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12-20-2008, 04:33 AM
A couple months ago, the current day richest man in the world stated on one of the most popular websites on the internet about his failure.

William Gates II stated that when Windows Vista was made, they were overcareful. All they wanted was to keep the Windows OS copyright. He did. He also provoked many innocent people trying to upgrade to Vista. Then, Microsoft and its owner Bill Gates found an ironic way to keep making money: Windows XP.

Windows XP is older. How? Their smart technique was that while they developed a new operation system to win people back to their side, they sold Windows XP installation disks with the new computers being sold. That was a huge profit.

Today I was walking around in my house... when my eye caught something. It was my dad's PC Magazine. What was so exciting? Listen.

I had seen on a website that Windows 7 would be the next. Blah. What a name, eh? Well, on the magazine, it had a blue background. The huge text said:
A Sneak Peek into Windows 7

Can you believe it? They were going to show you Windows 7! I HAD to look.

And so, I learned that the interface had changed. Let me discuss the changes.

With the modern craze for laptops, Microsoft decided the Windows Sidebar was too space-consuming. The gadgets will be in the middle of the desktop. That's odd.

You know when you have a window up, there is a rectangle at the bottom? They are changed. Microsoft took in the space problem again, and made little square icons that are used for every program. They are a slight bit taller vertically, but just a small square. That's another.

They never went into detail, but what do you guys think? Windows 7 will be revolutionary compared with Vista. They claim its program compatibility will be greater than XP's. That is hard.