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The Prankster Problem

Part 1: A Fiery Match

The sun rose slowly into the clear blue sky from eastern Cinnabar Island. It crept across the sky and a ray of light slipped through the window and lit up a young man’s face. The closed eyes began to twitch and slowly opened to reveal dark brown eyes. An arm extended from the covers and reached toward the radio that was blaring harshly into the air. The hand connected to the arm pressed the OFF button and the sound ceased.

A tall body slowly materialized from the pile of blankets that rested on the long bed that stood in a small room. This boy’s name was Harison. He reached up and slid his hand down the back of his head as he stretched and groaned. Two long legs slipped out from the blankets and hung lazily over the side of the bed. Harison leapt out and walked across the room to the opened closet in the corner of the room and dressed into a red T-shirt and blue jeans.

After getting dressed in a rather swift way, Harison dashed out the wooden bedroom door, through the hallway and down the staircase into the kitchen where his mother was busy over a steaming pan of scrambled eggs as a couple of pieces of crisp brown toast shot into the air from the two slots on the toaster. Harison grabbed them and began to eat. His mother walked over to the table and poured some eggs onto the plate beside Harison, who quickly consumed the food and grabbed the light blue leather jacket that hung from a hook by the door.

Harison slipped on the jacket and walked through the door after one last glance at the grandfather chime clock that stood against the clean white wall beside the television from which his father was watching a football game from. The clock chimed and told him it was now ten o’clock in the morning and he was late for his class at the Cinnabar Island gym.

He stuck his gray shoes on with one fast motion and began to run as quick as he could down the dirt covered path that led to the giant building where his favorite gym leader, Blaine, trained his Pokemon and took challenges for his badge. He also gave classes to new trainers that lived on the island. After a couple minutes of jogging, Harison arrived at the gym and looked up at the sign that said “Cinnabar Gym; Leader: Blaine.” Once he was a great Pokemon trainer, Harison hoped that his name would replace Blaine’s on that very sign.

Harison walked up the small stone staircase that led to gleaming glass sliding doors that automatically glided open as he approached. Immediately, as he entered the gym, Harison began to feel extremely warm. Upon venturing farther into the building, the temperature continued to increase rapidly. The steel walls were steadily melting away and seemed scorched with age. Suddenly, Harison approached a large door with a long sign labeled “Battle Arena.”

The door completely melted away as a stream of fire shot straight through toward Harison as he leapt aside swiftly to dodge the assault. A note of deep hearty laughter floated from the room beyond and into Harison’s eardrums. As the steam of the flame subsided, a dark rocky body collapsed and revealed a tall orange one. On one side of the arena, a male about Harison’s age flashed out a red-and-white Poke Ball and the rock Pokemon, Golem, disappeared in a beam of red light.

On the other side, an older man with a white mustache and wore a lab coat took out another small ball and restored the victorious Pokemon, a Magmar, into its proper housing. Golem’s trainer reattached the Poke Ball back onto his dark brown belt and walked off. The other trainer, who was the Cinnabar Gym Leader, Blaine, shifted his attention to Harison. He began to laugh slowly in the same tone as his had Magmar clenched the battle.

“Well, if it isn’t my best student, Harison?” he said. “I suppose you’ve come for this week’s lesson?”

“Yes, I have,” Harison replied. “That battle was amazing, Blaine!”

As if he hadn’t heard Harison’s comment, Blaine turned around to face a huge metallic door that looked to be bolted shut. With one arm gesture, Blaine directed Harison to follow him. Obeying Blaine’s command, Harison walked up to Blaine’s side. To his surprise, the door suddenly opened in a slow motion. Blaine slowly walked toward the door and Harison followed suit.

After a matter of a couple of minutes of walking down a steaming stone path, Harison and Blaine arrived at a lava filled rock-walled room. Thick white steam drifted up from the bubbling red lava as Harison gazed around. He had never been inside of Mt. Cinnabar, the island volcano. He began to wonder why Blaine had lead Harison here. As if he had read Harison’s mind, Blaine automatically answered the question that puzzled Harison.

“This is my secret lava battle room,” he began to explain in a low, harsh voice. “Here is where we’ll hold today’s lesson.”

Harison, shocked, stared at Blaine uneasily. “What do you mean?” he said. “This could be dangerous!”

Blaine just closed his heavy eyelids and laughed in a loud low sound that almost shook the whole room. “Dangerous? Of course!” he said. “But this is the secret to my training. You should be honored. I have never told anyone about this room. My gym was secretly connected to Mt. Cinnabar by this underground tunnel so my Pokemon could train in a terrain fit for their fiery strength.”

After that, Blaine continued on down the stone path. It seemed to be arranged into a staircase for his convenience. He walked along a thin ledge that lead to the other side of a long platform that was painted as an arena. After reaching the other side of the room, Blaine leapt across some tall stone pillars and landed on the inside of the opposite trainer box of Harison and lashed out a Poke Ball.

“Well, are you ready?” he shouted in a high pitched voice that echoed throughout the domed room.

Harison mimicked Blaine’s actions and jumped over the pillars to his appropriate box and help out a Poke Ball toward Blaine. “Let’s do this!” he replied.

Almost at the same instant, Harison and Blaine forcefully tossed their Poke Balls as if they were a mirror image of each other and called out their Pokemon’s names. In two flashes of white light, two proud-looking Fire-type Pokemon appeared to face their opponent on the other side of the arena.

Harison wasn’t surprised to see that Blaine had chosen his loyal Magmar. Harison had chosen his greatest Pokemon, a pitch black canine called Houndoom. Immediately, Magmar’s clenched fists lit up with blazing fire and aimed like a speeding bullet toward Houndoom. Houndoom countered by opening its mouth and releasing a great stream of fire. Both attacks hit at an extreme force and sent both Pokemon flying in opposite directions toward their corresponding trainers.

“Your Houndoom is getting very powerful, Harison,” Blaine cried, smiling. “But it’s still not enough for Magmar.”

“We’ll just have to see about that,” Harison replied from across the lava arena. “Houndoom, Shadow Ball!”

Houndoom closed its dark red eyes and stood completely still. It seemed to be focusing energy. Before Houndoom, an orb of purple light appeared and began to grow at an increasingly fast rate. It seemed to grow to full capacity before Houndoom released it with a mighty howl and sent it hurtling toward Magmar at a swift speed.

Blaine thought quickly as the ball flew toward Magmar and ordered its next attack. Magmar began to focus like Houndoom had and suddenly, three other Magmar appeared. Magmar had used its Double Team attack to take Houndoom off course. The Shadow Ball attack continued to approach Magmar at the same unchanged speed but hurled right through Magmar’s body.

“That must have been an illusion!” Harison cried.

Houndoom slowly opened its snarling mouth and another ball of energy became to form. This one didn’t take as long to fully capacitate as the Shadow Ball maneuver and Houndoom released it toward a second Magmar. The gold ball exploded into a beam of light that flash straight through the second Magmar’s body. Even though the real Magmar was exposed and ready to fight back, Houndoom was badly weakened by the Hyper Beam attack.

“No, it’s just another illusion!” Harison cried. “Now, Houndoom can’t move!”

“Ha-ha!” Blaine laughed heartily. “Nice try, kid. But I win. Now that Houndoom can’t move, it can’t dodge my next attack! And just look where your precious Houndoom is located!”

Blaine extended an arm to point toward Harison’s struggling Houndoom. It was standing right on the edge of the arena of which the four stood. If Magmar succeeded in hitting Houndoom with a powerful attack, Houndoom would be sent into the lava! Blaine shouted out for Magmar to use its last and best Fire attack. Magmar opened its move and fire began to produce into thin air.

The flame began to form and take the shape of a giant star. The flaming star was then released into a straight path toward the frozen Houndoom. It forcefully hit Houndoom with recoil that sent it flying into the sky. Because Houndoom was a Fire-type Pokemon it was able to withstand the damage from the Fire Blast attack. But Harison wasn’t so sure it would be able to survive a dive into the lava pool below them.

“Houndoom, hold on!” Harison shouted out toward his Pokemon as it fell toward the hot bubbling liquid.

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Part 2: The Letter
Houndoom continued to quickly fall toward the lava pit below the arena as Blaine flashed out a red-and-white Poke Ball and recalled his proud-looking Magmar. Harison watched in horror as Houndoom swiftly extended one of its front paws to take a grip onto the stone wall. For a couple of minutes, Houndoom dangled on the wall above the bubbling liquid.

Harison lashed a Poke Ball out from his brown belt and aimed the center circle toward the struggling canine. A beam of red light flashed out and surrounded Houndoom as it disappeared into the small circular container. As Harison reattached the ball to his belt, Blaine slowly walked across the hanging arena to Harison’s side and patted his hand against Harison’s shoulder.

“You really are getting good, Harison,” he said. “Let’s go back to the gym for lunch.”

Harison nodded and followed Blaine back up the now familiar dirt tunnel that connected the Cinnibar Island Gym with Mt. Cinnabar, the island volcano. It didn’t seem to take as long this time to return as it had to get to the arena they had battled on. The giant steel doors were almost immediately in sight and they made their quick walk up the stone path. Blaine opened the doors suddenly without even touching them again.

Harison gazed at Blaine, wondering how that door was opening by itself, as the two walked through the doors and looked back to see them close again. Nevertheless, he continued to walk beside Blaine through the gym to the front glass doors. They slid open as they walked through the arch and down the cement staircase. The golden blazing sun was now directly above the city and it was starting to get hot as the two turned the corner pavement and approached a small wooden house.

“Well, this is it,” Blaine said, unnecessarily.

Harison had visited Blaine’s house a many number of times. Blaine would sometimes take him there for something like lunch. Just like always, Blaine’s wife would welcome them with two bone crushing hugs and the two kids, an eight-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl, would run in to hug their father on the legs. That same thing happened today as Blaine and Harison walked into the house.

After the usual warm welcome, Blaine took off his lab coat to reveal a brown sweatshirt and blue jeans. He and Harison followed Blaine’s wife and kids into the kitchen where a beautifully set little banquet had been set up. A hunk of ham was placed in the center of the long wooden surrounded by a couple of plates of potatoes and a cup of gravy. Harison sat down in between the two kids and began to pile food onto his plate. As Blaine’s family began to start eating, Harison decide to ask Blaine what had been troubling him since they left the volcano.

“Blaine, how did that steel door to the volcano open by itself?” Harison asked.

Blaine looked up from the ham he was about to consume. “Well, I guess I can tell you, Harison,” he said. “I have a switch hidden in the gym that causes a mechanism to activate and open the door. It’s the only way to open it so untrustworthy people can’t get in and cause mayhem.”

Harison nodded in agreement. Blaine was always one step ahead of everyone else around him. He was always prepared for what could happen. There was something about him that Harison couldn’t help but trust Blaine for. After helping Blaine’s family clean up the remaining straps of food and the dishes, Harison said good-bye to Blaine and headed for the front door to walk home.

As he jogged at a rhythmic pace, Harison glanced down at his wrist watch to find out it was now one o’clock in the afternoon. Lilly, Haris’s thirteen-year-old sister, was perched on the deck in front of the house looking concerned. Gripped in her hand was a sheet of paper. A torn envelope was on the ground by her feet. Harison easily guessed what she had done.

“Lilly, are you looking at my mail again?” he called across the yard and he approached the porch.

“I’m sorry, Harison, but it seemed urgent,” Lilly replied as Harison walked onto the wooden deck. “Ann needs help!”

Harison gasped. Ann was a seventeen-year-old female who lived in Saffron City, the center of the Kanto Region. She was a student of Sabrina, the Saffron City Gym Leader, raising Psychic-type Pokemon. She was also a cousin of Harison and Lilly. Lilly straightened out the arm that held the letter and gave it to Harison to read.

Dear Harison,

I know we haven’t written to, called, or seen each other recently, but the citizens of Saffron City and I need your help. I can’t go too much into detail right now because I don’t have the time anymore. I’ll explain everything when you arrive. We really need you to come and help us with this problem. If not, Saffron could be gone forever!

Please help us!

Harison read the note and flicked it to his side and looked toward Lilly. None of them knew what this was about but they knew it was urgent and needed to be taken care of. Together, they dashed into the house and into the living room where their parents were watching a movie on the television. Harison passed Ann’s letter on to his father, who read it with a concerned look on his face and handed it to their mother.

“Please, we have to go!” Harison cried.

Their father shook his head. “No, Harison,” he said. “It’s too dangerous. We don’t want you getting messed into this kind of stuff and lose you forever.”

Harison looked down. He had to go. They needed his help in Saffron City. Harison turned around and ran out the front door of his house, ignoring his parents’ calls to come back. He knew there was a ship docked on the harbor that was bound for Saffron City. He would use the last of his money to get a ticket and take the ship to the city where he was needed.

He continued to run, as fast as he could. The house in which he lived in was in the middle of the island so he knew it would take him a while to get to the harbor. But after about twenty minutes of running, the giant ship, known as the St. Anne, docked at Cinnabar Harbor was coming into view. Harison sped up and skidded to a stop, panting, in front of the tiny ticket both that was placed on the dock.

Harison reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick wad of bills. The woman at the desk, dressed in a white dress and cap, grabbed the money and asked where Harison was headed. He told her that he needed a ticket to Saffron City and she placed a small piece of paper along with the change in front of Harison. He grabbed them and walked toward the huge ship, St. Anne, prepared for what was to come.

A long iron staircase was attached to the side of the ship. Harison climbed onto the steps and walked up the case to the top where a sailor dressed in a blue suit was stationed. He asked Harison for his ticket and Harison flashed it into the air. The sailor nodded and stepped aside to allow Harison to board the ship. Harison walked through the halls packed with Pokemon trainers, showing off their Pokemon, trading Pokemon, and swapping information. He found his way to the deck and looked over onto the island that was his home, bathed in the warm golden sunlight, shadowed by the giant mountain that was Mt. Cinnabar.

Soon, the ropes attached to the St. Anne were pulled off and the grand ship set off toward Saffron City. The cool ocean breeze whipped across Harison’s face as the beautiful St. Anne sailed across the great blue sea. Thoughts rushed into Harison’s head about how his parents would react to his actions and what kind of problem awaited him at Saffron City. But he let the thoughts slip through his mind. He had a mission and that was to save Ann and the other Saffron citizens.

After a couple of days out at sea, Harison began to wonder how his family was feeling about his sudden disappearance. But Saffron was in view and the gigantic ship was closing in on its destination. The dock was loaded with a crowd about as big as the one on Cinnabar Harbor. Many people were awaiting the arrival of the passengers aboard the St. Anne.

Among those people was a tall girl in a dark pink T-shirt and blue short jeans and black boots with long blond hair that reached to the hips. Harison looked down from the St. Anne’s deck to the awaiting Ann and the problems that risked the safety and existence of Saffron City. But whatever was waiting down there for Harison would be overcome. The citizens of Saffron City were on the line and failure was just not an option.

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Part 3: Enter Abra
Harison looked down from the deck of the giant ship, St. Anne. In the huge group of Saffron citizens was Ann. The grand sea liner slowly began to stop and stood in a still stance against the Saffron harbor. A couple of sailors on the dock were pulling down the bridge that Harison had walked across to get on the ship. Trainers rushed toward the bridge along with Harison to get off and into Saffron City. Ann ran up to Harison as he got of the ship onto Saffron harbor.

“I’m so glad you came!” she cried, practically in tears. “Come with me.”

Holding Harison’s arm, Ann forcefully tugged him through the crowd toward the city. Harison was shocked at how empty the huge city had become. The previous time he had visited Saffron City, it had been crowded and almost impossible and get through. But now, it seemed like no one lived here anymore.

Soon, the two approached the north edge of the town where a tiny wooden house sat. It was the house that belonged to Ann and her family. She pushed the front door open and the two walked into the house. An older woman was sitting on the couch in the room to the right, watching a television screen. She was Harison’s aunt and had curly hair and wore a large blue dress. The television was flashing the morning news.

“For the same unknown reason, more citizens of Saffron City are disappearing,” the man on the screen said. “And even more are fleeing.”

“This is getting out of hand,” the woman said, getting up and turning around to find Harison and Ann in the doorway. “Oh Ann, you’re back. And you brought Harison!”

Ann nodded and turned to Harison, who turned toward the door. The two headed to it, followed by Harison’s aunt. They walked out the door and down the road. Harison didn’t have any idea what they were looking for or where they would find it. But he soon got his answer. High pitched screams suddenly filled the air as the group walked through the vacant town.

“What was that!” Harison said, looking around.

Ann pointed south toward the Saffron harbor. “It came from over there!” she cried.

Following Ann’s direction, Harison and his aunt started running toward the source of the sound. Shouts still were flooding through the air into Harison’s eardrums, signaling the way they should go, still directing them toward Saffron harbor. As the group continued to run toward Saffron harbor, Harison was starting to wonder if whatever was causing the problem was there and was getting anxious.

The colossal ship was beginning to appear over the roofs of the houses of Saffron City as they approached the harbor and was soon confronted by the same huge crowd of people, who were backing up toward them, blocking their path. Harison and the others backed up from the crowd and stood their, looking at eachother.

“What are we going to do, now?” Ann asked in a concerned voice. “We can’t get onto the harbor with the people blocking the way!”

Harison reached down to his belt and tossed a red-and-white Poke Ball into the air. “I choose you, Pidgeot!” he called.

The ball exploded and in a brilliant blare of white light, a grand brown bird appeared, flapping its wings to stay air born. At Harison’s orders, it flew down toward him and lowered its wing to allow Harison to climb onto its back. With Harison seated safely, Pidgeot spread its wings once again and floated swiftly into the bright blue sky and above the crowd. Harison gasped at what he saw. After seeing the amazing sight, Harison had Pidgeot descend to Ann and his aunt and leapt off.

After returning Pidgeot into its Poke Ball in a beam of red light, Harison directed Ann and his aunt to follow him through the decreasing crowd. Ann looked around cautiously and asked where everyone was going but she soon got her answer. The three had managed to get through the crowd and see a golden brown fox flash purple light at someone. The light flashed blindingly and exploded. As the light faded, the person was gone.

“That’s terrible!” Ann cried. “That Abra is teleporting our people away from Saffron City!”

Abra’s ears flickered and its head shifted toward Ann. Its small body slowly lifted into the air and began to levitated toward Harison’s cousin. Ann backed away cautiously but Abra was too quick for her. Its arms extended like before and the beam of purple shot out toward Ann and encircled here. Harison dashed toward her to try to intercept the flash but the light self destructed once again and Ann was gone.

“No, Ann!” Harison shouted into the air and turned, enraged, toward Abra. “Bring her back!”

His hand balled up into a fist and he sent it flying toward the fox-like Pokemon. Suddenly, the enclosed slits on Abra’s face began to slowly open in an eerie blue light and a ball of light formed outside of its body in the same blazing coloring and sent Harison flying backward into a tree with a Psychic attack. He collapsed on the ground and quickly got back onto his feet, gasping in pain. He extended his arm toward his brown belt and grabbed a Poke Ball.

“Okay, we can do it your way,” he said, hurling the ball into the air in between Abra and himself. “Go, Scizor!”

The ball slammed onto the dirt ground and exploded in a huge flash of white light and a tall red body appeared, shining in the sunlight. The giant Bug-type Pokemon flew the air in a blare of red and slammed into Abra, sending it hurling to the ground with a Quick Attack. Abra landed onto its hands and pushed itself through the air and kicking Scizor aside with a Mega Kick.

The two Pokemon, scarred from the first exchanges, and skidded back to their fighting stances, glaring each other down. After a couple of minutes, Scizor leapt into the air and plunged one of its large claws toward Abra with its Metal Claw attack. Abra replied by disappearing into thin air. Scizor looked around furiously, confused. So did Harison.

“Where’d it disappear to?” he cried.

Harison soon got his answer as the purple light formed again and Abra reappeared, its head hurling toward Scizor. The Headbutt assault sent Scizor stumbling forward, hardly damaged. Scizor tried to move for its next attack but Abra’s previous attack had left it flinched, unable to move and protect itself from whatever Abra had in store for it.

Abra didn’t hesitate to unleash its next attack as its fist began to light up and flare with fire. It jumped into the air and flew straight toward Scizor, its flaming hand ready to swing. Struggling, Scizor was slowly able to raise its arms and prepare for the fiery strike. The flames licked across its body as the Fire Punch connected with it. The heat built up in Scizors body and it collapsed to the ground, panting harshly.

“Scizor, hang in there!” Harison cried as Scizor attempted and barely got back to its feet.

Suddenly, clouds began to rush into the once clear blue sky as Abra’s eye lids glowed dark blue. Thunder boomed and lightning rolled across the skies and a harsh rainfall began. Harison and Scizor realized that Abra must’ve just set off a Rain Dance attack and was planning something big. Suddenly, an orb of yellow energy began to form before Abra and lit up with lightning. The storm above was unleashing more rain and the lightning seemed to be heading toward the ball Abra had made.

“Be careful, Scizor,” Harison said. “Prepare yourself.”

Abra shot its arms to its side and the ball of lightning was sent flying toward the defending Scizor. The ball collided with Scizor and exploded in a brilliantly blinding flash of light. Harison held his elbow in front of his face to block out the light. When the light had finally subsided, Harison lowered his arm to find his prized Scizor lying on the ground, not moving.

“No, Scizor!” Harison cried.

His teeth bared as he looked angrily at his foe. He knew he had to win to save Ann and all of the other people who had fallen prey to this Abra. The thought that he had just failed Ann was unbearable. Scizor just had to get up and keep battling. He had to win. As if feeling the same desire for victory, Scizor staggered as it got up and growled at Abra, who looked shocked to see its enemy get back up.

Harison smiled brightly as his proud Pokemon was up and prepared for more brawling. The rain continued to pour as Scizor slashed through the air toward Abra, its claws flailing wildly. Cuts rapidly appeared around Abra’s body as an aftermath of the Fury Cutter attack, staggering as it collapsed to the ground. Harison’s heart did a back flip as Scizor looked on proudly.

Suddenly, rays of purple appeared all over as people started reappearing. Of them, was Ann. Harison, tears in his eyes, ran up to her. Ann hugged him and thanked him for saving Saffron City. Harison nodded and then turned toward the fainted Abra. He threw a Poke Ball quickly at it. The ball tapped Abra on the shoulder and began to wobble. Harison put all his hope on the successful capture of that Abra.

Tamer San
02-23-2005, 02:32 PM
Well, the plot of the story was interesting, I continued reading stopless. The length is definatly fitting this Pokemon plust the details which were so good Harison. In overall, I liked the story a lot my friend...good job and I am looking forward for more of you.

Well, honostly, I checked it three times for spelling mistakes but I couldn't find any, but as you know no one is perfect, not me nor MS Word can identify every single mistake. Grammatically, you were very good in here too, what can I say more, barely no mistakes, wonderful story.

Interesting battles, long ones and very good detailed. More of each could have made it perfect Harison but it's fine for an Abra. I guess there isn't anymore of me to say for this story, well done dude ^^

It can happen anytime in a Pokemon world =)

OUTCOME- Abra captured with a score of 92/100 for a medium lengthed story. Congratulations harison and take good care of the Abra ^^

02-23-2005, 09:32 PM
Well, the plot of the story was interesting, I continued reading stopless. The length is definatly fitting this Pokemon plust the details which were so good Harison. In overall, I liked the story a lot my friend...good job and I am looking forward for more of you.

Well, honostly, I checked it three times for spelling mistakes but I couldn't find any, but as you know no one is perfect, not me nor MS Word can identify every single mistake. Grammatically, you were very good in here too, what can I say more, barely no mistakes, wonderful story.

Interesting battles, long ones and very good detailed. More of each could have made it perfect Harison but it's fine for an Abra. I guess there isn't anymore of me to say for this story, well done dude ^^

It can happen anytime in a Pokemon world =)

OUTCOME- Abra captured with a score of 92/100 for a medium lengthed story. Congratulations harison and take good care of the Abra ^^

Thanks, San! Yup, this one took a lot of time and work to complete. I was pretty nervous about the end, though. I'm not to good at ending a story... Anyway, glad I passed! *goes to add Abra to his profile*