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Default The Hall Of fame.

This is NOT a contest. . nor anything that will resmble a contest.
What this is is a place for spriters to submit their artwork, and become legendary in the world of spriting.
To submit something in the hall of fame you must first follow the first three rules. The rules are applied at all cost.
#1 Never post artwork or sprites onto this thread, if you would like to be submited into the hall of fame to be recognized as a famous spriter, please Pm me a horrifingly awesome sprite, and I may consider it worth to be considered a hall of famer.
#2 I am only submitting one person into the hall of fame each week. Yes, so you only have a very good chance of being known as a hall of famer.
#3 Have fun and don't take it personally. If you don't get picked then hopefully it'll motivate yourself to try different things.

To start it off with, start sending me sprites. Hopefully this thread will grow and become stickied.
This weeks Hall of Famer is Wandering Mew with his/her(Didn't even look at that, Lol) Shiny Donphan revamp. I really am not familiarized with this spriter, but their artwork is simply amazing, I have never seen a revamp like this really, it looks like they took on full spriting skills to change the looks of the poor old thing. Welocme to the Hall Of Fame!
Because you only live once...

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