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01-07-2009, 05:39 AM
Unless you rate this team :O

This is the latest offencive team I helped cook up with a friend of mine...I think its pretty effective if I do say so myself!

So onward to the members:



Blazer @ shuca berry
Naive nature
252 SpATk/224 Spd/32 Atk
-Fire Blast
-Earth power
-Stealth Rock

My lead and special sweeper, surprises most leads that have EQ with shuca berry allowing me to get a semi-free SR in there, and hell I can even pull an early game sweep out my ass with this if the stars align...the rest of the moves explain themself, Explosion for Bliss and when I feel like killing a spinner that is slower than me, Tenta mostly


OU fo Sho @ Life orb
Hasty nature
200 Atk/252 Spd/56 SpATk
-Fire Blast
-Stone edge
-Draco meteor/Outrage

First mixed sweeper in the team, can put a few dents in walls etc...not much else to say...


ShroomShinobi @ Choice Scarf
jolly nature
252 Atk/228 Spd/30 Hp
-Seeb Bomb
-Brick break
-Stone edge

Chocie sweeper and MVP of the team, has saved me on several occasions. Its EVs get it to 384 speed, allowing it to outspeed unsuspecting Weavile getting me a shocked opponet and 1 less threat, when I come accross somthing I cant take out I spore it and get a rather safe switch into somthing that can do somthing in this situation.


True Blood @ Life Orb
Adamant nature
252 Atk/212 Spd/40 HP
-Bullet punch
-Brick break
-X scissor
-Swords dance

Your everyday BP scizor...you know what it does, I'll move on


Rapist @ Life orb
Naive nature
232 SpATk/252 Spd/24 atk
-Close combat
-HP ice

Standard mixape, pwnage in the DP metagame, pwnage in platinum, I chose to run a t punching varient to give gyra and tenta somthing to think about before the switch in, I basicly run a bluff with pert to coax a switch, HP ice for mence and whatnot,


Murderface @ Life orb/leftovers
Adamant nature
252 Atk/160 HP/98 Spd
-Dragon Dance

I have to admit, This is novelty, I was low on inspiration so I threw in this, BounceGyra maybe abit novelty but it works well...I can easily change this if needed xD

Thank you so much for checking out my offencive team! Happy Rating!

01-07-2009, 06:08 AM
Just a thought, friend...don't say BP when you mean Bullet Punch, because I was looking for Baton Pass and began to wonder.

Also, for Flygon, you may want to go with Draco Meteor, as Earthquake puts a massive dent in things when neutral, and trapping the Life Orb version in Outrage is an awful idea.

With Heatran, you really need to think about your priorities. The reason people use fragile and fast Pokemon like Aerodactyl and Azelf as Stealth Rock leads is because they have things to abuse the subsequent damage, and those Pokemon are fast enough or have a defensive advantage to do something else useful before they croak or switch out. Point is, Stealth Rock isn't absolutely necessary, because you're relegating a strong (not great, he's ugly as hell) Pokemon to a simple task that wholly undermines the fantastic offense Heatran can dish out. Plus, both Aerodactyl and Swampert - two very common leads - will blow this Heatran to hell.

Breloom is pretty nice, and good for the surprise factor with great Attack, but you might want to consider Superpower, as he is a revenge killer, and every single person you find will be onto your game when you use this thing. As such, you'll be switching him out a lot, and the 180 Base power of Superpower as compared to the 112.5 of Brick Break is going to be a pivotal advantage in many situations.

Indeed, with Gyarados, it's novelty, but never disregard the extremely nice coverage of the more common Dragon Dance variants. But, if anything, I beg you to give Gyarados Leftovers...the rest of your team, barring Heatran and Breloom, has Life Orbs on them, and with no Wish Passers, that's a bad thing. A decent stall team with Magnezone will destroy this team whole. That's part of the reason I'd recommend a Choice Band Scizor with U-Turn so you can switch to your proper offensive counters when stall teams try to work around you.