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Default Re: The Orb

Here we go. Another grade.

Introduction: Nice detail on your introduction, enough detail to paint a picture in my mind. Good job.

Plot: A man trapped in an ice storm is trying to save his family who is kidnapped by a mysterious man. He has no idea why his family is kidnapped while he and his Pokemon search for shelter. You manage to find the man inside the cave you are in, but it ends up collapsing revealing a Meditite. You battle it and attempt to capture it with a strange orb.

Battle/Action: Was detailed and good. I liked how it was a handicapped fight and how the battle turned into a hard fought contest.

Detail: Good job on the detail of the story. Very good in my opinon for the pokemon. I liked how you suprised me with the detailing.

Grammar: A few errors here and there but nothing major.

Reality:The kidnapped family is kinda unrealistic for Pokemon, but I think it was good enough in this department.

FINAL OUTCOME: Meditite captured!
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