View Full Version : My Team (So Far)

07-11-2005, 04:26 PM
Well, I restarted on my Sapphire Version, and have grown quite fond of some Pokémon. Below is my entire team, which isn't very good yet, but will come to be.

Sceptile Lv50
-Leaf Blade
-Brick Break

Gyarados Lv50
-Ice Beam
-Rain Dance
-Dragon Dance

Manectric Lv47
-Thunder Wave

Gardevoir Lv41
-Calm Mind
-Double Team

Ninetales Lv40
-Confuse Ray

Swellow Lv30
-Wing Attack
-Steel Wing
-Double Team
-Focus Energy

I especially like my Ninetales ^^ Protect myself, confuse, then burn and finsh with flamer. Never used to like Gardevoir, Ninetales or Manectric until I used them in a number of battles. Well, what you guys think?