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Jack of Clovers
04-06-2009, 11:08 PM
Forum Fan Favorites

This will be a series of polls in which you vote for your favorites. Vote weekly to be sure your favorites win!

When voting, it would be nice to state the reason(s) you voted for that Pokemon. That way we can make this into a fun discussion.

Pokemon by Type

It's getting a little chilly in here. We find ourselves in the icy cold Arctic, where only the best Ice type Pokemon live. This poll includes Ice Pokemon #363-#478

Poll ends April 19th.

Ice 1 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95301)
Ice 2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95745)

04-06-2009, 11:11 PM

Too bad Glaceon is gonna win... :(

04-06-2009, 11:13 PM
I'd vote for both Glaceon and Froslass, but I can't so I chose Glaceon.

04-06-2009, 11:16 PM
I'd vote for both Froslass and Glaceon, but I can't so I chose Froslass.

Stubby Boardman
04-07-2009, 02:27 AM
It was tough for me to decide... Weavile or Froslass... Froslass ended up getting my vote

Dancing Mad
04-07-2009, 02:42 AM
Mamoswine is probably my favorite Ice type.

04-07-2009, 04:02 AM
I'd vote for Walrein and Weavile...

I went with Warein

04-07-2009, 04:40 AM
It's no contest, the answer is Froslass


Professor Geoffrey
04-07-2009, 05:19 AM
I'd say probably Froslass. Ice/Ghost = awesomeness.

04-07-2009, 05:31 AM
Even though he might not win, I voted for Snover becuase he's pure awesomeness. I like his cry (or sound he makes) it sounds pretty cool.

04-07-2009, 08:04 AM
I'm sticking with Weavile. :3


04-07-2009, 01:57 PM
Abomasnow is the best new pokemon from the D/P/P era

04-07-2009, 02:58 PM
I don't really like any of these, but Froslass is pretty cool in a creepy sort of way.

Daughter of Mew
04-07-2009, 03:11 PM
Weavile. You know it's awesome, being all Dark and stuff.

parsol lady
04-07-2009, 04:48 PM
Go Glaceon, it's cool and graceful.

04-08-2009, 06:39 AM
Straight-out Glaceon. Pure awesomeness.

04-08-2009, 01:35 PM
I love Spheal! Who doesn't like a round ball of blubber with eyes?


04-08-2009, 01:36 PM
Mamoswine gets my vote because he is big and mighty.

04-09-2009, 01:52 PM
Regice owns all of you.

04-11-2009, 01:52 AM
Can't decide :x

I like Walrein, Mamoswine, and Weavile o:


FireBrawl Latios
04-11-2009, 03:38 PM
Froslass for having arms attached to her head

04-11-2009, 04:36 PM
no contest Froslas wins

04-11-2009, 07:28 PM
Regice is cool as an ice cube, maybe even more.

04-11-2009, 07:39 PM
Weaville. Ice/Dark ftw :D.

04-11-2009, 07:44 PM
Weavile is one of my all time favorite pokemon:biggrin:

04-11-2009, 09:02 PM
Snover's a cutie-pie! ^^

Master Aqua
04-12-2009, 09:23 AM
Wevile, I was allways a fan of seansel.

04-12-2009, 11:31 PM
I chose Glaceon.I like the eevee evolutions.

Lurking Shadow
04-13-2009, 02:24 AM
For me, it was a toss-up between Weavile, Mamoswine, and Glaceon.

I stuck with Mamoswine. As mentioned above, it is "big and mighty." I get the impression that the other two aren't so big, but maybe equally mighty. XD

04-13-2009, 11:38 PM
Obamasnow won the election.

04-14-2009, 12:02 AM
I love Sealeo. It's one of my favorite Pokémon overall, just because it's fat and jolly and has nothing to do. I can really relate to it and Purugly. I'm surprised nobody else here likes Sealeo because I'm its only vote thus far. Good luck to Snover and Spheal, too!

04-16-2009, 02:01 AM
I voted for Walrein. I like Hoenn Pokemon more than Sinnoh :sad:

Eternal Moonlight
04-18-2009, 01:44 AM
The wintery Eeveelution is the coolest ice type around! Go Glaceon!

Mew, Meow, Nya

04-19-2009, 08:55 PM
My favorite is Glaceon.

Jack of Clovers
04-20-2009, 06:47 PM
Glaceon and Froslass make the cut, and head into the icy finals (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=96280).