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Default Re: Great Pokemon Quizzes!

Ali the Dark One (My RP Character):

Figured that I'd end up either Poison or Dark for the answers that I put as my RP character...

Ali the Dark One's Type (RP):

I actually expected to get this answer for Ali, I've always figured him to be a Sneasel or a Weavile...

Ali the Dark One's Pokemon (RP):

Raiken [Rattata, M] (RP Character's Starter):

Interesting, I thought that I would get Mew, Rattata, Chimeco, or Plusle/Minun...

Raiken's Pokemon:

Defnitely expected this for Raiken! That little ball of energetic fur!

Raiken's Type:


No Comment...

My Pokemon:

I knew that I'd get the description, the Psychic part just came as a bonus!

My Type:
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