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03-30-2008, 08:24 PM
Pokemon: Magby
Characters: (No spaces) 5,708
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Here we go.

Chapter 1

I was at the bar on Route 210. I am a teen white boy with a green uniform. I was talking to an old lady who happened to be the daycare center owner. Pokemon daycare is like children daycare because they run around and talk to each other in Pokemon language, of course. The daycare lady told me they are having a lottery at Veilstone City, and you can win a baby pokemon.

“Like what baby pokemon?” I questioned. “Pokemon like Pichu, Igglybuff and Magby,” she answered. “I’ve heard of them,” I responded. “Where exactly is the lottery in Veilstone City?” “It will be held on the 5th floor of the Veilstone Department Store,” replied the daycare lady. “When is it?” I inquired. “In a week, you can get the tickets,” she replied. “And the lottery will be in two weeks.” “Last question. Where do you get the tickets?” I asked. “On the first floor of the department store,” the lady replied. “Got it, thanks!” I said. And with that, I left the bar.

Chapter 2

I had put Bulbasaur and Poochyena in daycare to play a bit before we left. I looked over the fence. Bulbasaur was on the swings, and Poochyena was on slide. They looked like they were having lots of fun.

After an hour, I looked at my Poketch. It said 1:00 pm. I figured it was time to get Bulbasaur and Poochyena out of daycare and set off for Veilstone City. “Bulba! Poochy! Come here!” I shouted. Bulbasaur stopped the swings and came over, while Poochyena took one more slide and came over.

I took my bike from the bike stop and started pedaling. Bulbasaur was in the basket on the front and Poochyena was in the back basket. “Bubbaaaaaaa!” Bulbasaur shouted with joy. “Pooch! Poochyenaaaaa!” Poochyena joined in. We kept going, until it started raining. “Bubba! Zor!” said Bulbasaur happily, with a dreamy expression on his face. (Bulbasaurs love water.)

Then I heard someone shout “Hey you! You want to battle?” I looked around. A black belt was saying that. “Okay,” I said.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Moments later, I had owned the black belt and his two Machokes. “You…beat…me…? You gotta earn something for that!” said the black belt. “How about $100?” “Okay,” I said, reaching for his money. I took the money from him, got back on my bicycle and started to pedal.

Soon, I was at Veilstone City. I got off my bike, while Poochyena and Bulbasaur jumped out of the baskets. I put my bike on a bike stand and started walking. I saw Team Galactic’s HQ, the Deoxys rocks and… the Veilstone Department Store! I approached the building and went inside.

Right away, I saw a ticket stand inside. There was a man in the window. “Would you like to buy a Baby Poke Lottery Ticket?” asked the man. “Okay. How much are they?” I asked. “$50. Can you afford that?” the man asked. “Yes,” I said, swapping my $50 for a ticket. “Thank you. Please come again,” said the man.

Chapter 3

It was time for the lottery. I got up out of bed at the hotel I was in and got dressed. After that, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, put deodorant on and went to the bathroom. Then I put my glasses on and left.

In no time I was at the lottery. There was a woman on the stage who had a nametag saying “Jane”. Once everyone was quiet, Jane started speaking. “If you’re ticket says R43T, ladies and gentlemen, you are in first place!” said Jane. I looked at my ticket. It said R43T!

I ran up to the stage and showed Jane my card. “This man is first place winner!” said Jane. Everyone cheered. “For being in first place, you win this Magby!” said Jane. “Thank you!” I said, reaching for the Magby. But then it happened.

Chapter 4

The Magby jumped out of Jane’s arms and went behind the curtains. The crowd gasped. Jane and I looked behind the curtains. But the Magby was nowhere in sight.

Then I heard something in the wall. It sounded like the Magby! I looked below where the sound was coming from, and it was a hole! Magby must’ve gone through that hole. But none of my pokemon could fit in there!

For a moment, I didn’t know how to get it out. Then, I remembered that Magbys like Passho berries. “I have to go get a Passho berry,” I said. I ran down the stairs to the berry floor. “Hi, do you have any Passho berries?” I asked the berry person. “No, sorry,” the berry person said.

I stopped to think. “Maybe I should look in my backpack for a Passho seed,” I thought. I unzipped my backpack and looked. There were Kelspy seeds, Oran seeds and a Passho seed! I took the seed out and ran downstairs to the first floor and out the door.

I ran to a place with very good soil. I tried to remember what I learned from berry watering. I planted the seed in a non-shady spot with nice damp soil. I watered the berry seed a little bit. Then I ran back to the 5th floor to the lottery to tell the news.

When I got to the stage, I told Jane the news. “I planted a Passho berry bush outside to lure the Magby out and battle to make it weak. We’ll have to wait a day, and you can go on with the lottery,” I explained. “Okay then. I’ll tell the audience,” said Jane. I went back to my seat and watched.

Meanwhile, at the hole, Bulbasaur was trying to Vine Whip up the hole to get the Magby.

Chapter 5

It was the next day. I was getting up out of bed in my hotel and going to the Passho berry bush I had planted. There were 3 Passho berries on it. I picked them all off, and went to the Veilstone Department Store. When I got to the top floor, I went to where the crack was in the wall.

I put a Passho berry on the ground next to the crack, and waited for Magby to come out. It didn’t take long. Magby came out and ate the Passho berry. While Magby was eating the Passho berry, Bulbasaur crept in front of the crack to prevent the Magby from going into the hole. When the Magby had finished eating the Passho berry, Magby turned around, started to walk, and bumped into Bulbasaur. Magby tried to run away, but Poochyena was fast enough to prevent that.

Then, an unexpected thing happened. The Magby started crying! “What’s wrong?” I asked the Magby. “Maaagggby Magbyyyyyyyyyyy!” (I’m afraid you’re going to make me battle) cried the Magby. “I promise I won’t, Magby. I promise. And if I do, you can run away,” I promised the Magby. “But then how will I catch you?” “Magmagby. Mag?” (Throw an Ultra Ball. Right?) said the Magby, a bit more comfortable. “Or… put you to sleep and throw the Ultra Ball?” I asked. “Magby!” (Okay!) said the Magby.

In no time, we were at the Pokemon Center. “Nurse Joy, can you put my Magby, er, soon-to-be Magby to sleep so I can catch it?” I asked Nurse Joy. “Okay. Follow those Chanseys,” replied Nurse Joy. “Chanchanchansey!” said some Chansey’s near a door. Magby and I followed the Chansey’s into a room.

There were lots of pokemon that were asleep in the room. “Chan, chansey,” whispered a Chansey (Be quiet in this room). Magby and I tiptoed to a bed. Magby hopped on the bed and laid down. One of the Chanseys gave the Magby some medicine. Right away, Magby fell into a deep sleep. I could tell because of small snoring.

I threw an Ultra Ball at Magby and it was…