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Default Re: The Hall Of fame.

There is really no need for this at all. People know who the great spriters are, and we don't need a hall of fame to say that. If we did have one, the best person to run it would be the best spriter, since he/she would have the most capability in choosing which sprite to be in the hall of fame. I'm not saying you're a bad spriter, but I'm saying that you're not the defined #1 spriter on the board. It would be easiest just to let people showcase in the GSS and get praise/criticism there.

However, if you want to run your own Hall of Fame from your point of view, just for fun, go ahead. It's just not going to be the "Offical PE2K Hall of Fame" or whatever. :P

And I honestly do think that this is somewhat a contest, since it's like a weekly sprite contest without a defined task.. There are entries, and there is a winner each week. :/ I'll leave it here, though, since you obviously are trying to steer away from this being a contest.

I'm just going to keep my eye on this. ^_^
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