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04-16-2005, 06:59 PM
The sun was shining bright in the blue, cloudless afternoon sky. The leaves of the trees swayed in the gentle summer breeze as Lan sat on a small wooden stump, outside of his tree-fort house in Fortree City, thinking about the akward turn of events of last week when he caught a Taillow. Lan was re-thinking his battle strategies so the he could avoid having a repeat of last week.

After a hard workout on his brain, Lan decided to take a break. He headed down to the small stream just down the road from his house. As he walked down the dusty dirt path towards the sparkling body of water, he stopped to take in the scenery on the warm, summer day that it was. The lush, green grass swayed in the gentle breeze, the leaves of the tress as well. The stream glittered and sparkled in the warm, cozy sunlight.

Lan continued down the path until he reached a nice area to stop and relax. He stepped through the grass until the stream was at about two-arms length from himself. He decided to let his Pokémon out and relax as well.

Scar, his Scyther, laid down in the grass and took a nap. Dragoon, his Magikarp, swam around in the stream, playing with some Marill and Goldeen. Ace, his new Taillow, perched himself in a nearby tree. Ziggy, his prize Mareep, laid down in the grass eating a few flowers.

Lan laid down in the grass with his hands behind his head. The grass was like a warm, soft, lush and cozy green blanket. Lan dozed off, in complete comfort in his natural surroundings.

Sometime later, while Ace was eating berries from a branch on the tree, a Spinarak crawled onto Lan. Lan was fast asleep, snoring and curled up like a cat.

Ace saw the Spinarak, and shot out of the tree and dove towards the Spinarak. The startled Spinarak scurried off into a nearby bush.

Lan woke up, curious as to what had taken place. Ace explained what had happened in the best way he could, hoping Lan would understand. Lan nodded.

"Thanks Ace," said Lan to his protective Taillow, "You saved my life."

What Lan said was true; if it wasn't for Ace, the Spinarak might have bitten Lan and injected a poisonous venom with the bite.

When the afternoon was over and the sun was setting in the sky, Lan recalled his Pokémon and headed home.

"Tonight, we're going to hunt some Spinarak," Lan said, in a confident voice.
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04-17-2005, 07:59 PM
When the sun had completely set, Lan decided it was time to go looking for the Spinarak. He stood at the entrance to the forest, with his Pokémon by his side.

"It's more than likely to be in here," Lan said to his Pokémon, "Go find it and tell Ace if you do."

Scar and Ziggy took off into the forest with Ace flying overhead to report back to Lan if there was any sign of the Spinarak. Dragoon stayed in his Pokéball, as he couldn't really do much.

Scar was flying through the forest, silently and stealthfully like a ninja, watching carefully for the Spinarak.
Ziggy was walking around slowly, making sure not to miss anything in her vision.

Lan stood out be the entrance, awaiting word from Ace. Just then, Ziggy came out of the forest, trembling with fear.

"You don't like the dark, do you?" asked Lan sympatheticly. He re-assured the little sheep that everything was fine.

Then, Ace came down from the sky, indicating that Scar had found the Spinarak.

Lan hurried into the forest, led by Ace, with Ziggy running behind. He ran until he found the place where Scar was. He saw a giant spider web in bettween two trees. On that web, there was the Spinarak, the same one that had tried to bite Lan.

"Ace, Scar, use Focus Energy!" Lan shouted. He was using two Pokémon to get the job done!

Both his Pokémon started to focus intencely.

"Now, use Double Team!" Lan shouted again.

Both the Pokémon started moving so fast, that there seemed to be fifty of each Pokémon.

The ambushed Spinarak was frightened.

"Can't they play fair?" it asked to itself.

Then, the Spinarak started to glow with purple and black; it was using Night Shade. Ace and Scar were envelloped with the same glow.

The illusions had been broken, now both Pokémon were vunerable to attack.

"Scar! Ace! Use Wing Attack!" Lan shouted.

Both of them flew in and hit the Spinarak, knocking it off of the web and destroying the web as well. The Spinarak was furious. It's hard work had been ruined, now it was time to show them! The Spinarak shot some web at both Pokémon, stopping them from moving further.

"What!" Lan shouted, "Scar, Ace, return!" He recalled both Pokémon back to their Pokéballs.

"Go! Dragoon!" He shouted, throwing a Pokéball.

His Magikarp came out of the ball.
Why did he choose Magikarp? What sort of strategy will he use?
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06-26-2005, 08:31 PM
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All of a sudden, Dragoon started to glow.

"Heh, that little extra training is about to pay off!" thought Lan to himself.

When Dragoon stopped glowing, he was no longer a Magikarp, but an almighy Gyarados!

The Spinarak, seeing this, started trembling in fear.

"Dragoon, take this spider down with Hyper Beam!" commanded Lan, with a sence of confidence in his voice.

Dragoon shot a glowing beam out of his mouth, straight at the Spinarak.

"Owned." Lan said to himself.

The Spinarak collapsed on the ground, sizzled by the intense attack that Dragoon unleashed.

"Now," said Lan, "My favorite part! Pokéball, GO!"

Lan threw the ball, and he missed the Spinarak.

"Er... let's try that again!" Lan said, slightly embarrassed.

This time, the ball hit the Spinarak straight on the head. The ball sucked the spider Pokémon inside and started to shake. It shook once, twice, three times and...
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Story- N0t much story, but there was enough to sufice.

Grammar/Spelling/Detail- Very very good, i can see you spent some time on that.

Realism- I don't think a spinarak would kill someone with 1 bite, or be out during the day.

Battle- Doubt that a spinarak could tie up Ace and Scar at the same time, it was also to short.

Legnth- Could of been longer, but not bad.

Outcome- 75/100 = Spinarak Captured! Make it a little longer next time though. Congrats!

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