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Default Re: Pokemon Colosseum Pre-Order Offer Begins!

Originally Posted by Missingno mystery
NEW Question !
What of the attacks that Jirachi learns are special to him ONLY . Plus, I'm not going to be into training him right now and he's taking up to much space on my team so, should I be a bit mean a put him away in a box till I can find the time to train him ?
The only move that Jirachi learns that's "Special" or only available to him, is Doom Desire. Quite a powerful attack.
Doom Desire:
Type = Steel
Base Attack Power = 120
Accuracy = 85%
So, yeah, that's it. :P

And, I see nothing wrong with keeping him in the PC until you can find time for him. It's not like pixels have feelings.

(EDIT: I've heard that Doom Desire will be available to other mon in FR/LG like Absol.... So, technically, it's not unique, just in R/S.)
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