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Xlugon Pyro
12-29-2004, 08:14 PM
I will create a Topic for every season of my char story. I will also make a post for every episode so they can be sorted easely. Only the episodes that I want to be rated will have green text at the bottom that sais Rate.

Early in the morning, the sun rises over the horizon with a golden yellow glow following up with orange, then red, then purple. It was quite beautiful indeed. The valley in which Fallarbor lied in was a cold, dark gloomy place with Zangoose and Seviper battling, Swablu and Altaria just waking up, Seedot and Nuzleaf collecting dew drops and the Lotad and Lombre waking up in their pond homes. It was a good morning to start an adventure... a Pokemon adventure. It was late summer in September, the 3rd when a young girl, about only 12 years old is waking up from a great birthday party yesterday.

A Pokemon she found when she was young, an Eevee named Myth became the Pokemon she desided to start out with. Her alarm clock went off, sharp at 5:30 a.m. Xui and Myth instantly woke up. Xui stretched and went to turn her alarm off. "Well..." said Xui, "Today is when we will start training, Myth! Are you ready?" she asked. "Euuveh!" cried Myth stretched and went to the upstairs bathroom while Xui got ready. Xui usually always slept with undies on and sometimes, a shirt if nights get too cold for her quilts and pillows alone to keep her warm.

Xui had everything packed up downstairs except a green tank-top, a silver skirt, green and white socks, black undies, a braw, and a birthday present, official Hoenn League silver and black gloves. Xui went to the upstairs bathroom in which Myth went into his litter box to go potty while Xui brushed her teeth. Xui then took off her undies and went into the shower to clean up. She then groomed and washed Myth before drying him and brushed her hair. She then went into her room and put on her new clothes then went downstairs with Myth.

Xui took out a box of the cereal, Tropius's Fruity Crunch. She always liked her cereal without milk. She poured a bowl of the cereal and poured a cup of chocolate milk. She then got out a Nutritious Meaty food dish and served Myth some. She then packed up the Meat meal for Myth's Pokemon food along with some other kind she made. They ate up and rinsed the dishes when Xui's mother came down stairs. Her mom smiled at her then got herself some coffee.

Xui put on her new green boots and packed everything into her new Rayquaza backpack. She picked up the money sent from the Hoenn League and her new Pokemon Navigator she got at her birthday. She waved to her mother and went out the door. She left Fallarbor Town and she was off to start her Pokemon adventure.