View Full Version : how do you max out stats for contests?

08-29-2007, 09:02 PM
I'm trying to max out cute stats on a Whiscash with a hasty nature. i've found out what type of berries to use, but not in which ratio to use them to get at least 200 cute status for the mater competetion. so far, i haven't fed it anything (but i beat the normal rank anyway). its moves are:
return (+2 for first performance)
frustration (+2 for last performance)
amnesia (double score next turn)
watre gun (basic move wirth 3 hearts)

would making poffins with another person solve the problem of filling up the pokemno while still getting at least 200 in its cuteness level? the most useful berries (if made alone by me) are:
Bluk, feel 20, sweet level 10
Mago, feel 25, sweet level 15
watmel/kasib, feel 35, sweet level 20
liechi, feel 40, sweet level 30

any suggestions for help?

08-29-2007, 09:30 PM
Wrong board.

Anyway, I heard somewhere that if you feed your Pokemon all Poffin that has at least 17 point or whatever then it should max out the stats. I think that was on Serebii. I know Serebii has a guide for this somewhere, don't ask me for it, though. >.>