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Somehow, this does'nt feel as great as my last one.

My body felt cold and weak as I walked home.

“Where is he?” asked my Mother, as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Gone.” I answered sadly.

Going for Cherubi- Simple
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Tears ran from my eyes- It was the day- The day Yuki was Kidnapped.

My tears wet the small photo in unhappiness- I missed Yuki. I missed his short, purple hair and eyes, I missed his loving attitude, and I miss his love in me.

This photo was taken a month ago. I and Yuki looked so happy. I was wearing a pink dress, and thongs. Yuki was wearing a white suit with gold rims.

I hadn’t noticed then that it was raining. I sighed, tucking the photo into my bag, and walking off. My hair was soaked-as well as my clothes- and I was cold and lonely. It was just yesterday I had booked out of the center. Big mistake. After I had left, a huge storm had started. Then, if things wouldn’t get any worse, I ran into a pole and got a blood nose for half an hour.

Today was even worse. My town now considered this a horrible day, since Yuki was kidnapped. I hated my life now. I absolutely, positively hate it. I hate it more than Santa Claus.

However, I still feel a little positive energy about it.
I have two Pokémon – A Mudkip and an Azurill. Both are water types, but I really want more Pokémon variety.

So, I went to the rocky town of Rustburo.
It was a very hot day, and my head was sweating. Not to mention that the horrible smell of trucks and city air made me feel sightly sick. Many buildings came into my view, packed with bricks.
As I walked across the hot bricks, a Pokémon Center came into my view.

I ran into it.

I breathed the nice, cool air, and walked towards the lady in white.

“Hi, Nurse. Can I stay the night? It’s hot and gloomy outside and I’m...well...a Tourist...”

I went up the escalator, and smiled as I ran into my room. Like always, it was the same as the last one. I turned on the air conditioner and, the red room was filled with cool air. I slipped off my thongs, waist bag, and looked outside.

Even though the sun reflected on the window like a mirror, I could still see the city perfectly. Apparently, the city had a nice, grassy and windy route up ahead of the city. I plan to see the route tomorrow.
I called out Mudkip and Azurill – Nurse Joy the 1st managed to get rid of the bruises and cuts. The Pokémon looked completely normal.

“Okay, Azurill and Mudkip, today, we are going to just relax, and have fun. There’s a TV in here.”

I laughed when Mudkip ran to the TV with Azurill. I held up the remote, and turned it on.

Me and Mudkip and Azurill all watched TV for most of the afternoon- Relatively “Pokémon Dreams”, since it was on Channel 3 at the time, and only just started.

Pokémon dreams was about a small, young girl who learnt she was part Pokémon- relatively, Bellossom.
After Pokémon dreams finished, I waited impatiently for the news to finish. It was quite boring. I almost fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up at 4 in the morning. I put on my clothes, and ran out with my Pokémon.

Rustburo wasn’t so bad at 4 in the morning- everyone was asleep! It looked slightly darker than normal, and there was no smell of trucks, just the city smell- nice, lovely trees.

I walked onto the route I saw. It was very grassy, and smelt of honeysuckle and flowers. And it had lots of ledges. You could just sit on a ledge, and watch the sea.

I sat on a ledge, and saw...a pink thing floating in the sea. I took off my shoes, and ran into the sea. The thing was A Pokémon! It had a pink body, and green leaves. I pulled out my Pokédex.

“Cherubi,” It said, “The Cherry Pokémon. Cherubi are quite native to the region of Sinnoh, and have a nutrition growing cherry attached to it. This cherry has the nutrients required to make Cherubi evolve.”

I clenched my teeth. Cherubi had the advantage overboth my Pokémon. I would lose for sure.
I quickly sent out Mudkip. Suddenly, the Cherubi woke up.

“Rubi!” it cried, sending a quick Magical leaf. The leaf, however, looked perfectly normal, except for a green aura surrounding it, which was very shiny. It sparkled.

Mudkip desperately dodged, but the leaf still hit. Mudkip yelped in pain, flying back. Seeing as Cherubi was a grass type, it hurt more than usual.

Mudkip landed on its feet, launching a Mud slap attack at Cherubi. Mudkip’s hands became all muddy, and it kept slapping Cherubi. Mudkip stopped slapping at 5 slaps.
Angry with fury, Cherubi launched a furiously dangerous Take Down at Mudkip. Mudkip dodged, and Cherubi was the one that got damaged. It flew into a tree, instantly damaged.

I realised Yuki’s day was Over. I sighed with relief. My hair felt really messy against my shoulders. Sighing, I knew I wanted to throw a Pokéball.
Do it. said one voice in my head.
Don’t do it! Let the Pokémon be free!
Do it already!
Don’t listen to him!

I groaned, and threw a Pokéball.
It tossed and turned on the grass.