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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Name: Cole Alek Reiken
Age: 13
Appearance: (I'm feeling lazy right now and I have a lot more SUs that need doing, so I'm just gonna go with a pic for now, and if you want a full description I'll get to that later)

Personality: Cole is light and cheery, always with a smile on his face and the courage to battle. He's always up for a good fight, especially when he can get into the action, and not just ShadowAgumon (The fact that Masaru gets to fight Digimon has made me decide that the pansy sitting back and letting the Digimon do all the work thing is for wimps, so I taught this Cole judo). His happy-go-lucky personality is rarely darkened, and if he just had a pair of goggles, he would really be considered your typical goggle head as far as this series goes. His main desire is to protect people, but if he can have fun doing it, then all the better. Much of his spare time is spent trying to figure out how to get Saira to go out with him.

Dark Cole is somewhat similar, but at the same time somewhat different. He shares in Cole's enjoyment of fighting, especially powerful Digimon, but he only views truly strong enemies as worth his time. Otherwise, he just sends in ShineGabumon in to do his work for him. He lacks any empathy or even an understanding of what emotion is, as he seems to have lost all of it aside from the love of fighting. He treats ShieGabumon more like a slave or a pet then a partner, and thus, he commands him often.

History: Cole's life hasn't really been very eventful. He's moved around a lot, and has lived all over the world, from New York City and Paris to Amsterdam and some wierd Russian city that to this day he still can't pronounce. This is because his parents are world class chefs, and have worked in famous restaurants all around the world. While this has given Cole a rich and broad cultural experience, it's also kept him from keeping any friends. Because of that, he has a hard time connecting with others. Recently, his parents saw this in him, and so they decided to settle down and actually open up their own restaurant's. So, they moved back to Seattle Washington (where he had been born) and opened a small restaurant that''s been working fairly well. Cole's just now beginning to settle in, and he's already met some friends, including one really good looking girl named Saira. Already he has begun formulating a way to ask her out, and it consumes him. So sad.

Digivice Color: Good: Light Grey
Evil: Dark Grey

Good Form

Baby Form: Botamon
Attack(s): Acid Bubbles (Bubble Blow): Shoots bubble-like substances from its mouth.

In-Training Form: Koromon
Attack(s): Acid Bubbles (Bubble Blow): See above

Rookie Form: ShadowAgumon
Appearance: Think Agumon, but wih light grey skin (not black skin, light grey skin, otherwise he'd be BlackAgumon)
Attack(s): Baby Flame (Pepper Breath): The user spits fire out of it's mouth.

Champion Form: ShadowGreymon
Appearance: Think Greymon, but with black skin and dark red stripes. His mask becomes light grey in color, like ash.
Attack(s): Shadow Nova: Similar to Nova Burst, the user shoots a large fireball from his mouth, only the flames are black.

Ultimate Form: ChaosGreymon
Appearance: Now we get into the creative stuff. ChaosGreymon retains it's black skin and grey mask, butaside from those and it's size it's not quite the same. It's still a large T-rex, except it has spikes all along it's tail and down it's back. It's also much more streamlined in it's appearance. If it's appearance were comparable to anything, it would be Godzilla. Heck, this guy could take Godzilla down no problem.
Attack(s): Chaos Inferno: The user builds up a large amount of dark energy in his stomach, the releases it as a spout of black flames. The longer it's charged, the longer it can go, and the more damage it can do.
Chaos Charge: By building up a large amount of dark energy in his body, the user rushes with immense speed, and the body becomes surrounded by black flames, leaving the impression of a really creepy meteor.

Mega Form: PhantomGreymon
Appearance: Similar to BlackWarGreymon in it's basic structure, PhantomGreymon still has it's own structure and appearance. It's body is more draconic then dino, as is evident from the large pair of dragon wings sprouting from it's back. It's face is also lizard-like, having a fairly long and narrow shape to it (more so than it's WarGreymon counterparts), and it's mask is reshaped to fit that. It's body is covered in shining steel armor, with it's black skin evident in certain places. Embedded in it's gauntlets are a pair of red orbs (with fun swirling energy inside), and in it's back is another, this one black. (Note: In order to become PhantomGreymon, ShadowAgumon actually technically dies, meaning PhantomGreymon is a ghost. It's body is broken down into basic binary code and is then stored in it's back orb, while the same is done to the soul and it is placed in the arm-orbs. Hence3, those are the only three places that PhantomGreymon can technically be damaged. He'll feel the pain if he's hit anywhere else, but it can't actually cause any damage that will carry over when he devolves.)
Attack(s): Phantom Barrage: PhantomGreymon rushes forward and executes a series of punches/slashes which pass straight through the opponent's body, leaving no signs of physical damage. This is because the attack strikes the opponent's Digisoul directly.
Blaze of Lost Souls: The user draws energy from the Spirit World, taking in the ghosts of the past and converting them temporarily into energy which then ignites his two Soul Orbs and then his entire arms. PhantomGreymon then rushes forward and kicks the crap out of his enemy with them. When the attack ends, all the energy is converted back into spirits, which then return to their world.
Soul Cannon: PhantomGreymon once again draws upon the energy of the Spirit World, this time into his Black Orb. He then releases the energy in the form of a large black beam. This, like Phantom Barrage, does direct damage to the soul.

Evil Form

Baby Form: Punimon
Attack(s): Acid Bubbles: See Above

In-Training Form: Tsunomon
Attack(s): Acid Bubbles: See Above

Rookie Form: ShineGabumon
Appearance: Think Gabumon, but with pure white fur (excluding the blue stripes) and a pure white body.
Attack(s): Petit Fire (Blue Blaster): Shoots a stream of blue flame.

Champion Form: ShineGarurumon
Appearance: This time, think Garurumon, but with pure white fur, including his stripes.
Attack(s): Shining Blaster: Similar to Howling Blaster, except that the attack is pure white.

Ultimate Form: ShinobiGarurumon
Appearance: ShineGarurumon becomes bipedal, much like WereGarurumon. However, instead of becoming a really cool looking werewolf, he becomes a very cool looking ninja wolf. Yes, a ninja wolf. His white fur and body are covered by a black ninja outfit, complete with net shirt. On his back is a ninja-katana. Only his hands, feet, and head are left exposed. They retain their usual white color, and remain canine, though somehow the hands can grip the sword.
Attack(s): Shining Blade: ShinobiGarurumon rushes forward and strikes with his (now glowing) blade.
Shinobi Blast: ShinobiGarurumon releases a large burst of light energy from his mouth.

Mega Form: PaladinGarurumon
Appearance: The only evidence that he's a wolf is his bottom muzzle and the shape of his mask/helmet. The armor itself is pure white mithril, much like his fur is, making him near impenetrable. The only weak spot he has is just below his neck, on the front and back. Belted to him is a sword that resonates with holy light.
Attack(s): Blade of the Just: Similar to Shining Blade, but more powerful and with a cooler sounding name.
Dual Blades of the Just: Just like Blade of the Just, except while he attacks, another sword made completely out of light appears in his hand. A very draining attack though.
Infinite Light: PaladinGarurumon raises his hand to the enemy, and from it erupts a large beam of pure white light.

Digimon Personalities:

ShadowAgumon: ShadowAgumon is the calm, submissive type, who insists on serving and only that. He sees Cole as nothing more than a master, and calls him that as opposed to his name. He dislikes fighting, but will do so for the greater good. He believes that to serve and defend ins his only purpose, something that Cole is constantly trying to prove him wrong about.

ShineGabumon: ShineGabumon is more of a wildcard, ready and willing to fight but at the same time doing so with energy and free will. He hates being bossed around by Dark Cole, and only listens to him because he has no other choice, it's his destiny to andhe know it. However,he has been known to slip away when Dark Cole wasn't looking to go have some fun.
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