View Full Version : Is ANY of this true? (AC:WW)

09-15-2007, 12:12 PM
I've heard many secrets for Wild World, I dont think they're true but I'd like to check here's some of them:

Go to the moon
After Gulliver (the UFO guy) gives you all of his rare stuff, shoot him down the 16th time and give him his spaceship parts. He says there's no more presents for you, save and turn the game off. When you switch the game back on, go back into your house and Gulliver will be there, he'll ask you to follow him. Gulliver will take you to the moon there isn't much there other than craters and you can see the Earth but there will be a strange tree there, when you shake it the whole tree falls down. Collect the tree's fruit and go back to Earth. Grow the tree in your town Tom Nook buys the fruit for 1,000 bells each.

Get a Dog
After getting the Golden shovel, check underneath the beds in your house- one bed will have a dog underneath it

See Tom Nook's PJs
At Midnight get a regular shovel out and hit the back of Tom Nook's store twice then hit the front door and Tom Nook will come out wearing PJs and holding a teddy bear

Apparently the Tom Nook one works on 'Animal Forest'

09-17-2007, 12:53 AM
To answer your question, all that is FALSE!