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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: Sorry for making you guys/gals wait, there were a few things distracting me (such as Thanksgiving). I'll try to make up for my absence with a decent first post.

~ ~ ~

IC: Quietly I lay on the soft earth within a makeshift tent. From the ground I watched as the shadows slowly moved along the thin fabric’s side. For days I had been stationed here with Gabumon to await further orders. Tomorrow would mark our first entire week of wasting time. The scenery around these parts of the Digital World was beautiful, unfortunately I was required to stay at the tent in case anything urgent was required of me. Nothing had been needed however, the Woodmon and Weedmon seemed perfectly content lazing about in camp. Slackers, I thought, dissatisfied with the troop I had been assigned.

Though the general surroundings were relatively peaceful in my enclosure, it was clear that there was a lot of commotion outside the tiny tent. Angry voices bellowed at one another, each trying to be louder than the last in order to be heard. Even with the interfering noise it was able to hear several light footsteps approaching towards my tent. Even before he pulled away the flap to enter I knew who was coming. We always seemed to know when the other grew near. Like Gabumon had always told me, we shared a special bond.

“What, has he finally given us an assignment?” I asked Gabumon temerariously. Sitting and waiting about had begun to get on my nerves a few days ago, and speaking angrily about my master was no longer above me. Had he been within a few kilometers of me I wouldn’t have dreamt of speaking ill towards him.

Gabumon snorted dryly, “Nah, but there’s a argument that the digimon need resolved.”

“Can’t you just do it?” I complained. “I can’t see myself being any more intimidating than you.”

“You know they don’t have to listen to me, the commander told them to obey your orders.” When I showed no intention of moving, he grabbed a nearby stick and started to poke me in the side, just above my waist. He grinned in amusement, “Get up lazy bones.”

I lifted myself off the soil and dusted of my clothes. “Fine, I’ll break them up,” I agreed bitterly, “but you have to scare them into behaving for a while. I don’t want the weed battling the woods again half an hour from now.” His eyes showed cheerfulness, even though Gabumon maintained a straight face. I held the tent flap open for my partner and then followed through the opening myself. “What exactly is this fight about anyway?”
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