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02-19-2005, 05:35 PM
Infernal Rage

It is a beautiful, sunny day in Fuchsia City as JD and Bobby (Blastoise) wonder through town looking for something to do. As the sun glares intensely upon the city the two heroes realize that it is much too hot to stay in the scorching sun. “C’mon Bobby, let’s get inside that Pokemon Center over there.” JD comments to his Pokemon. Both JD and Bobby run to the Center in order to rest.

The two stepped in the door and waved to Nurse Joy as they had always done. As they both stood in the entry way a man looked at JD very suspiciously. The man was tall and lanky, maybe 6’2”. He was dressed in a dark black over coat and wore dark sun glasses.

After about a minute of eyeing the young trainer the man stood up and begun to slowly walk towards him.

“You!” a deep, cold voice came from the man as he stood before JD. His face was an emotionless stone. “You save cities and such. Isn’t this true?”

“Well yes, but ho-“JD was interrupted by the man again.

“I’m familiar with the stories of the boy and his Blastoise, the way you find trainers and fight nature’s creatures.”

“I guess you could say that. We just like to save earth in it’s time of need.”

“Touching, but I need you to do me a favor. A town near here is in peril and I heard you were here so I waited for you here.”

“I guess I could help you, where is this town?”

“Follow me kid!”

JD returned Bobby to his Pokeball and followed the man out of the Pokemon Center. The man took him to a town where his perspective of Pokemon would change forever…

03-21-2005, 07:26 PM
“This is the Village of Jet” the man suddenly explained as they arrived.

“Whoa. This place is huge!” JD exclaimed in amazement as he looked at the colossal Jet Village.

Although it was a village it was monstrous and very hi-tech. There were buildings that had many stories and the sky scrapers seemed to go on forever. Everything was a dark smooth black color. It looked like something you’d see in a futuristic movie.

“How is all this done?” JD asked.

“This whole town is run by Poke technology. This is machinery that is run by Pokemon.
The power is run by the lightning of Zapdos; the warmth comes from Fire Pokemon such as Arcanine, and so forth.” The man explained.

“That’s incredible.” JD said amazed.

As they spoke a loud screeching sound came to earshot from far away.

“What the?” JD wondered aloud.

“Let’s hurry that way!” The man yelled.

They both ran towards the scream as fast as possible. When they arrived they saw a burning building and a woman on the ground.

“What happened?” JD asked.

“I…it attacked, burning everything in sight. I tried to stop it, but I was simply pushed aside.” The woman explained.

“What did it?” JD asked further.

“The Fire Blade!” She answered.

“I forgot to explain.” The man blurted out. “For years our villages has lived with no problems at all and we knew how to live harmonically. Our Poke Technology was very successful as it is now. The Jet Science EX. Lab was searching for a way to make the EX. Jet. The Jet would fly all over the world at unbelievable speed collecting scientific data and making lots of money for the Jet Village. The only way to acquire this speed was by Poke Technology. Our lab finally had the perfect machine and the figured out the only way to give the Jet speed. They caught a Scyther from the Safari Zone and brought it to the lab. They were experimenting and getting closer to harnessing the agility of the Scyther. They also injected a turbulent steroid into the blood stream of the Scyther. The Pokemon went berserk and destroyed the lab and rampaged through out the village. And for some bizarre reason this Scyther is able to use fire attacks.”

“What? That’s impossible!” JD remarked.

“Not quite so.” He responded.

“Can you stop it?” The woman asked.

“I’ll go find it right now.” JD assured. “I’ll make sure that I defeat this menace and capture this Scyther!”

“Go Quilava!” JD called out one of his Pokemon. “C’mon Quilava we’ve got a mission.” <Quil quil laaava>

JD knew that if he wanted to beat a Pokemon that can use fire-type attacks, then he needed a Pokemon that had a good defense against fire. Fighting fire with fire would work in this situation, right? Besides Scyther was a bug-type Pokemon which means a fire type is the best choice for him.

“I wish you good luck young hero.” the man said as JD left.

“Don’t worry I won’t need any luck for this.” said JD with high confidence. “This freakish Scyther should be quite easy to take down.”
~At least I hope so~ JD thought.

JD and Quilava walked for a little while in search for Scyther, but there was no success.

To Be Continued...