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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

" So nice of you to join us Alex, think next time you could learn NOT to hit a door, and get inside of one!" Mrs.Glore spoke with a calm voice facing Alex, turning towards Ivy, Mrs.Glore snorted. " So you wanna make a fool out of yourself huh, you can both do it in detention, along with yappers mouths over their!" Mrs.Glore voice with firm, being the strict teacher she was. Writing both Alex's name down and Ivy's name down.

" One more thing, if your not a cow don't chew like one," Mrs.Glore pointed out, creeping across her face a grin that was noticable. " One more then, the clock not going to move Terra! Kaze try NOT to hit people""

Mrs.Glore slamming her fist ontop of a desk, causing papers to fly everywhere. not bothering to pick them up, Mrs.Glore went on with her lesson. " Doesn't anybody know how to divide fractions?" Mrs.Glore asked, impatiently Mrs.Glore huffed. "Of course you don't or I wouldn't be teaching this!" She smirked.

Writing the fraction 8 and one fourth divided bye 11 fourths.

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