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Exclamation Big trade thread with lots of shinys


Lapras lvl 100 calm
Cubone lvl 4 naughty
Bagon lvl 25 hasty
Wobbufet lvl 76 Quirky
Meowth lvl 19 lax
Blaizakein lvl 39 modest
Kyorge lvl 100 quiet
Swablu lvl 17 hardy
Eevee modest
Roselia lvl 90 rash
Golbat lvl 40 hasty
Lugia lvl 70 xd moves docile
Starly careful
Shinx 2 jolly
Rayquaza lvl 100 jolly hack
Mewtwo lvl 75 gental
*Dragonair lvl 99 Mild
Ponyta lvl 24 naughty
*Palkia lvl 100 bold hack
Ho-oh lvl 70 docile
Cresselia lvl 50 brave

Manaphy lvl 1 relaxed
*Cresselia lvl 50 rash
*Azelf lvl 50 impish/rash
*Mespirt lvl 50 hardy
*Giratina lvl 70 Lonely
*Regigigas lvl 70 rash
*Hetran lvl 70 bold
*Uxie lvl 50 relaxed
*Palkia lvl 68 hasty
*Manaphy lvl 10 lonely (leveld up in day care no ivs)
Groudon lvl 74 docile
Kyorge lv 76 sassy
*Mew lvl 30/25 Bashfull/Naive (hadoukou)
Mew lvl 10 Mystery Brave/Careful
Manaphy lvl 1 relaxed

UK All but i havent got pal park yet so you will have to wait
Latias lvl 70 bashfull
Absol lvl 70 docile

Off interest


Spiritomb lvl 1 egg
*Duknoir lvl 69 impsh ev trained in def spdef and a little hp
*Electriver lvl 30 sassy
*Garchomp lvl 49 naughty
*Magnezone lvl 31 naughty
Likiliky lvl 36 relaxed max toughness nicked MARC
*Gliscor lcl 5 impish
*Mamaoswine lvl 34 quirky
*Probopass lvl 2 rash
*Mismaguis lvl 11 mild
*Ambipom lvl 32 adamant

All names With a "*" naxt to them means they are in japanese

Pra metang with refresh adamnt
lvl 10 modest mew untrained
lvl 30/70 adamant modest timid deoxys untrained
PBR pikachiu with surf and volttakle-most wanted
Shiny Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam MODEST/TIMID
Shiny Happiny/Chansey/Blissey BOLD
Shiny CHimchar/Monferno/Infernape ADAMANT/MODEST
Shiyn latias TIMID/MODEST

Im a Event hunter Mostly jp ones pm if you got any

Charlie 2620 9174 0932

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