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Okay, I know that the first URPG Story, which was "Bagon's Away" was needed 15,000 more characters, but I promise you this, graders, in this story, I will do the serious thing when I write stories. I will now have a go at capturing Dratini, which is at the "Complex" category, so I decided that in each part, which there'll be three of them, I will make it have 12,500 characters, to make it reach into the Complex category, so let's begin.

I welcome you to my URPG Story...



Every one of us has our own road that needs to be followed, in other words, we are pursuing our dreams that we had already planned on our lives ever since we started to learn. Every one of us had a partner that was always trusted, aiding us whenever we had troubles, it was out shoulder to cry on when we are facing a much terrible situations. Every one of us will always be strong, strong enough to overcome any obstacles and paths that life throws at us, which we must stand still and prove to the world what we can do. In some stories like this one, life throws quite some challenges to Ragna’s life, a thirteen-year old person who lives in the outskirts of Twinleaf Town that resides somewhere in the Sinnoh region. The challenges life throws at Ragna is not quite the challenge us normal people ever face, the challenges I’m talking about, includes some mystical creatures that lives in each region, each with different distinct abilities, each with different personalities, and each with some strategies on how they live. I am referring that the challenges life throws at Ragna includes the wonderful world of pokemon.

Even though that pokemon are very capable of fighting, Ragna still has a bit of problems when it comes to pokemon battles. You see, Ragna still pursues his road to be followed, he still plans the road he travels on his life together with his ever so trusted pokemon, Flygon. His Flygon was no ordinary fly, which is an insect, his Flygon was a pokemon that only resembles a fly, but it had different shapes and colors regarding to a fly. His Flygon was colored with a brownish-yellow all over it’s entire body, it had a very small face yet it is very quick when it flies, it’s eyes are covered with some glass-like thing, that kind of resembles a monocle, and instead of having curvy, round wings, this one had a straight, edgy wings, which doesn’t resemble like a fly at all. But none of the less, Ragna had always trusted its partner in whatever kind of situations they face, he had always trusted his partner in whatever kind of troubles life throws at him, but he and his partner still stands strong and strong-willed, which is the attitude needed to face any obstacles life throws at Ragna and Flygon. Ragna had always dreamt of becoming the world’s most greatest and admirable dragon trainer, because Flygon, which is his partner, is part dragon-type, which helps Ragna gain one step ahead into finishing his travels which is planned in his mind.

One day, Ragna had woken up from his sleep in Twinleaf Town, which once again resides in the Sinnoh region, after getting up from his bed, he went down his room, and started to head outside to get some fresh air. A normal person would do such things, since we don’t have any pokemon that makes us feel energetic and play with, but Ragna had to do something else rather than getting some fresh air, yes, it was to train with his trusted partner, Flygon, in order to help himself become more strong-willed to become a great trainer when it comes to battles, even though he still has one pokemon on the team. So Ragna continued to go downstairs, heading into the living room, there, he saw his mom cooking some breakfast for Ragna, he also some of their pokemon maids, which were Mr. Mimes and Mime Jrs. A Mr. Mime is no ordinary mime since a Mr. Mime can talk, but pokemon only speak their names out, anyways, Mr. Mime has a very large body, but having very skinny arms and legs, while a Mime Jr is like a baby version of Mr. Mime, it had a little body, and even more little arms and legs. Ragna took a quick gaze at the Mr. Mimes, Mime Jrs and his mom before he could head outside his home and started to train his pokemon Flygon, to become the world’s greatest dragon trainer ever. Outside, he started to throw a pokeball, in case you don’t know, a pokeball is a small ball that contains a pokemon that was caught inside it, in Ragna’s side, the pokeball contained his most trusted pokemon, which was Flygon. He threw his pokeball in the air, releasing Flygon, ready to train with Ragna,

“Are you ready for your training Flygon?” Ragna said, as he gazed at Flygon looking ready and really pepped up for their training, if I were Ragna, I would tell you that Flygon is always happy because Ragna does this training with Flygon, consider it as a daily routine for Ragna and Flygon, but that kind of routines are unable for us, normal people to do because we haven’t got any pokemon, but Ragna was very happy to have another training session with its Flygon, “Let’s do a 500m dash Flygon!” Ragna added, but before I would tell you how Flygon acted, let me give, the reader, a little heads up about their training, normally, we do dashes to, but it is called a 50m dash so that it won’t tire us, but regarding with Ragna’s dash, which is a 500m dash, it is quite impossible for us to do it in such a speed, but I guess that’s the way on how to train pokemon. Flygon started to prepare himself as Ragna also prepared his stopwatch to test Flygon’s speed when it comes to flying, then, it started, Flygon flew the very fastest it could, it circled around the town, and an additional part of the sea, to make it flew 500m far, when it returned to where Ragna was standing, ”Click!” he pressed the stopwatch and Ragna tried to look at the stopwatch which points out to how fast Flygon flew, in the stopwatch, Ragna saw an impressive improvement of Flygon, in the stopwatch, he saw that the stopwatch was stopped at thirty-seven seconds, which I know that we normal people can’t beat such record in such a distance,

”Amazing, this is indeed a new record Flygon!” Ragna complimented his Flygon, as his most trusted partner replied with a silent smile towards Ragna. Ragna had started to lead Flygon into his most favorite resting place, which is indeed Lake Valor. Now I would have to tell you that a park is a good place to rest since that you have been pretty busy with almost everything that you do as a daily routine which is not as drastic as Flygon’s practice. I would also like to mention that when Ragna started to lead Flygon into Lake Valor, he had encountered something in his life that he had always dreamt of, and it was to be a good trainer, in the Valor Lakefront, he had saw two trainers having an immense pokemon battle, they control their pokemon with their whole heart, in other words, even though they could win or lose, the trainer had always loved the pokemon as if it was its own son, which isn’t because it is a pokemon. Ragna knew how very determined the two trainers were when it comes to fighting, which you should know that it made Ragna very, very determined and even more strong-willed to battle so that his travels would end in a nice way by being the greatest dragon trainer ever, just like he had planned in his life, as he stopped and started to become one with the crowd, a phrase which means ‘to watch the battle with the others who are also watching’ as the two trainers continued battling,

“Mamoswine, go and use Earthquake!” one of the trainers said, which was a boy, but before I could tell you how this so called ‘Mamoswine’ did the order, let me tell you what a Mamoswine is. Well, a Mamoswine is indeed a giant mammoth, that’s why it got the word ‘mamo’ in its name, which I think stands for mammoth, it is like a mammoth during the ancient times, pointing out the fact that it still got giants tusks like the ancient mammoths used to have. This Mamoswine is indeed very big, pointing once again the fact that this pokemon is a ground-typed pokemon which makes it very capable of stomping its feet in the ground, causing an earthquake, that should only take damage of the pokemon around the battle field, which is in Valor Lakefront. Indeed , Ragna was very impressed on how the battle continued, as I was saying, Mamoswine started to stomp the ground, causing an earthquake that affected the pokemon around the battle field, as it also effected the foe’s pokemon very heavily. But the foe never gave up, the foe stood still, gaining more determination and strength to push the battle on until the very end, indeed, the foe is like Ragna, so strong-willed and very determined because whatever kind of troubles life gives it, they stand still ready to face the troubles,

“Empoleon don’t give in to that attack! Stand still and be proud that you are there… battling the battle whole-heartedly!” the foe said, which was a girl, she tried to say some remarkable words that made her pokemon, which was an Empoleon be as proud as everyone in the audience are. Before I could tell you what the girl commanded Empoleon, let me tell you some things about this so called ‘Empoleon’. Empoleon is a pokemon that resembles a penguin, yes, a penguin, an Empoleon is a penguin-like pokemon that I must say is very armed, considering that it is part steel type that made if very confident to stand still to overcome the obstacle in its path, which is Mamoswine, the boy’s pokemon, so the girl started to order a command to her Empoleon, “Don’t give in and use Hydro Pump!” the girl commanded, as her Empoleon stood still, trying to overcome the earthquake Mamoswine created, after the earthquake had ended, Empoleon launched a large beam of water which is called a ‘Hydro Pump’ attack, it launched a massive amount of water beam that hit Mamoswine perfectly, dealing massive damage, which I would tell you now that this part of the battle had ended, with the girl and the Empoleon awarded as the winner of the match. Ragna was indeed very surprised to see a girl so strong with her Empoleon so he decided to come to the girl closer to talk to it, as it came nearer and nearer, he tried to think of something to say to the girl when finally, he got so close to the girl that he could say anything he would right now,

“Hi… you and your Empoleon are both amazing!” Ragna complimented, as I must say that Ragna was deeply impressed on how the way the girl ordered and delivered commands to her Empoleon, which made Ragna very determined to battle, and he was so eager to finish his dream pokemon so that one day, his dreams will be fulfilled and he had to stop traveling the world in its dreams which will lead to success because when he stops, he know that he had reached the success point of his dreams. He tried to befriend the girl to gather as many information as he could needed about dragon pokemon, until the girl started moving. Ragna was so nervous that he started to think the girl has been annoyed by Ragna, but what he thinks, is just the opposite of what the girl was feeling, the girl was deeply touched on what Ragna said,

“Thanks! You’re heading to Lake Valor, right?” the girl asked, as Ragna finally rejoiced in his mind that he is starting to befriend one person that could help him gain another step towards the success point of his dreams. Ragna replied with a silent smile, but the smile was a big one I must say that it made the girl giggle, because she was happy that Ragna complimented her. I must say that when this kind of situation happens, you know what it means, correct, there could be love that could start their whole life again, which makes Ragna’s dreams reborn, but what I am saying here is once again the opposite of what’s happening, or in other words, no much like love. You see, Ragna is happy, which is not because she liked the girl, but because he had a chance to gather some information that he could really use when he is in trouble finding some dragon pokemon.

Finally, they had reached their destination, Lake Valor, as I have said before, a park is indeed a nice place to rest, since that you have done something that made you very exhausted, like sky diving for example, but if you have read this far, I must say that the thing that made Ragna and his Flygon exhausted was their training, which I must say that Flygon is still with Ragna because Ragna hasn’t stored his Flygon back into its pokeball. To continue this story, I’ll tell you something that shocked the girl, Ragna, Flygon, and even me, that there is something that appeared before them when they had reached Lake Valor, it was a snake-like pokemon, it had a very light color, which blended perfectly, the colors were a light blue and white, indeed, it was the same colors as the sea. The pokemon that appeared before them made Ragna very happy, because he knew that the pokemon that appeared, was none other that will make him gain one more step into reaching the success point in his dreams, is indeed a dragon pokemon, which is a Dratini.

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Do you remember the first time that a miracle has happened to you? Many miracles appear before us that we just cannot realize that everything that’s happening to us is a miracle. A miracle that even a single grain of rice can change the world, there are some instances that you may be just lucky, or maybe just the opposite of lucky. Ragna has experienced this miracle in this point of the story, a pokemon appeared before him that can forever change Ragna’s life in becoming a pokemon trainer. The pokemon that appeared before him was a wiggly snake, it has two colors, white and blue which is incredibly similar to the colors of the waters of Lake Valor as it sways sadly back and forth. However, Ragna is not as sad as the waves of Lake Valor, but the opposite of sadness, he is extremely happy and quite surprised, I must say, to see such a rare dragon pokemon that appeared that easily, Ragna had no choice but to start preparing Flygon ro catch it, but the girl helped him and even introduced herself,

“Hmm, you seem to like this Dratini!” the girl said, forgetting to introduce herself to Ragna, I must pause here for a minute to tell you a bit details when it comes to introducing yourself. Now we know that when we make new friends, we would never, ever forget to introduce ourselves because we know that it is just too rude to talk to the person who doesn’t even know your name, so forgetting to introduce yourself is just the same to being too rude to talk to the person, well the girl quite forgotten to introduce herself. As Ragna and Flygon repeat their 500m dash, the girl immediately came to Ragna, finally remembering to introduce herself, “Hey, I’m Nadine by the way…” she introduced herself, as Ragna took a gaze at her, maybe starting a relationship in his mind, but as far as I’m concerned, no love points will be happening here. While Ragna was training Flygon, he had ordered Nadine something,

“Hey Nadine, could you train Dratini for me? I’ll battle that one when you’ve finished training Dratini!” Ragna ordered, also forgetting the fact that he hasn’t introduced himself to the person who just introduced herself minutes ago, which makes Ragna now the rude one. Nadine started to run towards the other side of the lake together with Dratini, in order to train it for their upcoming battle with Flygon.

Part two is not done yet...

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Part three is not done yet...