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Default PE2K at Comic-Con!

PE2K at Comic-Con!

Pokemon was at last month's Comic-Con, and I was there to check it out. The Pokemon booth was for the Pokemon Trading Figure Game (which was the same one at the Origins event). I played a game and got a Ditto promo card. Also grabbed some freebies, another inflatable Poke Ball is mine.

Over 125,000 people attended the event, and it was sold out for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the first time ever it was sold out on all days, usually Friday and Sunday are good bets to get tickets). And it sure felt like 125,000 people. When you're in the Exhibit Hall, usually you would want to go through the aisles one by one just so you don't miss anything (a lot of free stuff to be had). But since there's so many people, where you're heading usually depends on where there is space to walk into. Away from the Exhibit Hall, you have the programming events. Comic-Con goers can get up-close with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry like Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons) and Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy). Tons of celebrities show up such as Jessica Alba, Dane Cook, Steve Carell, The Rock, just to name a few. There were a lot of great panels for shows such as Heroes and Lost. To get into one of these programming events, you better line up early, and I mean hours early. With 125,000 people at the event, seats fill up really quick. The lines were ridiculously long. Bottom line, you better do your research if you really want to attend a certain programming event. Some people sit in during the program before so they get a good seat (they don't clear the area after a programming is done, so people can be in several programming events at once without waiting in line for each one). But even if you miss the big programming event, there's usually something else about to start somewhere else (albeit a smaller one).

Overall I had a great experience at Comic-Con, the only thing missing was a lack of a Pokemon panel. Last year they had a panel of the Pokemon voice actors. Hopefully we'll see more of Pokemon there next year.

To view more pictures of Comic-Con, go here: PE2K at Comic-Con


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