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Default Re: Release Figgy’s Lugia

doesn't matter if you're the good guy or the bad guy, you don't attack each other. right or wrong, attacking the person and not the issue isn't what we do here in the Trainer's Court. no more of this, in any other threads. as a matter of fact, don't do this over the whole forum.


forget the whole story competition, that has nothing to do with this right now. the issue is releasing Lugia from Figgy. Figgy isn't active. period. it's not fair to have an inactive member holding a legendary that someone may end up wanting. (i would have taken it from Figgy sooner but wanted to wait until someone wanted Lugia.) defeating the Elites is more than the Competition... that is way obvious. but again, that's NOT the issue.

Blackjaguar aka Jag (former Head Grader) never joined the forums when the URPG moved here. though, she was still active on messenger. until she became inactive, that's when her legendary was taken (which was Mewtwo at the time). i see her rarely on YIM (maybe every 3 months)... does she still deserve Mewtwo for all her hard/dedicated work?

im sorry to do this to Figgy, like i did with Jag, but we need active members in the URPG. if Figgy comes back and decides to stay active, then i'll allow him to repick a legendary. until then, this decision stands.


Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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