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Default Re: [WAR VI] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor (Dónde Están los Héroes)

Originally Posted by Tamer San View Post
Mike that was a mean comment, you only remember hearing my name and stuff? :( you have me on the Honored Members list.. anyway, I am late for WAR but nevertheless am a Trainer ;)
Ah! Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean that to be a mean comment. I was just saying that I remember the name! Don't hit me! *Cowards in fear*

Yay! One more people that is part of Trainer. Just need two more comfirm people for TEAM RP then. Yes.

By the way do you have Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and can you WiFi Battle? *Still cowarding in fear*

Originally Posted by Diesel 34 View Post
I thought you were just a legend.
Now that was a mean comment. *Slap with foam bat*
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