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Default Re: Ataro's Judging Log

Normal Rank Standard Cool Contest
Djax vs Pokelord vs Leman vs Hakken
Tyranitar vs Swellow vs Dragonite vs Elekid

All had no attributes except Elekid with 99 appeal, so Elekid went first in the Secondary round.
This contest was really the best I had ever seen because every trainer used Cool move! :D Crowd boost fills really quickly, and nearly everyone had the +5 boost except Dragonite...(I think). Djax used strategies to earn stars, score combos and with the help of a lucky Crowd +5 boost, he became first for round 4. Tyranitar would have won with a whooping 290 PTS, Elekid would have got last if it haven't had Pokeblocks...

1st Elekid 299 PTS
2nd Tyranitar 290 PTS
3rd Dragonite 230 PTS
4th Swellow 210 PTS

Hakken wins, gets $2000, Normal Cool Ribbon
Djax gets $1500
Leman gets $1500
Pokelord gets $1000

Salary: $2000
Total Payroll: $10000

urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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