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03-30-2004, 03:05 AM
Chapter 1 where are we?
The story starts out in the real world, a 12 year old boy named Matt wakes up one Saturday morning and turns on the TV. to find his favorite show, pokemon, on. He whips out his gba sp (game boy advance sp) and turns on his ruby version. Its kind of a tradition for him to play his pokemon game while watching ash Pikachu and the rest of the gang kick team rockets butt. The show ends and Matt phones his best friend. “Hey Adam, come over." he said.

“Why?" asked Adam.

“I don’t know, just come over." said Matt. So five minutes later Adam arrived at Matt's.

“I want you kids to play outside!" yelled Matt's mom.

" oh man, what do you want to do?!" said Matt.

" lets just walk around and play our game boys." said Adam.

“ok." said Matt.

So they walked around for like 10 minutes, when all of the sudden, matt spotted something. “What’s that?" asked matt pointing to something on the ground.

“I don’t know." said Adam. Matt picked up the item, and it turned out to be a blue sphere. Out of the blue, a whole in the ground appeared right where they were standing and they fell for a long time, and then slammed into the ground. When Matt woke up, he saw a surprising sight, he was animated! so was Adam, who was still lying on the ground unconscious. Also they were no longer in matt and Adam's neighborhood; they were in a strange, animated, land. “Where are we?"

end of first chapter
Chapter 2 Can you help us?

"mmm" moaned Adam. “Where am I?"

" I don't know" Matt replied. Adam opened his eyes, and well, lets just say, he was totally excited!

“Were animated, were actually animated, like Ash and Pikachu." he said.

“This is amazing!" The two decided to walk around to find any signs of life. “Hey look, there's a building over there, strange it looks oddly familiar!" exclaimed Adam.

" i know why, it's because that’s prof. Oaks house!" Matt announced. Matt and Adam had finally found out were they were, in the pokemon world! They were so excited; they felt like they were going to die. “How about we go see prof Oak?" asked Matt.

“Ok" said Adam. So they walked up to his house and rang the doorbell

" Hello." said Tracey as he opened the door.

“Are you Tracey?!" asked Adam excitedly.

“Yes, why?" he asked.

“Never mind that, we need to talk to prof. oak." said Matt.

“Then come right in, he's just giving a girl named Olivia her first pokemon." explained Tracey.

“Cool!" ranted Adam. So they walked into the prof.'s house and saw him standing with a girl that looked like she was the same age as Matt and Adam, she had short green hair, and a backpack that had pictures of all sorts of grass pokemon.

“So Olivia, which pokemon do you want?" asked prof. Oak.

“Bulbasaur, defiantly, I just love grass pokemon!" explained Olivia.

“I would have never guessed." said Adam in a voice so that only Matt could hear.

“Good choice, seeing as you love grass pokemon and bulbasaur is the only starter left." said prof. Oak. “Now boys, how can I help you?" asked prof. Oak.

“Well you see we come from a different dimension." explained Adam. “Dimensions were pokemon aren't real. But instead a TV. show. We don't know how we got hear, but all we need are some supplies, can you help us?"

End of chapter two

04-12-2004, 05:06 PM
Chapter three Can i come with you
"You know boys, I would love to help you, do you have any proof?" asked prof. Oak.

“Umm." said Adam. Suddenly Matt had an idea, for the second time, he whipped out his game boy.

“Here, look at this, it's a pokemon game from where we come from." said Matt showing the proof. his game.

“Hmm, very interesting, I think I’ve seen enough, I believe you" exclaimed pro. Oak.

“Good " said Matt.

“Ok, you two need a pokemon, unfortunately, bulbasaur was the last starter i have." explained prof. Oak. “But, I’m sure we can find a pokemon for you somehow." suddenly, a yellow blur raced across the floor and jumped onto Matt's shoulder. It was a pichu. " So there you are." said Oak. " I've been looking for you every where." " Now, this pichu was sent to me by prof. Elm because it was strange, yes it was strange because normally pichus electrocute themselves, but this one doesn't." he explained.

“Wicked!” shouted Matt.

“Yes, very wicked, let me give you a demonstration, pichu thunderbolt." he said. But all pichu did was scratch his ear.

" Pichu, use thunderbolt." said Matt. unexpectedly, it did. And as the prof. had said, pichu did not shock himself at all. But unfortunately for Adam who was in front of pichu, got shocked.

" Interesting, very interesting, pichu has never listened to me in his life, but then you who has never actually seen a real pokemon in his life tells him to do somthing, and he does " pondered prof. Oak.

" Well, pichu is my favorite pokemon. “Said Matt.

“I have a idea, how would you like to have this pichu as your first pokemon?" asked oak.

“I would love to!!" exclaimed Matt.

“Ok, first as you probably know, you need to catch it, take this poke ball." beamed the prof.

“ok." said Matt. he took the ball and flung it at pichu.

The ball shook once, twice, thrice, and pichu was caught! “Yah!" exclaimed.

" You are so lucky, I mean, we have been in the pokemon world for less than 30 minutes and you already have your first pokemon." Adam blurted jealously.

“Well, you can get your own pokemon too if you want." explained the prof.

“Sweet!" shouted Adam.

“Prof. Oak, come quick, it's an emergency!" shouted Tracey. “What, what’s the matter?" asked professor Oak.

“A scyther has migrated to the park behind the lab and is terrorizing the other pokemon" yelled Tracey.

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