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11-21-2004, 09:39 PM
These are my songs that I hope you like:

I'll post more later after you rate this

1. Friends Forever
Everyday I wake up I see you there EW
Youíre my friend and I really care EW
When you stand up alone and upheard
Thatís when you donít know what your in for


Best friends forever thatís the thing
I donít think Iím ready to stop EWEWEWW
I feel so happy and so alive
Friends Forever Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

[End Of Chorus]

I see you there, but youíre not okay
Is there a little something bothering you
Something is going nowhere
But weíre friends forever oh yeah


Friends forever
Gonna be friends forever
Nothing can change my mind
Friends forever yeah

[Chorus 3x]

Friends forever

01-01-2005, 10:16 PM
Here is another one


When I first saw you
I saw love
When you looked at me
I looked at you
When your heart beaded
So did mine
Thatís where I love you came

Thatís where we first had met
Our hairs were soaking wet
Thatís where we shared our first kiss
And Iím always hopeful for that

You made me sparkle
Canít let go of the moment
I love you so
Iíll be hopeful, forever

I sit on my porch
Looking at you
You make me smile ďYeah you doĒ
Never want to give you up
And I never will


Hopeful for you
Hopeful for you

I love you girl
Yes I do
Forever you make me smile
Iím never depressed with you


Iím so Hopeful