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Default The Ash Ketchum favour game!!

You know in pretty much all the episodes of the cartoon (unless he's battling in a gym or something) Ash Ketchum and who ever is with him, Misty, Brock, Tracy, May, Max etc.
Are always doing favours for people??

Anyway heres the game:

I start the never ending favours off,
Next person replies with what happens, could end half way through the favour or at the end,
Next person says anothe favour (but must include the story of how they got to do the favour!)

Ash, May and Max were walking past the Safari Zone.

Mister - "Hey you three, Help! Please Help!!"

Ash - "What is it Mister?"

Mister - "Its the kangaskhan!!There all on a disturbed rampage!!"

May - "Well, what are we going to do?"

Max - "Sit and watch while they trample all over you??"

Mister - "No I want you to use your pokemon and make them faint!!"

Ash - "Sure thing Mister!!"

Mister - "Its Hall boy. Call me Hall".

Ash - "Sure thing Hall"

Max - "Told you I'd have to sit and watch people get trampled!"
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