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06-23-2008, 04:18 AM
Back in the old days (a few months ago) there was a topic to help our young RPers learn how to role play like the big boys. Or at least as close as we could get them. They learned how to be descriptive as well as other things. Well, sadly, that godly thread perished from innactiveness. Thankfully, there is a talk going on and Tyranitar Trainer (the thread head) me, and others are going to be wroking to bring it back!

This thread is only for those who have been invited to help out. We would like it if those who weren't invited to not post here. If you have questions, just PM us and I'm sure we'll get back to you. But please don't PM us asking to join alright? Thank you very much.

=^^= Nya

06-23-2008, 05:02 AM
Thanks a bunch for the introduction, Kool Kat. :wink:

Basically, the Roleplayer's Academy was the program where talented and skilled RPers taught beginning and novice RPers how to become better, more effective roleplayers. By teaching them how to submit strong posts and tie them in with the storyline, RPers would learn how to incorporate themselves into the roleplayers that they desired to join in the future, maybe even creating their very own roleplays.

Sadly, as RocketMeowth stated, activity slowed down and the death of the program followed soon after. However, I believe that the academy had great potential and died prematurely. That is why Tyranitar Trainer, RocketMeowth, and I will be working to revive it!

Since we will be undergoing heavy rebuilding, we would politely ask that members do not post in the thread. Only those that were specially invited to help with this project may post.

Thank you, all.


Head President

Tyranitar Trainer


Sub-President/Right Hand

Invited Crew


06-23-2008, 08:19 PM
I was talking with TTar last night about how we're to do this. I devised a method in which we may be able to keep large scales of members yet also keep each one active. I don't really have a name for it but I guess for now, it'll be known as the Level Induced Training.

What is Level Induced Training

Basically what this is, is a strum of many different RPs (10 maximum) being performed all at once. It's done this way by levels. There will be a level 1 through a level 10, each with its own RP reflecting the difficulty of the number. Members who sign up for this will provide us with an RP sample that they make up on the spot. It's can't be from past RPs. We'll then read over it, and from what we read we'll determine the level of the joining member. it must be discussed together by the Presidents though to insure that we all agree on a sutable level (so nothing goes wrong).

How Does It Work

Based on past RPs and the current WAR RP, we are going to gather up 10 individuals who have great RPing skills. They'll be the teachers, or masters if you will. They'll decide or we'll chose what level they will manage. They then take on the members we assign to them. Each level will have a different amount of members permitted in order to keep it stable and not too over or under-crowded.

The Levels

Each level will have a different plot matching the levels nmber. With that, the plot will add into the RPers ability to further build on character personality, detail, length, etc. It wont all be at once though. Each level teaches a skill. And members can move onto any other level they want after completing their beginning or, starter level if you will.

Level 1 - RPers are a Pokemon trainer who just got their starter Pokemon. They are all in a battle with a wild Pokemon of their choseing. They can have whatever starter they want so long as it is an actual starter. This is just the first part of RPers having to learn to add detail. Attacks must be shown, not told.

1 week or less

Level 2 - RPers are now going to be the starter Pokemon ofthetrainer. They must describe how they feel during battle about the new Pokemon being captured. Are they angry, happy, confused? It's up to the RPer. This teaches how to get into another characters mind and give them a personality. Something that is very important if you want to be a great RPer.

1 week or less

Level 3 -

Level 4

Level 10 - The hardest and most challenging of them all. Level 10 puts the RPer in a situation testing the skills they've learned to the max. The RPer is a legendary Pokemon. An one of their chosing (no repeats). A mystical item has been stolen from a sacred pedistal atop thehighest mountain and in the oldest shrine. This item was cherished and worshipped by all Pokemon, for it contained the spirit of Arceus who in this RP, is dead. Because it was stolen, all legends are blaiming each other for its theft. Unknown to them, the Pokemon Darkrai (the head of level 10) is the thief.

The RPers (as well as Level 10 head) must figure out howto work together through all the quarreling, and discover the truth behindthe theft. The only problem is, how can they trust what they've accused?

This requires RPers to add major detail, have great character development, add in background with other characters to further bringout their own, work with other RPers in this dark time, and putin full scale emotion. It's the ultimate test of what they've learned.

2-3 weeks

I gotta go but I'll finish this later.

=^^= Nya

06-23-2008, 10:01 PM
Brainstorming, I see? Good job to the both of you.

The idea behind sounds much like Tiana's. I invited her to be apart of the crew to help revive the RP Academy. There's some minor differences, but when she posts her idea, you'll see what I mean.

Still though, I'm liking this. Just one question, Kool Kat. When we go out to nominate the ten individuals, what skills will we be looking for in them?

Dr Scott
06-24-2008, 11:45 PM
You've guys talked to Tia about this, then? Because I'm pretty sure she had an idea, and talked about starting it up after the War. I'm not active, so I don't know how much she's active, but her idea was cool.

So if you need any ideas, she's the one to talk to. But really, the biggest need for this is to be insanely active and very patient.

Good luck, Chuck.

06-25-2008, 05:28 AM
Yeah, I already spoke with Tiana about this and she explained her idea to me. It sounded brilliant to me. She's on the invited list anyway, so I told her that she's free to post her idea whenever she feels ready to do so.

I have hopes that we'll be able to incorporate her idea with ours.

Altogether, what she came up with is awesome itself.

06-25-2008, 10:14 AM
I'll finish my previous post later, but for now I will say I saw her idea. It was really good but I also like the one TTar and I came up with. that's why I had the idea to do both of them. That could allow even more members to join up without overloading the LIT portion of this. They'd join the section that Tiana thought up and then when they finish that, they could do the LIT portion.

That was my idea for both ideas, so we don't have to scrap one since from my point of view, both are very good.

What do you guys think?

=^^= Nya

06-25-2008, 06:48 PM
Sounds good to me, Kool Kat. :wink:

Basically, the students will get a piece of Tiana's plan and the Academy's plan, since they'll most likely be joined together. It works fine to me, but it will take a lot of activity. Plus, we could always have some replacements that may be able to take up the job when other's can't.

Anyways, I'm sure we could get this to work.

06-27-2008, 05:17 AM
Ok I still haven't done what I said I was gonna do so finally, I'm going to explain my whole system that we're talking about integrating into the Academy.

The RP Challenges were originally meant to be a stand alone thing, but given the new set-up of the Academy I can definitely see them fitting into it. The general idea was to have Veteran RP Challengers create three-day to one week long RP's. I wanted them short so that people didn't have to commit to such a long period of time. The grading system I had in mind was based on six categories that I will list and explain now.
1) Grammar: This category is probably self-explanatory, but here it is anyway, all I’s should be dotted, all t’s crossed, your commas should be in the right places and your sentences shouldn’t be run-ons. You should be using the best English you know and a variety in words never hurts, so long as they are used correctly.

2) Descriptiveness: Again fairly self explanatory, to get a good grade here, you have to be as descriptive as you possibly can be and make your audience really experience your post instead of just reading it. Your descriptions should make sense and should have a sense of flow to it that makes it pleasing to read.

3) Length: Also a fairly self-explanatory category, you are going to be graded on how long your posts are. Whether or not they have anything good in them is of no consequence with this category. Constantly posting under 100 words will get you nowhere.

4) Content: This is the category in which what you put into your posts is what will count. Is there action? If not, is it something that adds to the RP? Does it have to do with the storyline? Is there drive behind what the characters in the post are doing? Is there a plot twist? These are the kinds of things a Challenger will be looking for when grading under this category.

5) Reality: For this category, the Challenger will be looking to see whether or not they believe that what you wrote could actually happen within the world created in the plot of the RP. Whatever the genre of the RP you should be able to make people believe that it could have happened in a faraway world.

6) Sign-Ups: This may seem like something silly to be grading, but your sign up is the entire basis of your RP character. A Challenger grading this will be looking to see that your SU has sufficient detail and decent length, but also whether or not you stuck to what you said your character would be like within the RP itself. If there is a large discrepancy in how your character acted in the RP and what you said in your sign up, chances are you won’t get a very good grade here.

The idea behind these categories was that before the RP began the Challenger would know what section they were going to grade and they would stick to only that one category. But, the category would not be announced ahead of time meaning that the participants would not know what was being graded and because of this they would simply have to do their best in all areas and then in the end they would learn about what they can improve if anything, in a particular area. There were two thoughts behind this method, the first being that I wanted people to be able to concentrate on learning one thing at a time while still improving all around and I couldn't really see a way of doing that unless people didn't know what they would be graded on. The other was that the Challengers would be able to go into detail about what was good and bad in a particular area instead of having to correct everything at once. Now, of course Challengers would have also made comments on other spectacularly outstanding things, whether they be good or bad, but they would have, in my mind, stuck mainly to the one category in detail.

There was also a small reward system involved in which the Challengers would name the three best RPer's from that Challenge and the named participants would recieve a button or banner (via PM) to put in their sig showing exactly what they had accomplished and when they had accomplished it.

That is in effect my entire system. I can see this being put to use in any number of ways, but I'd like to know a little more about this whole "LIT" thing before I go contrasting my way to the way that TTar and Meowth have come up with...

06-29-2008, 08:57 AM
Just like I said before, brilliant Tiana. I'm sure that we'll be able to fit this in quite nicely with the level induced training method and everything. We just have to wait for Kool Kat to finish posting it.

Also, I gave both Bron and Ski official invites to help us. So yeah, if you see them post here, they can.

Let's keep working. :crackup: