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Tamer Marco
04-30-2005, 08:16 PM
Mini-Episode 1: "I really, really hate spinach."

"Step one complete." I told to myself. "Mom is gone." I slinked my way into the kitchen, and saw the sinful treat that awaited me. A golden, rich cake, sitting on the window-sill to cool to the perfect temperture. I took my mind off the cake, and swiftly turned my head. "Spinach." I mumbled, a squeaky sound in my voice. "My greatest enemy. I have no idea how many in numbers you are, but you hear me, and you hear me good!" I exclaimed. "You will perish!" I yelled. I lived in a mansion. All the luxuries a kid could dream of were merely a sack of money away. I looked at the green concotion meancingly. I raised my fist and slammed down the spinach I would have to devour later on. I wouldn't eat it. I kicked gently at the spinach, hoping it would die. "Die, die spinach, die!". My voice echoed through the halls of my manor and I continued to stomp. I began to stomp and kick harder, and then my boots cut through the glass swiftly. "You fought valiantly spinach... but I am a true advisary! Ha-ha!" I chuckled. The spinached radiated a foul odor in the mind of this little boy, then it oozed a green caustic mixture. It was done for, nothing could save it now. "Final step completed." I walked over to the cake, slowing down enough to slam my foot into the disgusting food. My hand crawled to take a chunk out of the cake. I heard a rustling noise, and turned around. My mother was there, her shoulder pressed against a wall. "Hey mom... want some cake?" I said squeamishly.