak Murkrow didn't attack. I told my Mareep to use a Thunder and Shocked the surrondings. Mareep was puffing so i returned it with no damage onto him. I sent out Wingull to take care of Business. The Scent stopped on Murkrows tracks and was angry not to smell it anymore, Murkrow used a Pursuit attack and shocked wingull with black powers. I asked Wingull to use a Wing Attack and hurricane dusts drove to Murkrow. It hit him again but was still uneffected. Then a sudden shock bursted wingull which was like Thunder. It was Starnge to see Murkrow using a thunder attack? but when i looked at him he didn't shoot anything to Wingull. Then i looked around the surrondings again and saw shocks coming from the Trees. It looked like it absorbed the Electrical Power and Shot back onto my Wingull! With 2 Pokemon gone it was time to bring on the big guns. I asked Flygon to join the battlefield. With it's Ground Type ability this will make the trees useless. Flygon zoomed to Murkrow launching a Skull Bashing. It's Head slammed onto Murkrow taking most of the damage. Murkrow used Haze to Fog the Surrondings. Flygon was blind to the eye for that coming, he looked around, no one could find no one except Murkrow. He shot out a Night shade which Critically hit Flygon on the Chest. Flygon fell to the floor but still i couldn't see anything. I moved back 2 steps wondering if i could find my Flygon. Suddenly shots of darkness moved from side to side in and out of the Trees the swamo everything. Murkrow laughed as he was powering up for his special attack, Faint Attack. He Turned The dark surrondings into one big ball and shooted it onto Flygon. That attack also made Critical Damage, My Flygon was Losing Energy and was about to faint. But i didn't wanna give up so i made a suggestion. 'Flygon!' i shouted, 'Use your Whirlwind Attack' Flygon's Wings flapped and put the haze away. Flygon charged into Murkrow dealing huge Damage by multiplue Wing Attacks. Murkrow was about to faint as well. Then my only Solution was one............................. The Hyper Beam.

As Flygon's huge ball of energy appeared and grew larger Murkrow's Darkness ball appeared as well. and with one explosion the two pokemon were dazed. I threw my Poke-ball hoping for the best.................

Jack of Clovers
03-16-2004, 07:18 PM
lacks substance. doesn't seem all that interesting. moves too fast... i was kinda lost at the boat sinking and swamp parts for a moment. had to re-read to figure it out.

throwed is not a word. it's supposed to be 'threw'. also when using quotes for talking, use " not '

this is what i think the story was missing. there were some great details, but not enough. take the time to detail and the story won't move by so fast and it would give more length.


at the start of the story, you say 'your own two Pokemon (Flygon and Mareep) then Wingull is used in the battle........

the battle is good. the problem is the story part. try not to move so fast and add detail to slow it down. the story is barely qualified.

Outcome- Murkrow Captured!


03-17-2004, 03:30 PM
As the Poke ball dropped. I Picked it up. Finally the Woods will become safer from now on.


03-18-2004, 06:53 PM
Part 2: A Magma thing!

Time: 7.00pm
Place: Lavaridge Volcano

{ Starts Flashback }

As i ran from the swamp i made a run for it to escape. All my Pokemon were hurt and couldn't find anyplace to go. Suddenly a Airship came to my eyes. It was a big and i mean it was BIG! It landed down onto a nearby forest. I headed up there as fast as i could and the ship was in front of me. I saw a little opening and i took point and went in. The surrondings turned to dark and murky to Light. I walked up a corridor, to my senses there was nothing except emptiness. As i looked around there were many rooms, thank god they had signs on them. 3 doors approched my way. The signs on the 3 doors said: Magma Cafe, Magma Lab and Magma Cabin. To my surprise this ship was a Team Magma ship. I went in the Magma Lab, I was shocked to see what was going on. Bubbles of green of test Species, a couple of Aggron and Aron appeared in front of my shocked,frightened eyes. I looked to the left and then to the right. All i saw was cages, ' This must be stolen from there habitats ' I whispered in astonishment. This place was a Pokemon Zoo.

End of Part A