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Default Re: iGallery + iShop (Requests - Open)


What You Can Request
I will only do certain types of requests at certain times. I have realized that my spriting comes in moods, so I might be in the mood for one thing, not another. So, whatever I'm in the mood for, you may request it. You can suggest something else, but I won't guarantee that I'll do it.

What I'm in the Mood For
Shadows, Pokemorphs, fossils, other recolors.

Pokemon I Won't Fuse
Palkia, Dialgia, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Deoxys

There is to be no..
Requesting if there are already three requests, whether I've added them to the slots or not
Spamming or flaming
Stealing the art
Requesting something insane. (i.e. Oddish x Kyogre)
I only fuse two Pokemon at a time.

Completed Requests

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