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Default Re: Rukario Revealed!

Originally Posted by Mario
And I don't know why people are considering it a male when we aren't sure of it yet.
When you watch Japanese Anime, you can easily tell the difference between Male and Female voices, regardless of Voice Actor Gender; Lucario is definately male, just like Mewtwo.

Originally Posted by Scorch Ry
Rukario seems to be a Dark/Psychic or Dark/Ice, since that attack seems to be a dark/ice or dark/psychic attack. It it one of three of those elements, therefore, he/she would have to be one of those types.
It cannot be Dark/Ice because of its Psychic abilities (Telepathy [Communication], and telekinisis [He can levitate]).

Originally Posted by Shiloh792
I don't think Rukario is dark. In one of the trailer pictures, all of it is concealed except for its blue outline. And psychic attacks are usually more purple. Maybe I'm being a dreamer, but I think Rukario might be a Light-type.
If I remember correctly, Mewtwos psychic powers in the first movie were depicted with a blue glow. Psychic abilities can be any colour, and I doubt Lucario being surrounded by darkness with just his psychic powers showing would point anyone to believing he is a Light-type; the Trailer, and Lucarios design, both point to Dark, and obviously Psychic. We can't be sure of his type altgether but with the evidence provided, a Dark/Psychic type seems most plausable.

Originally Posted by Samus Aran
yah... what is with the clothes... looks like the middle ages...

The new poke looks coolio!

but the clothes....

and about mew... I thought it could trun into ANY pokemon that it wanted... it CAN know trasform
Ash and co wear those clothes during the tournament/competition to decide the Hero. Since they're wearing normal clothes later in the trailer, I'd assume the new clothes are only temporary.

Originally Posted by thepokingmaster123
umm, FYI, guys...

The attack that Rukario is using is Psyburn (like someone said). If you want to see it in a show, rent the first movie, and watch the main fight of Mew vs. Mew2. If you are too stupid to notice, it is the attack that turns ash to stone when the two of them collide.

About the type; I say pure psychic (due to the attack). After all, since so far only mew and mew2 were the only 2 pokes who use psyburn, I say the three are related, and since both mews are pure psychic, why not Rukario?
I checked a Pokedex and the move "Psyburn" doesn't exist. Is that its real name? Anyway, as for type, yes it can be pure Psychic, however that wouldn't give it much of an advantage over the all-powerful Mew, not to mention pure Psychic is too overdone (Mew, Mewtwo, Deoxys).

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