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Default [Fanfic of the Year 2009 Nominee] Reflections


Back in January 2007, Kaze (or Kaze Megami, as she was known back then) made a deep Role Play known as Reflections. It was popular, and the storyline was well thought out. While it gained some members that either didn't make much of the RP or dropped out, six members were persistent in continuing the story, including myself. We really wanted to continue the story to the very end, and indeed, it looked as though it would be one of the few RPs to ever come to a successful ending. Alas, Kaze eventually became more and more inactive, until she vanished from PE2K completely. Because of this, the RP died prematurely. It was upsetting, but such is the way of RPs. Then, earlier this month, Kaze returned under the screen name of Comexback. I was ecstatic to see her, because she was a good friend.

Because of its death, I wanted to give Reflections the ending it deserved; therefore, I wasted no time in asking permission to make it into a Fanfic. She approved, and here is the end result. I now present to you a Fanfic based on a very good Role Play, Reflections!


Reflections. Images on a shimmering surface. Echoes of the past. Glimpses into the future. A shining face. A disheartened frown. Walls that hold curses and magic behind them. A reason to go on, a reason to stop.

If you look onto the surface of the water or into a mirror, you will likely gaze upon a familiar face. You may see faults in that face, beauty, or just feel indifferent to it. However, others may look into the image and find fresh scars, nasty reminders of their wrecked pasts. Some may find their faces aging and preparing itself for its appearance in the forthcoming years. Others see simple failure, and still others pure joy.

What do you see in your reflection?

Lately, many Pokémon have begun to ask themselves that. Previously, they have rebelled against their trainers, following their leaders to search for a safe haven. Humans have trailed after them, but as they stopped, new threats lurked behind every corner and in every shadow. The trainers have fallen back, but hostile members of the Pokémon’s own species have turned against them.

They have to keep moving.

Several still bear the scars of battle, healing wounds originally inflicted by those Pokémon loyal to the human trainers. They see these marks every time they dip their heads for a drink. They have changed outwardly and inwardly, too. They are looked at different. They are judged by past events. These Pokémon must look past all of that, what they see and what others see, and press on to Paradise.

Just how far away is it?

How many mirrors will they have to pass by to get there?

Quote by Kaze at the beginning of the Reflections RP.


Main Characters


Nakkura is a proud, arrogant Zangoose with a quick temper; he'll turn on someone in a heartbeat. Those who take his threats idly learn a powerful lesson in pain. For those who gain his trust, he will stay by their side and help them, as long as they don't get on his bad side. He isn't big on romance, however, and tends to stay away. He has stunning gold eyes with black slitted pupils and a dull-red scar running from his left cheek down to his left shoulder, but otherwise looks like any other Zangoose. (Role Player: Kaze Megami, now known as Comexback)


Kilia is a pure white Absol, eyes as well, except for her face and the gem on her forehead. She's a little smaller than an adult female Absol. Kilia can be seen as the mediator of the group, choosing words over claws and teeth. She always puts others before herself, even jumping right into harm's way to defend them. While she can be a bit dark and moody like most Absol (amplified by her sad past), for the most part she's easy-going and likes to have fun. She hates traitors above all things, however, and will pursue them with eternal vigor to get revenge. (Role Player: Dog of Hellsing)


Avaron is moreover the wise one of the group, being the oldest; he's lived his entire life expectancy, and has seen many things in those long years. Because of this, he makes a rather good teacher. He is a tiny bit shorter than most other Sandshrew, but makes up for it with muscle mass; he may not be extremely buff, but he does have muscles. He is an excellent tunneler, probably the best one in decades, if not ever. He suffered a scar over his left eye from a battle with a Scyther, making it blind. However, his right eye and all his other senses have been amplified by his loss of eyesight. He's kind of slow on his feet, however; he sometimes falls behind others he's with. One thing he hates above all else is how the younger Pokémon are willing to sacrifice their lives. Having known exactly what that's like, he feels that all younger Pokémon should live under their own consent rather than someone else's. (Role Player: Deathspector)


Shinko the Buizel has cerulean eyes, a chocolate nose, dark violet fins, and what appears to be three dark stripes on her back, but upon closer inspection are revealed to be scars from her journey. Her blue eyes, shining with happiness a lot of the time, become clouded with depression every now and then. She has recently become depressed and scared more and more, always expecting an ambush. She is quiet and shy, and seems helpless, but only between battles; in combat, she is fierce, brave...and even eager, wanting more of the fight, even after it's over. Some in her clan said that deep within Shinko's heart resides the soul of a demon. Shinko as herself loves an easy, gentle peace, like that of her home. (Role Player: Snowball Sunday)


This Larvitar is very scarred by his horrible past, both physically and mentally. Shen's eyes, normally with red irises, now have black irises and blood red color where the white should be; he believes that they are stained with the blood spilled from his parents' murder. On his back is a large, deep scar, running diagonally from his left shoulder to his right hip. Shen was forced to live on his own from a young age, and therefore has a mature mentality of an adult Tyranitar; however, this has caused him to very untrusting of strangers. Despite his mature mentality, he is still quite naive at times. He would enjoy having friends nearby, but friends for him are far and few in between. Shen has a mildly friendly attitude, though it's hard for him to forgive someone who gets on his bad side; he hasn't been taught that those who ask for forgiveness won't go back on it. (Role Player: Shen)


Aya doesn't look much different from other Bulbasaur, only with darker skin, a lighter shade of red (bordering pink) in her eyes, a few light scars on her bulb, and blunted claws from traveling far. On her back, she carries a small pack made of leaves and grass; she uses this to carry all her herbs. Aya is a healer, staying clear of combat unless it is unavoidable. She is very knowledgeable of which herbs do what, so she is nearly unparalleled in her art. She is quite motherly to those close to her, getting concerned a bit easier than some others. Aya is almost always happy, hardly ever getting angry or sad. She dislikes how many Pokémon are being judged for their looks, before they can get known, and therefore chooses to judge on how someone acts rather than how they look, accepting all as they appear. (Role Player: Shen)


Suko is an odd Seviper. He doesn't have any scars whatsoever...not even ones all Seviper get from their feud with the Zangoose population. He doesn't have the inborn urge to fight Zangoose that all other Seviper have; indeed, he doesn't like to fight at all unless there is no way around it. Always the cunning one, he uses his slyness and wits to trick the opponent into losing before the fight physically begins. He uses these same wits, knowledge of his surroundings, and a healthy dose of Double Team to avoid a fight. However, if it is unavoidable, he's a strong, vicious foe who won't back down until he's either won...or died. (Role Player: Dog of Hellsing)


Like Kilia, Sakata is almost completely white, though the only thing not white about this Jolteon is her eyes; otherwise, she makes even Snow White jealous. The other thing different about her would be the three crescent scars over her right eye; they were caused just far enough to not affect the eye, so it still sees perfectly. She's often quiet, choosing quiet over chatter. However, she is very trusting, often being the first to trust someone. Because she is very trusting, she will hold a grudge against someone who betrays her, much like a Ninetales; she only has a grudge against one Pokémon, and that would be a Persian named Éclair, who was once her friend. Because she has traveled alone for some time, she's picked up the habit of talking to herself, referring to herself as "Saka" so others she's around won't think that she's talking to them by mistake. (Role Player: Kitty-chan)

All images from, and altered by Comexback (Kaze).
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