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12-04-2004, 07:11 PM
Chapter 1 - Something Unexpected
Somewhere in the Hoenn region, particularly in Littleroot Town, lived a girl who is just ready to start her journey. She had short black hair with a headband keeping the rest of her hair in place, wears a white hooded jacket in which the hood was never used, a skirt which is not so short, and of course, had a backpack on her back. Sitting on a porch outside her house, she was holding a pokeball that it seems the Pokemon inside it hasn't been let out. She remembered the time when her father gave it to her at her birthday. And now, she's going on a journey that she never imagined. Because she thought too much, she never notices anything going on around her neighborhood.
Then, a voice calling her name a lot of times gotten into her head, until she snapped out of daydreaming.
"Avegaille!" a voice somewhere behind her called.
"Huh?" Avegaille turned around and saw her mother standing behind her.
"Avegaille, haven't you noticed our new neighbors who just moved in?" Mrs. Amethyst asked.
"Huh?" Avegaille stood up and looked around the neighborhood. She saw a moving truck and then, came out of it a girl with long brown hair, whose back part seemed to be cut. She was also wearing a bandana decorated with the Hoenn League Symbol. Her red shirt somehow matched her bandana tied on her head. She also wears biker shorts part of it covered with a mini white skirt. Finally, she has a pack loosely strapped to her waist.
"Avegaille! Are you paying attention?" Mrs. Amethyst asked again. "Why don't you introduce yourself to our new neighbors?"
"Okay, mom," Avegaille said as she walked off to the house next door.
But before Avegaille could even knock on the door, the girl that she saw earlier just got out of the house. Noticing Avegaille staring blankly at her, she finally introduced herself first.
"Hi, I'm May Mayple," she said. She looked at Avegaille who wasn't responding. "Hey, are you okay?" She snapped her fingers in front of Avegaille's face.
"Huh?" Avegaille shook her head, and looked at May. "Sorry, I was just a bit nervous about..."
"You already got your starter Pokemon?" May asked, very excited. "What kind of a Pokemon is it, anyway?"
"I don't know," Avegaille replied. "I haven't even taken it out of its Pokeball yet...."
"Hey, you want to come with me?" May ask hesitantly. "I'm going to the house besides ours. I think you've met the people there before."
"Actually, we just moved here last week and I'm not really good with meeting new people," Avegaille said shyly. "My mom just forced me to go here."
"Well, then, maybe you should go with me then," May said as she held Avegaille's hand and both of them walked to the house next to May's.
Entering the house next to May, a woman approached them and tried to introduce herself and also her family.
"Hi, both of you must have just moved in here," the woman of the house said. Then, she looks at Avegaille. "Wait, haven't you moved here last week?"
"Um, yeah," Avegaille replied softly.
"Then, why don't you two tell me your names," the woman asked.
"I'm May Maple and this is Avegaille...uh, wait, you haven't told me your last name yet," May said as she turned to Avegaille.
"Amethyst, Avegaille Amethyst," Avegaille replied.
"My son wanted to meet new friends, I think he's upstairs, and by the way, I'm Mrs. Birch," she said to them.
"Okay, then," May said as she and Avegaille went upstairs.
As the two of them went upstairs and entered a room, they saw a boy packing things into his bag. May decided to tap the boy's shoulder to get his attention. The boy turned around and was surprised to see two girls in his room.
"Hey! Who are you two? Just what do you think you're doing here?" the boy asked demandingly.
"Hey, calm down, we're not going to do anything to you," May said to him.
"Sorry, by the way, the name's Brendan, Brendan Brich," he introduced himself. "And you two are?"
"May Maple and this is Avgeaille Amethyst," she replied.
Brendan noticed the pokeball that Avegaille was holding and decided to ask something about it.
"Hey, where did you get that?" Brendan asked.
"This pokeball, oh, it's a Pokemon given to me by my dad before he went back to Kanto," Avegaille replied.
"So, you came from Kanto?" May asked. "I'm from Johto. My family always travel through different cites."
"Well, aren't I the lucky one, stuck here in Hoenn even when I was born," Brendan said sarcastically. Then, he remembered something. "Oh, darn it, I forgot, I was suppose to help my dad to catch some Pokemon." After that, he went out of his room.
"Do you think that he's weird?" May ask Avegaille.
Avegaille just shrugged as both of them went out of the room.
As the two of them got out of the house, they heard a loud scream, asking for help. Both of them quickly rushed out of town ask they saw a Professor being attacked by two wild Poochyenas.
"Help Me Please!" the professor screamed. "In my bag, there's a pokeball."
May quickly rushed to the professor's bag as Avegaille finally decided to release her pokemon. May was surprised to the Pokemon that is impossible to catch in the Hoenn region, even if she's new to the place. She took out also one of the Pokeballs in the professor's bag, realeasing a Torchic while Avegaille released a Charmander.
"What is this pokemon?" Avegaille asked herself.
"Char-man-der," cried the pokemon.
"Oh, right, a Charmander," Avegaille exclaimed. "Quick Charmander, use your Scratch attack on the...what is that Pokemon called again?"
"On the Poochyena!" May exclaimed. "Torchic, scratch attack on the other poochyena!"
Both pokemon followed the orders of the trainers. It's wasn't that long until the Poochyenas ran away. The professor stood up from the ground as he thanked the two trainers.
"Thank you very much," the professor said. He looked around the place. "This isn't much of a place to talk, so let's go to my Pokemon Lab."
Chapter 2 - Getting Ready
As the professor entered his lab and the two new trainers followed, the professor introduced himself as Prof. Birch. Avgeaille was really nervous about meeting the Professor of the town.
"Anyway, like I was saying, both of you did a great job out there," Prof. Birch said to them. "But May, since you don't have a starter Pokemon yet, how would you like to have the one you used earlier?"
"Wow! You really mean it?" May ask excitedly.
Prof. Birch nodded and gave to May the pokeball that has Torchic inside it. Then, he looked at Avegaille.
"Um, I don't think I'll be needing another starter pokemon," Avegaille said nervously. She held tight to her pokeball.
"Of course you don't, you already have one," Prof. Birch said to her. "Anyway, have you met my son yet?"
"Yeah," Avegaille replied. "I think he was-"
But before Avgeaille could finish her sentence, a kid entered the lab. While Avegaille and May were battling the Poochyenas, this boy and his family moved in also to the house next to Avegaille's. He had a brown hair; mostly of it is covered with a cap. He wore a jacket which is blue and had a white stripe around the arm. His pants were loose and he is also using a backpack.
"Oh, you must be Phil," Prof. Birch exclaimed as Phil came closer. "Your father told you to come here, didn't he?"
"Yeah," Phil replied. "He said that both of you have been friends while studying Pokemon."
"Well, I do only have one more Pokemon left, but you can have it," Prof. Birch said as he handed out the Pokeball to Phil. "It's a Treecko, I hope you have a thing for grass-types."
"Thanks!" Phil exclaimed. He noticed the two trainers on his right side.
"Moved in too?" May asked. "Just like me. My name's May and this is Avegaille."
"I'm Philip Beryl," he introduced to them. "Are you two going out on a journey soon?"
"Yeah," May replied. Then, she looked at Avegaille, who was daydreaming again. She snapped her fingers to get Avegaille's attention.
"Huh?" Avegaille looked around. She looked at Phil. "You were asking something?"
"Oh, forget about it," Phil said.
"Well, how would you three like to meet my son on Route 103?" Prof. Birch interrupted.
"Well, it's good to know that I'm not the only guy in this group," Phil said sarcastically. Both girls glare at him. "Not that I don't like girls."
"Well, I'll be seeing you three sometime," Prof. Birch said as all of the three trainers went out of the lab.

12-04-2004, 07:13 PM
It wasn't a long walk to Oldale Town as the three trainers rested their Pokemon at a Pokemon Center. After that, they went north to Route 103. They saw Brendan staring at a tree.
"Okay, just me seeing this, I'm think that kid has a lot of issues," May remarked.
Phil tapped on Brendan's shoulder as he turned around. He was shocked, yet so happy to see another guy trainer.
"I thought I was the only guy in this group," Brendan remarked. He looked at Phil. "Hey, I'll bet we can beat these girls easily."
"Hey, don't you dare underestimate us!" May exclaimed.
"How about it? A 2-on-2 battle? Girls vs. Boys," Brendan suggested. He folded his arms across his chest.
"All right, we'll take you on!" May exclaimed. She looked at Avegaille, who was really nervous. "Oh come on, we can beat them easily."
"Well, if you really say so," Avegaille agreed.
"I never had a 2-on-2 battle before," Phil interrupted.
"Oh, it's easy; just follow my lead, okay?" Brendan said to him.
Phil nodded. Then, everyone went to their positions and released their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs. Brendan's pokemon is a Mudkip while Phil had a Treecko. May's Torchic is getting even more excited and so is Avegaille's Charmander.
"Torchic, scratch attack on Mudkip!" May commanded. The Pokemon of course did followed May's commands.
"Mudkip, Tackle on Charmander!" Brendan commanded.
"Charmander, dodge it with scratch!" Avegaille ordered.
"Treecko, do a pound on Torchic," Phil commanded.
Torchic's scratch on Mudkip made it lose some of its health. However, Treecko's pound also made Torchic lose some health too. Charmander's scratch attack and Mudkip's tackle made both Pokemon lose their health too.
"Charmander, use ember on Treecko!" Avegaille commanded.
"WHAT!" Brendand exclaimed, very shocked. Somehow, he knew that Avegaille's pokemon's level is a bit higher. He looked at Phil, who didn't seemed to be bothered at all.
"Torchic, scratch attack again on Mudkip!" May commanded.
"Oh, no, you don't!" Brendan exclaimed. "Mudkip, tackle on Torchic!"
"Treecko, try to avoid ember with pound!" Phil commanded.
Charmander's ember was too fast for Treecko, which made him faint. Not only that, Torchic and Mudkip's attacks made each other faint, which make's Avegaille's Charmander the only pokemon left in battle.
"So, who won?" Phil asked after everyone's pokemon was back on the pokeballs.
"Well, since Avegaille's pokemon is the only one left in battle, it means that we win!" May replied with a grin.
"Hey, that's not fair!" Brendan protested. Then, he looked at Avegaille, who wasn't as happy as May. "Well, aren't you glad you won your team?"
"Yeah, but I want to go back to Littleroot Town," Avegaille said softly.
"Oh, yeah, that, well, let's all go then," Brendan said to everyone as he walked off and jumped into the ledges.
"I should think of a insult for Brendan," May said to herself as she and the rest of the group followed Brendan.
After the three who were left behind by Brendan healed their pokemon at the Pokemon center, Brendan was outside, waiting for them.
"Hurry up you Slowpokes!" Brendan called. "I'm going to my dad's lab now!"
"Whatever," May said to herself and rolled her eyes.
The three of them continued to follow Brendan until they reached Littleroot Town again. All of them went inside Prof. Birch's lab.
"Well, now, haven't I seen four enthusiastic enter my lab looking so happy before," Prof. Birch remarked.
All of the four trainers went near him.
"Anyway, I just got a new package from the Pokemon Research Lab in Kanto," Prof. Birch replied. "I ordered a Pokedex for each of you." Then, he handed out the standard Hoenn Pokedex to the trainers.
"We had a fight, and you'll never guess who won in our 2-on-2 battle," May said excitedly to the professor.
"Really? Who?" Prof. Birch asked hesitantly.
"Us girls beat the boys, which makes us better!" May said in a boastful way.
"So that explains the grumbling," Prof. Birch said to Brendan. "Anyway, me and all of your parents agreed that the four of you should travel together. I think it's wonderful to travel as a group."
"WHAT?" May and Brendan exclaimed. Both of them looked at each other angrily.
Avegaille and Phil didn't seem to have any sudden reactions to this.
"Oh, come on, it'll be fun," Prof. Birch said to them. "And Brendan, if anything happens to your friends, you'll be in serious trouble."
"Fine dad, whatever," Brendan grumbled.
"Well, have fun now," Prof. birch said as the trainers went out of his lab.
Back at the Littleroot Town neighborhood, May decided to talk to her mom first before she left. And Avegaille's mother approached Avegaille to give her something.
"Avegaille, you know you can't hold just one pokemon in your hand," Mrs. Amethyst said to her. "You forgot to wear this belt to hold your pokemon." She gave to her the belt.
"Thanks mom," Avegaille said as she put on the belt and attached to it the pokeball she was holding.
"Oh, yes, I also want you to have these," Mrs. Amethyst said to her. She gave to her daugther six empty pokeballs. "When I was your age, I also loved to travel the regions, until I met your father. You know, it's more fun to have more than one pokemon in your party." After that, she went back inside the house.
Then, all of the four trainers gathered at the the exit of Littleroot.
"So, is everyone ready?" Brendan asked.
"I don't know why I have to go with you, Bread Head!" May exclaimed in fustration.
"Oh, yeah, well, I didn't the the idea either of going with you!" Brendan answered back.
Avegaille and Phil just looked at the two trainers, thinking that there might be something between them.
"Well, anyway, let's go to Oldale Town before we get old!" Brendan commanded. He walked away.
"Hey, you, you're not the boss of us, gramps!" May called out. She followed Brendan too as Avegaille and Phil followed her.
As they were walking, Avegaille wanted to ask Phil something.
"Hey, Phil, you're not upset about losing, are you?" Avegaile asked.
"No, I think it's for the best," Phil replied and smiled. "Anyway, maybe we should start catching Pokemon for our party."
"What about May and Brendan?" Avegaille asked, feeling a bit nervous about their reactions.
"Don't worry about them, I'm surely they'll get along as we go along on our journey," Phil replied."
"Yeah, I hope so too..." Avegaille said to herself. And with that, they continued to walked until the reached Oldale Town again.
Chapter 3 - Any Problems?
The foursome trainers arrived in Oldale Town, again, stocking on items at the Pokemart and healing their Pokemon while battling in the wild. Before they headed out of Oldale, Brendan remembered something about the two girl trainers. Both the girl trainers were talking about something.
"So anyway, Avegaille, I think we shoud try-" May started to Avegaille but then...
"So, May, I've heard that your father is the gym leader of Petalburg City," Brendan popped in, interrupting their conversation.
"Yeah, so what's it to you, Bread Head?" May asked sarcastically.
"And Avegaille's father, I think his uncle somehow passed the title to him as Cinnabar Island Gym Leader, seeing that they both like fire types," Brendan added.
"So that explains why your father gave you a Charmander as a starter," Phil remarked.
"Anyway, like I was saying, I don't think May here is as good as her father," Brendan started.
"Oh, yeah, well, I'll show you who's better," May shouted furiously.
"Humph, I'll see that the day you beat your own father," Brendan said, folding his arms across his chest.
"Oh, no, here we go again..." Avegaille moaned as she slaps her head and shook her head slowly.
"I don't know why you two fight like you've known each other for years," Phil remarked.
"Maybe it's a sign," Avegaille said after she put her hand down.
"Well, anyway, moving on," Brendan said to them as he walked off.
"Hey, you're still not the boss of us!" May called out. She knew that Brendan couldn't hear her, so she just sighed. She looked at Avegaille and Phil, in which both trainers were looking at her in a funny way.
"Did you notice that Brendan and May are only insulting each other and not us?" Phil asked Avegaille.
"Huh? No, not really, but I don't know why he knows so much about me," Avegaille replied.
"Hey, are you two coming or not?" May asked them.
"Okay, we're coming," Phil and Avegaille said in unison.

12-04-2004, 07:13 PM
The three trainers walked out of Oldale Town as the tried to make it to their next destination, which is Petalburg City. While on the road, Avegaille decided to catch a Zigzagoon, after Phil taught her how to catch a Pokemon.
"Charmander, scratch attack!" Avegaille commanded.
Charmander scratched the wild Zigzagoon, but making sure it doesn't faint. It was very weak when Avegaille tossed a Pokeball to capture it. The middle part of the pokeball turned red, which means that Avegaille caught it.
"Hey, way to go!" Phil exclaimed happily.
After that, they continued to walk, making their way to Petalburg City.
"You know, I think it's best for our pokemon to have nicknames," Avegaille suggested to all of them. "So that they'll feel like our friends."
"Okay," May agreed. "I'm going to call my Torchic, Terra, because it's starts with a 'T'."
"I'll call my Treecko, Terk, because I just removed and rearranged some of the letters," Phil said to them. "It's a cool name, don't you think?"
"Well, I have been thinking of calling my Mukip, Kipp," Brendan said to them. "I don't know why, but at least it's better than Muddy, I suppose."
"My Charmander will be Charlie, since it's evolutions all start with 'Char-'," Avegaille said. "And my Zigzagoon will be Ziggy."
"Why did you choose a Zigzagoon anyway?" Brendan asked, doubting.
"Hey, don't you underestimate any kind of Pokemon," May interrupted. "I'm surely Avegaille has a reason."
"I like his Pickup Ability," Avegaille replied, hugging Zigzagoon's Pokeball.
"Well, all this talking sure made us arrive at Petalburg City quickly," Phil said to all of them.

12-04-2004, 07:14 PM
All of them stopped walking as they saw Petalburg City. They decided to go to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon and to book in rooms for the night. While it was still early, they decided to check out the gym.
The four trainers entered the gym as they saw a man, standing on the middle, waiting for something or someone.
"Um, hi Dad!" May exclaimed as she went near her father.
"May, hasn't it been a while," Mr. Maple said. "So, you've finished moving?"
"Yeah, it's was kind of boring, but we're done," May replied.
"And you've made three friends already, that's wonderful," Mr. Maple continued. He turned to the other three trainers. "If you haven't known me yet, I'm Norman Maple, leader of this gym here. But this isn't the first gym though."
"Nice to meet you then," Phil said as he shook Norman's hand. Then, he looks at Norman, very confused. "But if this isn't the first gym, where is it then?"
"Oh, yes, that, you have to pass through Route 104, go inside and then out of Petalburg Woods, walk a few more miles and you can get to Rustboro City," Norman replied. "That's where the first gym is."
"I'll remember that," Avegaille said to herself.
"So, dad, have you been getting into a lot of matches lately?" May asked.
"Yes, in fact-"
Before Norman could continue, a boy with green hair, who wears a white shirt with long sleeves and blue pants, entered the gym. He is the same age as the four trainers, which is twelve, but he's very frail.
"Um, hi, Mr. Maple, you told me that you were going to help me catch a Pokemon today," the boy said as he went near Norman.
"Oh, yes, Wally, I almost forgot," Norman said. He took out a pokeball with a Zigzagoon and another pokeball, this time it was empty. Then, he gave these to Wally. "Use the empty pokeball to catch your very own Pokemon."
"Okay," Wally said as he held the two pokeballs in his hand.
"May, would you like to help Wally catch his first Pokemon?" Norman asked.
"Fine by me," May said and just shrugged as she and Wally went out of the gym.
"That girl needs to adjust her attitude," Brendan murmured. He decided to follow May, just in case. He went out of the gym, leaving only Avegaille and Phil with Norman.
"By the way, I've never gotten your names," Norman started.
"I'm Philip Beryl and this is Avegaille Amethyst," Phil replied. "And the boy that left the gym, I think he's Brendan Birch."
Then, Norman turns to Avegaille, who was thinking of something again.
"Avegaille?" Norman looked at Avegaille, trying to get her attention. He snapped his fingers, just like what May would do if Avegaille is spacing out.
"Huh?" Avegaille shook her head and looked at Norman. "You wanted to ask me something?"
"As a matter of fact, I do," Norman replied. "Your father, he's the gym leader somewhere in Kanto, right?"
"Yeah," Avegaille replied, sighing and thinking of something else again.
Phil noticed how Avegaille acted whenever her father is mention. She looked so bothered, as if something is trying to pressure her.
But before Phil could ask Avegaille a question, May, Brendan and Wally came back, somehow arguing and have this excitement.
"Oh, come on B Boy, I think you're just jealous," May retorted.
"No, I'm not!" Brendan denied. "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
"You're only jealous because Wally caught a Ralts, which is pretty rare here, by the way," May started.
"Oh, here's your pokemon back," Wally said to Norman as he handed back the Zigzagoon to him. "We're leaving soon, so I want to say good-bye and thanks for helping me out."
After that, Wally went out of the gym.
"So, did the four of you already gotten rooms at the Pokemon Center?" Norman asked everyone.
Everyone nodded. Then, May thought it would be nice to get to know more about Avegaille.
"All right then, I'll be seeing you all some time," Norman said to them. "Now, run along now, you've got a lot of things to do."

12-04-2004, 07:15 PM
All of the four trainers went out of the gym as Brendan tried to make more insults to May.
"May, haven't you noticed about....uh, well..." Brendan tried to think up of a good insult.
"Ha, nice try Bread Head, but you're not as good as making insults as I am," May retorted.
"What's up with you guys and making insults?" Avegaille asked.
"I don't know, I think it's fun," May replied. "Seeing Brendan here as a jerk and arrogant person."
"Oh, yeah, well, you're not as good as yourself," Brendan protested.
"Well, I think we shoud rest for the night, it's getting dark," Phil suggested.
"Good idea, at least a way to get away from Bread Head here!" May said sarcastically as she walked off going to the Pokemon Center.
"Um, yeah, I have to go too," Avegaille said to them as she followed May.
After the girls left, Brendan decided to a a guy talk with Phil. He always wondered why Avegaille and May weren't insulting him or anything.
"Hey, can I ask you something?" Brendan asked.
"Sure, fire away," Phil replied.
"Well, the girls doesn't seem to hate you much, unlike me," Brendan started. "Why is that?"
"You have to be nice to them if you want their attention, but too much niceness can annoy them too," Phil explained. "And I think it's best too not to, well, get too romantic on them, until they have known you better."
"I'll remember that," Brendan said to him. "It's just May. I can't stand her! Avegaille's fine, she doesn't react to anything I say about her, but May, she's getting into my nerves."
"Speaking of Avgeaille, I was getting a bit worried about her," Phil started again.
"And why is that?" Brendan asked.
"I don't know, I just don't know..." Phil replied slowly.
Chapter 4 - Here's Our Pokemon
While Brendan and Phil were talking outside the Pokemon Center, May and Avegaille were already inside their room. The four of them agreed earlier that boys and girls should have seperate rooms. May thought it would be nice for the two of them to talk to their Pokemon while it was still a bit early.
"Okay, Terra, come out," May commanded as the pokeball she held sized up and out came Terra. May looked at her sweetly.
" Well, isn't this the first time I had a conversation with a human? " Terra asked sarcastically. Then, she looked at her trainer with guilt. " Sorry, I just got bored being stuck inside that pokeball. "
"Forget about it," May said to Terra. She looked at Avegaille, who was sitting in her bed, holding two pokeballs. "Well, aren't you going to talk to them?"
"I'm scared of them not liking me," Avegaille replied and sighed. Her pokeballs enlarged as the two Pokemon came out of their pokeballs.
" Finally, I thought I was going to be stuck in that pokeball forever, " Charlie said to himself. He looked at his partner, Ziggy. " Hey, what are you holding there? "
" Ooh, it's a super potion, " Ziggy replied excitely. Then, his excitement fades. " But how do you use it, anyway? "
" I think it's best if you gave that to our trainer, " Charlie suggested. He saw his trainer took the super potion from Ziggy.
" Well, at least both of you are getting along, " Terra interrupted. She went near the other two Pokemon " Seeing that both of you are going to be together for a while. "
"Don't worry Terra, I'll be catching more Pokemon to include in my party," May said to her. "Anyway, it's getting late, so, I guess we should turn in for the night."
"Do you guys want to go back to your pokeballs?" Avegaille asked her Pokemon.
"NO!" Both of them replied together, very annoyed.
"I thought so," Avegaille said to herself.
" We'll sleep here on the floor instead, " Charlie said to his trainer. " Right, Ziggy? "
" Yeah, sure, whatever, " Ziggy said sleepily as he curled up on the floor, besides his trainer's bed. " Night... " After that, he started to snore.
" All right, good night then, " Charlie said to his trainer. He curled up besides Ziggy.
" Can I join them? " Terra asked her trainer.
"Well, I suppose so, seeing that it would be more fun to sleep with your pokemon for the night," May replied.
" Goodie! " Terra said excitely as she join Charlie and Ziggy.
When the three pokemons were asleep, May thought it would be cool to get to know Avegaille better. Avegaille, on the other hand, is crouching on her bed, thinking of something, as always.
"I know something is bothering you," May said to Avegaille as she went near her. "I've been observing you ever since I met you." Then, she thought to herself, Maybe the word watching is better but...
"It's nothing, really," Avegaille said as she looked at May. Then, she looked at her pokemon who were fast asleep.
"Well, maybe today's not the good time," May said as she went back to her bed. She sat down on her bed. "Well, anyway, we better get some sleep and maybe tomorrow we can catch Pokemon together."
"Okay, then." Avegaille lied down on her bed and closed her eyes. Without her knowing, she was already asleep.
I know something's bothering her, but why doesn't she want to tell it to me? May thought to herself. Maybe it's because we just met and she doesn't think this is the right time to tell me whatever her problems are...
Ah, the sun is rising and well, noises of the Taillows made everyone thought it was another day. Brendan and Phil made a plan to catch new Pokemon early so that they can show-off to the girls. What they didn't know, May and Avegaille are also planning the same thing. Brendan and Phil went off to Route 104 while Avegaille and May were at the Petalburg Woods. Before May and Avegaille went in Petalburg Woods, Avegaille just caught a Wingull in Route 104 while May caught a Taillow.
While the girls are inside the woods, Brendan and Phil are looking for Pokemons of their own.
"All right, I just caught a Poochyena!" Phil exclaimed as Brendan went near him. "So, what do you think?" He picked up the pokeball from the ground.
"Good, I guess, but now, it's my turn," Brendan said as he began searching in the grass. Then, he spotted a Seedot. "All right, this one is it!"
"Is that a Seedot?" Phil asked as Brendan sent out Kipp. He saw how Kipp tackled the Seedot until it was very weak. Then, she looked at Brendan, who just tossed a Pokeball to capture the Seedot.
"All right, I did it!" Brendan exclaimed. He took the pokeball from the ground and attached it in his belt. "So, let's see what Pokemon awaits for us in the woods."
"And we better get back after that before the girls find us missing," Phil added.
Both of them walked off to the woods. But before they could enter, May and Avegaille just got out of the woods, laughing. Then, the girls stopped laughing as they saw Brendan and Phil standing right in front of them.
"Hey, just what do you two think you're doing in there?" Brendan demanded.
"You're not the boss of us! We do whatever we please, and that is training and catching Pokemon!" May answered back.
"Whatever," Brendan just said without any reaction. Then, he looked at the girls again. "Fine, we'll meet at this cottage here after we catch and train our Pokemon."
Brendan went inside the woods, leaving Phil with the girls.
"Yeah, well I have to go too," Phil said to them. "I don't want Mr. Krabby there to get all krabby on me." Both girls chuckled as Phil followed Brendan.
As the two boys left, May and Avegaille decided to rest besides the cottage while they waited for the boys. Avegaille was wondering on who lived in the cottage.
"Now that both of us has at least three Pokemon each, I think it's time we trained them some more before we get to Rustboro," May suggested.
"Yeah, I think so too," Avegaille said. She took out her three Pokeballs and decided to give her Pokemon to breathe some air.
As the three pokemons got out of their Pokeballs, May also did the same, so that all the three of them can get to know each other more.
" All right, finally, I have a group to lead! " Terra said excitedly as she looked at her new teammates.
" How can you say that you're the leader of your group? " Charlie asked Terra.
" Well, it's obvious, isn't it? " Terra asked sarcastically. " Since I am the very first Pokemon for May, I get to be the leader. "
" Hey, look, I think Ziggy is holding something again, " Gil, Avegaille's Wingull, interrupted.
"What is it this time?" Avegaille asked as she took the item from Ziggy. She held it in her hand. "Hmm, I think this is a weird goldish thing."
"That's a nugget," May corrected. "You can sell it and earn a lot of money."
" Aren't I great at finding things? " Ziggy asked rethorically.
" Yeah, sure you are, " Charlie answered, although Ziggy just ignored him. " Anyway, I'm getting bored. "
" Speak for yourself, " Bell, May's Wrumple, remarked. " At least you're not going to be a Silicoon or Cascoon when you evolve! Do you know how boring that evolution stage is? "
" Well, at least they're easier to eat, " Sean, May's Taillow, remarked and started laughing.
" Eeew... That's disgusting, " Gil grossed out. He stuck his tongue out " Even if I am part flying, I wouldn't eat a bug-type Pokemon. "
"Okay, guys, that's enough!" May interrupted all of the Pokemon's conversation. "I think the boys are back anyway."
Just as May said that, Brendan and Phil finally arrived, looking very happy and all excited.
"So, what did you guys caught?" May asked the two of them.
"Well, I caught a Shroomish while Phil caught a Slakoth," Brendan replied. He folded his arms across his chest. "I'll bet you couldn't beat that?"
" Well, look who's talking? " Charlie said sarcastically.
"All right, that's it, I think it's time we had another 2-on-2 battle," Brendan announced.

12-04-2004, 07:16 PM
"Not now Bread Head, we still have to get to Rustboro before it gets even darker inside the woods," May interrupted. "We can have the 2-on-2 battle when we arrive at Rustboro."
"But it's so early," Phil corrected May.
"I know it is but it's already dark in the woods and I don't want it to get darker during daytime," May explained.
"Okay, fine, let's go back to Petalburg City to heal our pokemon, stock up on items and other stuff," Brendan said to all of them as he walked off.
"Why does he always go first?" May asked Terra.
" I don't know, because he's a guy and guys like to lead the group, " Terra replied and shrugged.
"Why can't he be like Phil?" May asked Terra again.
" Hmm, that my dear friend is a question I can't answer, " Terra said to her trainer. " But I like Phil too...He's nice, funny...all of the characteristics a girl wants. "
"I thought so," Phil interrupted May and Terra. "Can you two actually talk to each other?"
"Well, that's what I can't explain either," May replied. "Anyway, I have to go find the boy with white hair." Then, she walked off, with all of her Pokemon following her.
Phil was left with Avegaille, who was talking to them somehow.
"Hey, Avegaille, are you coming?" Phil asked as Avegaille turned around.
"Um, yeah," Avegaille said nervously.
" I think someone here has a crush on Phil, " Charlie whispered to his teamates.
"Oh, shut up!" Avegaille exclaimed and looked at Charlie.
" Yeesh, you don't have to shout, " Charlie reminded her. " Anyway, we should be really going too, you know... "
"Okay, okay," Avegaille said as she took out the three pokeballs and all of her Pokemon went inside their Pokeballs. Then, Avegaille turned back to Phil.
"So, are you feeling a bit better now?" Phil asked.
"Not so sure myself, but..." Avegaille tried to think off a new topic to talk about but nothing came out because she was too nervous.
"We should go now," Phil started. "Our other partners are probably waiting for us."
Both of them walked off into they got to Petalburg City again. While walking, Avegaille couldn't think of anything else except to find a way to get Phil's attention.
I don't know what's worng with me, why am I all nervous whenever Phil is asking me a question and even now, we're walking together, I'm still nervous, Avegaille thought to herself. What's gotten into me?
That question in Avegaille's head has gotten into her a lot lately
Chapter 5 - Sinister Gangs On The Loose
After fully healing their pokemon and stocking up on items at Petalburg City, May, Brendan, Avegaille and Phil are finally going to the Petalburg Woods again to get to Rustboro City.
All of them were walking in the woods, when May had this weird feeling inside her.
"I'm getting a bad feeling about this...." May started as she stopped walking.
"What? You're scared of a little dark woods?" Brendan teased. He also stopped walking and started snickering.
"May's right, something is not right here," Avegaille said nervously and went behind May.
Just a few distance, they saw a guy looking for a pokemon. They knew what it was when they heard him call for its name. It was a Shroomish. So, the four trainers decided to go near him.
"Um, hi, we were wondering, why do you look for Pokemon that way?" May asked innocently.
"Yeah, what she said," Brendan added.
"Oh, I just love Shroomish and I don't think there are any left in here," the man replied. But before he could say another word, four grunts, two of them dressed in blue and the other dressed in red approached him.
"Hey, you Devon Researcher, hand me those papers!" one of the grunts in blue demamded.
"Oh, come on, you have to do better than that!" one of the grunts in red remarked.
"What makes you think you can do better?" the other grunt in blue asked.
"Oh, yeah, we'll show you, by trying to get the research papers first!" the other grunt in red exclaimed.
Then, all of the grunts send out their Pokemon.
"Um, this is getting pretty weird," Phil said to himself. "What are we suppose to do?"
"Okay, a 2-on-2 battle is fine, but a 4-on-4 battle, now that's too much!" May remarked. "What's next? A 6-on-6 battle?"
"Please, you've got to help me!" the researcher begged as he kneeled down.
"Don't do that, it's kind of unnatural," Avegaille said to the researcher.
"No, I think it's cool seeing guys beg for their lives," May said and started laughing.
"Well, aren't we going to beat these...." Brendan looked at the four
grunts. "What groups do you come from, anyway?"
"You're a naiive kid to ask such questions," one of the grunts in red remarked. "We're from Team Magma and the other team you can see here is Team Aqua!"
"And we're going to get those papers first before they do!" the other grunt from Team Magma added.
"Oh, yeah, not if we get them first!" one of the grunts of Team Aqua protested.
"Let's get this over with!" Brendan exclaimed as he send out Kipp.
"Go, Terra!" May called as she send out Terra.
"Go for it, Charlie!" Avegaille ordered as she send out Charlie.
"Get them Terk!" Phil said as he send out Terk.
Well, now isn't this a pretty sight, a 4-on-4 battle, where four trainers battle other four trainers at the same time. Anyway, the girls decided to take on the Magmas while the boys take on the Aquas so that they wouldn't get confused. It seems that the grunts have only one type of Pokemon, which is a Poochyena. So, the trainers didn't thought it would be hard beating them.
"Kipp, Mud Shot attack!" Brendan commanded.
"Terk, Absorb attack!" Phil commaned.
"Terra, use Ember!" May told her Pokemon.
"Charlie, use Flame Wheel!" Avegaille commanded.
All four pokemons followed their trainers as the grunts tried to find a way to counteract the attacks. But they were a bit late and all of their Pokemon have fainted.
"You haven't seen the last of us, you little brats!" both teams exclaimed as they ran off.
May looked at Avegaille, who just used a move that wasn't for Charlie's level. Although it is the same type as the pokemon, it still wasn't for it's level.
"How did your Charlie learned Flame Wheel?" May asked.
"Oh, that, while I was looking on my bag, I found this TM move called Flame Wheel," Avegaille replied. "It's very old and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I taught it to Charlie."
"Thank you so much," the researcher said to them. "As a token of my thanks, here are Great Balls for each of you." He handed them out each one Great Ball. "I still have one left, enough to catch a Shroomish."
"Oh, hey look, there's one now," Phil exclaimed and pointed at the edge of the forest.
"Thanks again," the researcher said as he walked off to capture the Shroomish.
After the researchers left, Avegaille looked at Brendan and May, who were both starting off another new argument.
"May, once we get to Rustboro, I'll beat you so bad in our 2-on-2 battle that you'll never show off your face in front of me again!" Brendan started.
"You know, we shouldn't involve Avegaille or Phil into this, since we're the one's fighting and not them," May interrupted Brendan's ranting.
"Fine, then, we'll have a battle, just the two of us!" Brendan finally said.
Then, he walked off.
"What is up with him?" May asked herself loudly.
"I think we should get out of here too, you know," Avegaille said to May.
"Yeah, a good idea," Phil agreed.
And with that, the three of them tried to find Brendan as they got out of the woods.
Finally, after getting out of the woods, they still have to walk a little more before getting to Rustboro. Apparently, May has been using her running shoes to get there faster.
"Beat me if you can, Slowpoke!" May called out to Brendan as she continued running.
"Oh yeah!" Brendan exclaimed and pressed the button on his running shoes.
Then, he started to chase May until they got to Rustboro.
While the two of them were running to Rustboro, Avegaille and Phil decided to visit the Flower Shop that they saw when they got of the woods.

12-04-2004, 07:17 PM
Inside the shop, Avegaille looked at all the flowers as Phil got a few answers from asking questions to the owner. While Phil was talking to the owner of the shop, one of the people working there went near Avegaille.
"Do you like to plant things?" she asked.
"Yeah," Avegaille replied. "I saw a patch of berries outside your shop."
"Good, then, you'll love this," the manager said to her She gave to her a Wailmer Pail. "You can use that to water berries as you plant them. Berries will grow faster that way."
"I wish May was also here," Avegaille said to herself and sighed. She placed the Wailmer Pail in her bag.
"Do you have other friends traveling with you?" the manager asked.
"Well, yes, but both of them quickly headed off to Rustboro," Avegaille replied.
"Hey, Avegaille, guess what?" Phil asked, interrupting Avegaille's conversation with the manager. "This shop sells flowers that can be used for
decorations in a Secret Base."
"Really, but do you know what a Secret Base is?" Avegaille asked Phil.
"Well, no, but maybe May knows once we find her," Phil replied.
"Oh, by the way, here are some berries for the two of you," the owner said as she went near them. She handed each to them two berries.
"My sisters are really dedicated to their jobs," the last person working the shop said to Avegaille and Phil. "Wouldn't you agree?"
Avegaille and Phil nodded to the young boy. Then, the manager wanted to ask Avegaille a favor.
"Well, if your friend May isn't doing anything, would you let her come here?" the manger asked.
"Okay," Avegaille replied.
"I think we took much of your time," the owner said to them. "Come visit us again."
"Sure thing, bye," Phil said as he and Avegaille went out of the shop.
While Phil and Avegaille were walking to get to Rustboro, Brendan and May had already started their battle. Unfortunately, May had defeated Brendan's other two pokemon because of their grass-types. Finally, it's up to Kipp to at least win the battle.
"Kipp, Mud Shot!" Brendan commanded.
"Humph! Let's see, I think Sean would do the job here!" May remarked. "Okay, Terra, that's enough, come back!"
"What?" Brendan was very shocked as he saw May withdrew her pokemon from the battle and send out another one.
"Go! Sean!" May called out.
"Why did you withdraw your pokemon?" Brendan asked, getting furious.
"What? You don't like it?" May asked and gave out a grin. "Sean, Quick Attack now!"
"Oh, yeah, Kipp, dodge it it Water Gun!" Brendan commanded.
Both pokemon attacks just hurted each other. Kipp was getting a little weaker and so is Sean.
Just as May was about to give out the finishing touches, Avegaille and Phil arrived jsut in time to watch the concluding battle.
"Sean, Quick Attack again!" May commanded.
"Use Water Gun Kipp!" Brendan commanded.
Sean's Quick attack made Kipp faint before he could even spray out water. Both trainers put back their pokemon in their balls.
"Well, looks like I win again," May said to Brendan as she walked off.
"You come back here!" Brendan called out but it was too late. May was too far for him to be heard.
"Where is she going?" Phil asked Avegaille.
"I don't know," Avegaille replied and shrugged. "But where ever she's going, I'll bet she's going to do some more training."
"Well, I think I've done too much training," Phil said to Avegaille. "I think I should challenge the gym leader first."
"Well, good luck," Avegaille said and smiled as she saw Phil walking to Rustboro's Gym.
Then, Brendan looked at Avegaille, who also is thinking of something again.
"Why don't you try visiting the Pokemon Trainer School here while I go to the Pokemon Center," Brendan suggested.
"Okay." Avegaille walked to the school that was just a few distance.
"Oh, I don't know why, but I think all this arguments with May mean something else," Brendan thought to himself as he went inside the Pokemon Center.
A few minutes later...
Phil was very happy when he got out of the gym as May just got back from Route 116. Avegaille also finished touring the school and Brendan just finished going to the Pokemon center. Both of them all meeted at the middle of the city.
"So, where have you been?" Brendan asked May.
"It's none of your business, B Boy!" May exclaimed. Then, she turned to Avegaille. "So, what have you been doing lately?"
"Oh, I just visited the Flower Shop before I got to Rustboro with Phil, then, I toured the trainer school here," Avegaille started. She looked at Phil. "So, how did your battle with Roxanne go?"
"How did you know that the gym leader of this city is Roxanne?" Phil asked Avegaille curiously.
"Oh, I have been talking to a lot of people lately," Avegaille replied. "I guess it is fun to talk with other people. I'm feeling a bit confident now."
"So, you're going to battle the gym leader next?" May asked Avegaille.
"You want to watch me battle?" Avegaille asked.
"Sure, I'd love to," May replied excitely. "Come on then."
Both girl tainers walked off to the gym, leaving only the guys.
"Do you mind if you could help me train?" Brendan asked.
"Sure, I don't mind," Phil replied happily.
"You just got your first badge, didn't you?" Brendan asked Phil.
"Yeah, and now I can't wait for you guys to also get yours," Phil said to him. "Come on, we better start that training."

12-04-2004, 07:20 PM
Chapter 6 - A Fight Of Two Teams
While Brendan and Phil are doing some training, May is watching Avegaille finally battle a gym leader by her own strategy. Roxanne, the gym leader, however wasn't amused when Avegaille defeated her Geodude with Gil. Before they started battling, Roxanne introduced herself as the gym leader and also a teacher at Pokemon Training School.
"All right, go Nosepass!" Roxanne called out and send out Nosepass.
"Don't worry Gil, we can do this!" Avegaille exclaimed. "Gil, use Water Gun!"
" Okay! " Gil sprayed water from its mouth to Nosepass.
"Nosepass, block it off with Rock Tomb!" Roxanne called out.
Gil's Water Gun hits Nosepass, however, when Nosepass used Rock Tomb to counteract, it made Gil faint. May looked really worried when she knew that Avegaille only had a fire type and a normal type left.
"Well, who are you going to send out now?" Roxanne asked Avegaille. She gave out an evil grin.
Avegaille was really nervous but she didn't have a choice. But then, before she battle the gym leader, she remembered something....
"Package for Miss Amethyst," the mailman said as Avegaile got out of the Pokemon trainer school.
"Where did you come from and how did you find me here?" Avegaille asked the mailman with a doubt.
"Hey, I only use a tracking device to find the person I need to send this package to," the mailman explained. He gave the small package to Avegaille. "Anyway, I just delivered them. I think it's from someone named Mr. Amethyst. I think he's your father."
After that, the mailman left and disappeared.
"A package, what could dad send to me while I'm doing a journey here?" Avegaille asked herself as she opened the package. She was very shocked when she found out what's inside it...
"Well, hello, are you still going to fight?" Roxanne asked Avegaille.
"Huh?" Avegaille looked around and saw that she was still battling Roxanne. She looked around and then, she remembered one more detail. Then, she took out a pokeball and send out...
"Ziggy?" May asked, very confused. I'll bet Avegaille is planning something.
"I don't think Normal Type moves will be effective against my Nosepass!" Roxanne remarked. She folded her arms across her chest.
"Humph, like what May said, never underestimate any Pokemon!" Avegaille answered back. She looked at her Pokemon and then, pointed at Roxanne's Nosepass. "Ziggy, use Surf!"
"What?" May was very shocked. But how? It's just impossible, I know learning Flame Wheel was impossible at first, but now this is three times as
impossible as the first one... Does she have HM Moves in her bag?
"I don't believe it!" Roxanne exclaimed as she just watched her pokemon get crshed down with the huge wave of water. Without her know, her pokemon has already fainted.
"Way to go!" May exclaimed, very happy and still, very doubtful of her friend.
"You're right, Avegaille, it's not good to underestimate any Pokemon, and for that, I give you this," Roxanne said as she went near Avegaille and gave her the Stone Badge. "That badge can do something to your Pokemon, they'll respect you as a trainer as they grow too..."
"Thanks," Avegaille said as she took the badge and placed it in her trainer card. "Well, I have to go now, explain a few things to my friend."
"Well, I hope we meet again," Roxanne said. She looked at May, who just went near Avegaille. "I'll hope we'll have a good battle later on...."
"You can count on it!" May exclaimed as she and Avegaille went out of the gym.
As the two of them got out of the gym, May wanted to ask Avegaille something again. it has been bothering her ever since they had that battle with the grunts at the woods.
"Avegaille, can I ask, where did you got-"
"The HM Move Surf?" Avegaille finished. May nodded. "It's from my dad, I don't know how in the world he found me here or how he was able to send this package, not only that, he also sent to me all of the remaining seven HM Moves."
"So, there's more than Surf?" May asked.
"Yeah, but I don't think all of my Pokemon can learn all of these HM moves," Avegaille continued. "Anyway, It's your turn to battle the gym leader. Good luck..."
"Yeah, thanks..." May said as she went back inside the gym.
Speaking of which, about May's pokemon, while all of the four trainers were seperated, since May had been training so hard lately, the other three trainers didn't know that May had evolved some of her Pokemon. So, while she battled the gym leader, Brendan and Phil were back from their training. They saw Avegaille standing in front of the gym's door.
"So, how did it go?" Phil asked Avegaille.
"I'll bet you just lost," Brendan remarked to Avegaille. Phil glared at him.
"Don't be that way," Phil protested. He turned to Avegaille. "So, what happened?"
"I defeated Roxanne!" Avegaille exclaimed, very happy. Then, her excitement fades. "May is battling Roxanne right now..."
"I have got to see this," Brendan said as he quickly went inside the gym.
After Brendan left, Avegaille and Phil thought it would be nice to tour the city. They went off first to the Pokemon center to heal their pokemon. Then, when they got out of the Pokemon Center, they saw two grunts, each in different color, who just stole a package and seem to be arguing over it while they ran off.
"Wait, come back," a guy that Avegaille and Phil just saw earlier, called out. "I need that package!" Then, he gave chase after the grunts.
"Do we really have to do this?" Avegaille asked Phil after seeing the comotion.
"What? Of course, we still have to help that guy," Phil replied and followed the researcher that just ran off.
"Wait up!" Avegaille called to Phil as she quickly followed Phil until both of them reached the edge of the city.
At the edge of the city, they saw the guy again that they saw earlier in the woods. He was very exhausted as he noticed the two trainers looking at him.
"Aren't you the other two trainers I saw earlier?" the researcher asked.
"Well, yes," Avegaille replied with a skeptical look.
"So, what happened to the rest of you?" he asked. "Last time I remember, there were four of you."
"Um, uh, right now, they're inside the city's gym," Avegaille replied.
"What happened, anyway?" Phil asked, before they try to help the guy.
"Well, two gangs, you know them somehow, stole the package that was supposed to be delivered to Slateport," he started. "Not only that they stole it, they're also arguing about who's going to get it."
"Don't worry, we'll get that package back," Phil said, very determined. He looked at Avegaille. "Right, Avegaille?"
"Yeah, we'll get it back somehow," Avegaille agreed but with a bit
Phil walked off as Avegaille followed him. Both of them walked through the grassy area until they reached a tunnel. At the entrance, they saw an old man, very worried about something.
"Oh, no, my Peeko," the old man started, very worried. "What am I going to do?"
"Can we ask what's going on here?" Avegaille asked the old man.
"Well, two grunts, one in red and the other in blue, took my Peeko and went
inside that cave," the old man explained. "They seem to be also arguing
about something."
Phil took out his flashlight from his backpack as Avegaille entered the tunnel. Phil followed her and turned on his flashlight when they got in. Looking around, they couldn't see anything much until they reacher the further end of the tunnel. They overheard the two grunts arguing about something.
"You Magmas stay away from this!" the grunt in blue started. "I got this package first and you can't have it!"
"My leader asked me to get that package and that's what I'm going to do!" the grunt in red protested.
" Hey! You grunts! Let go of me! " Peeko cried out.
"Shut up, you stupid pokemon!" both grunts shouted together.
"All right, that's enough!" Avegaille exclaimed furiously as she went near the two grunts.
Both grunts laughed hysterically as they saw Avegaille. Phil, on the other hand, wasn't very amused. He went near the grunts, just in case they did something to Avegaille.
"What are you going to do about it, you little brat?" the grunt in red asked, in a teasing manner.
"Why you!" Avegaille was starting to get more furious.
"I can't believe you have to bring a guy just to beat us!" the grunt in blue
Both trainers weren't amused by their insults. Both of them were already holding the pokeballs of their started Pokemon.
"Fine, you want the stupid package, you'll have to fight for it!" the grunt in red declared.
"If you insist..." Avegaille said as she send out Charlie while Phil send out Terk.
The two grunts send out their Poochyenas into the field. Both trainers were very amused on how they keep using the same Pokemon.
"Let's see how you beat us this time, you little brats!" the grunt in blue retorted.
"We'll jsut see about that!" Phil exclaimed. He looked at Terk. "Terk, use Giga Drain!"
"Charlie, use Flame Wheel!" Avegaille exclaimed and pointed at the
Poochyena that the grunt in red owned.
"Poochyena, counteract with Take Down!" both grunts said at the same time.
"I don't know how you grunts get along, seeing you both in different teams," Avegaille said to them. She watched her Charlie use Flame Wheel on one of the Poochyenas.
"You stay away from this brat!" the grunt in red interrupted.
"Fine, I will," Avegaille said as she saw how Charlie fainted one of the Poochyenas.
"Terk, use pound to finish off," Phil commanded as Terk followed what his trainer told him.

12-04-2004, 07:30 PM
"Not if I can help it!" the grunt in blue exclaimed. "Use Take Down again!"
"Charlie, help Terk with Scratch!" Avegaille commanded.
Since the attacks of two pokemon were too much for the last Poochyena, it fainted out. But before the grunts could say another word, something was happening to Avegaille and Phil's Pokemon. Both of them were suddenly glowing in white, then, after the white light disappeared, their looks had changed. Both of them had evolved.
"Looks like our Pokemon is getting stronger," Phil remarked as he and
Avegaille returned their Pokemon back into their balls.
"Fine, here, take it before we change our minds!" the grunt in blue said as he gave the package to Avegaille. Then, he and the other grunt ran out of the tunnel.
" Oh, thank you! " Peeko said as she flew up on Avegaille's head and landed on her shoulder. " Where's Mr. Briney? I want to see him now! "
"Who's Mr. Briney?" Avegaille asked as she looked at Phil.
"You can understand what Peeko is saying?" Phil asked, very confused.
Then, he shook his head. "Anyway, I think Mr. Briney is the old man outside the tunnel."
"Peeko!" a old voice from somewhere in the tunnel cried out. Then, Mr. Briney came even closer.
" Mr. Briney! " Peeko cried out as she flew up to Mr. Briney's shoulder.
Mr. Briney then looked at the two trainers who have saved his Peeko.
"Oh, Peeko owns her life to you, and for saving her, I'll do any favor you ask me to," Mr. Briney said to them. "My house is just the cottage outside the woods."
"So, you live in that house outside Petalburg Woods?" Aveagille asked.
"Yes, I'm a retired sailor but anything you ask, I'll do it for saving Peeko here," Mr. Briney said. Then, he looked at Peeko. "Come on girl, we have to go back."
" Thanks a lot! " Peeko said as she and Mr. Briney went out of the tunnel.
After Mr. Briney and Peeko left, Phil looked at Avegaille, who seem to understand every word a Pokemon says.
"How come you can understand Pokemon talk?" Phil asked Avegaille.
"I'm not the only one, May does the same thing too, but I'm surely you can too," Avegaille said as she walked off until she got out of the tunnel.
"Hey, wait up!" Phil exclaimed as he tried to follow Avegaille and get out of the tunnel. But before he could reach the end of the tunnel, and out into the grassy area he tripped and felt a wild shock and it was a
a wild Electrike attacked him.

"Go Treecko, use bullet seed," Phil yelled "Nice watch out for the static running through its body don't make contact!" "Watch out dodge it and use absorb!" "What happening it evevoling into ... Grovyle, yes my treecko is now Grovyle." Phil being so suprised he didn't notice that Electrike send a shock wave. "Nooo Grovyle stand-up and use absorb...""Yes it hit and made a critical hit!"

"Go pokeball capture Electrike.............and............."

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