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Default Re: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Elite Four Discussion

On paper, I should have a fairly okay time with the E4.

Aaron can get a good hiding from my Staraptor, especially on Heracross. Drapion may be the only exception, and he can be finished off with something earthy from my Garchomp.
Bertha may be slightly harder. Sudowoodo, Golem and Hippowdon can quickly be sorted by my Empoleon. As for Quagsire and Whiscash, I was hoping to raise an Abomasnow, so that should be okay. Otherwise, I'll just overwhelm them with my Garchomp or something.
Flint should be a piece of cake. Empoleon can OHKO Rapidash, Steelix and Infernape, and Luxray can follow up by shocking Drifblim out of the sky. Lopunny is the only exception, but I'm sure Garchomp can be inventive ^^.
Lucian's gonna be a pain in the behind. Medicham can hopefully get taken down by Staraptor, and that's where it stops getting simple. Luxray knows Crunch, and Garchomp learns it at higher levels, so I may be able to bring a few of them down with that. I've heard Bronzong's a pain to take down. I was going to take it down with some ground-type moves from Garchomp, but not if he has Levitate. If that's the case, I'd just have to bring him down slowly.
Cynthia will be a compilation of pokémon and tactics, but I'm sure she'll crumble in the end; they always do :P