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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Kyle Rilika
Real World, United Kingdom

Kyle sat on the couch, watching the t.v. He frequently changed the channels out of boredom. He kept an eye on the clock as the time went by, the minute hand slowly moving. Kyle jumped as there was a knock at the door, and he put the remote on the couch, before standing up, and walking towards the front door.

When he opened it, a package was shoved in his face by some man, who wore a blue cap.
"This is your Prize from that competition." He said, before turning, and walking away.
Kyle stared at the box in his hands, quickly closing the door behind him, and placing the box on the table near the front door.
He fumbled with the way to open it, before finally getting the masking tape off, and opening the box.
He stared at a bluey-black sphere that sat in the box. It was lifelike.
He picked up and piece of paper, and read it through.
'This sphere is your creatoin, so only you can unlock its powesses. Your true journey will start at the beginning of a new dawn...'
Kyle read through it twice more, before sighing, and placing the piece of paper on the table.

Kyle looked at the clock in the frontroom.
I should be getting to bed.. He thought, rushing up the stairs.
He got into his room, closing the door, quickly taking off his top and chucking it in the corner, before jumping into bed.
After a while, he fell asleep, ready for the morning ahead.

Kyle Isako
Spira, Zanarakand

Kyle felt rough as he woke up, before looking around.
This isn't my house.. He thought.
Kyle felt as if he were wearing armor, and looked down to see Samurai armor on him.
"What the?" He said, gasping in shock."This is Samurai armor.."
He finally noticed his surroundings, and opened his mouth in shock.
"I'm in Zanarkand?" He said,"But, Zanarakand isn't real.. It's just in a game.."

I have to be gone in about 4 minutes..
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