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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

I'm gonna take a moment after reading your post to disagree and clarify my point about Absol.

Absol's neutral max defense/spec D: 219

Now obviously you're not gonna give it max defense, so we'll cut, say, 50 points off each: 169.

169, everyone agrees, is as poopy as defenses come (seriously, Houndoom had more defense in GSC >.<)

Now Attract, in RS, is greatly weakened. DVs no longer affect gender, so a smart opponent would allow attract to work on at MOST 2 of his members. (2 male, 2 female, 2 neutral would be highly ideal for attact killing). Now with a 169 defense and a 66.7% chance of getting hit 100% of the time, and a 33.3% chance of getting hit 50% of the time (and that's also assuming you go first, hence EVs in speed), I don't think 169 would be anywhere near sufficient to set up this little beast.

Oh, and your roar on Ninetales comment: Roar does go last, and if it goes first, it always fails, last I checked... so the speed of Ninetales is a hinderance, not an aid.
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