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07-19-2007, 08:34 PM
You may vote more than one!

Hello all Pokemon Fans! I have just finished Pokemon Trivia 7, it was an amazing win made by Sent Reglay. So now I am back to seeing what people want as the next trivia. The choices are right here and a short, brief decriptions comes along with them.

Pokemon Trivia: 1-Infinity- In this Pokemon Trivia Game I ask question about each Pokemon only once. I go up the list until we reach the last Pokemon in the Pokedex. The winner gets two golds and a ribbon. Amount Of Questions: About 500

Pokemon Trivia: Team Attack!- 2-4 players are in one team and must anwser the questions together. If two people on the same team anwser a point is deducted from their total score. Amount Of Questions: 150

Pokemon Trivia: Best of the Best 2.0- This Pokemon Trivia is a sequel to its original. In this trivia I will go up to 200 questions. Once that is reached I will annouce the winner. Amount Of Questions: 200

Pokemon Trivia: Choose Your ____- In this Pokemon Trivia what will happen is that I will ask a question as usual, who ever anwsers correctly gets to pick a topic, i.e. Height, Abilities, Type, Moves, etc. Amount Of Questions: 100

Pokemon Trivia: Party!- This Pokemon Trivia is different from all the rest. I will go up to 1000 question! Although I do not count points or the winner. Amount Of Questions: 1000

Pokemon Trivia: Types- In this Pokemon Trivia each round had to do with a certain type. For example, round one would be Bug Types and I would ask about Bug Type moves and Pokemon. The second round would be Dark Types and I would ask about Dark Type moves and Pokemon.
Amount of Questions: 170

Pokemon Trivia 8: An original Pokemon Trivia except Version 8. Amount Of Questions: 50

Trashed Ideas:
Pokemon Trivia: Team Magma or Team Aqua
Pokemon Trivia: Speed Anwsers!!
Pokemon Trivia: Tamers

Ending Date:
July 25th, 2007 at 12:00pm