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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

The only reason I did disapprove of what you rated. Is because I disapproved of your tone toward me. I dont like people that act better than anyone else. The common courtesy of chatting toward someone does not include anything that supports the text in which for my eyes you displayed. "STFU" doesnt make me want to smile either. If youre going to rate someones team, try not to act smarter than them, its not to proove superiority, its to lend a hand. and that comment you made on my grammar was uncalled for. If you couldnt read my suggested terrible grammar, then you wouldnt have rated me time. Try and be nicer and I wont ridicule your stuff. When you act like you know everything like that. You better be right, and, you better be nice. Otherwise your knowledge is wasted in a mind, that has no communication skills. heh.
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