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In quite a few cases the URPG works differently to the GB games, but most of the stuff you'll find does match up.

When I was originally being tutored, before I first took my ref test, I was taught in two halves. Dap taught me the basics, including the main formula, the stat and effectiveness multipliers, and gave me (and numerous others) some help when it came to certain tricky situations.

The second half of my tutoring came from Mana, who taught me about all of the status effects, and how they worked in the URPG. Obviously I was aware of all of the status effects, and what they did, but at the time the whole way that the URPG worked still puzzled me.

I made rigorous notes on everything both Dap and Mana taught me, and I still have those exact notes to this very day, and I think I passed my ref test in August...

Anyways, my notes which were made back then, state that in the URPG, the Burn status effect halves the ATK of the affected Pokémon, and then takes 0.9 HP from them after each attack they make (similarly to Poison/Toxic in that respect).

Well, that's my two cents, I was there when the battle in question was happening, and there sure as hell was a lot of confusion on the matter.
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