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Default Re: DP Normal Beauty | Noob of All Noobs vs. Pokelord01 vs. Mew Magician vs. Ataro

Sceptile use Sword Dance on Billy!
Doubles appeal next turn
Billyžs CL= 2

Golduck use Ice Beam on Mrs. Twinkles!+2
Mrs. CL=3

Prinplup use Bubblebeam on Crimson Chin! +2
Ends last next turn

Milotic use Mirror Coat on CC! +2
Points double because it's last! +2

Crimson chin(CL=3) awards 2 points to Milotic and Prinplup
Mrs. Twinkles(CL=3) awards 3 points to Golduck
Billy Idol(CL=2) awards 3 points to Sceptile

Order of 3rd turn:
1st Sceptile (70 pts)
2nd Golduck(90 PTS)
3rd Milotic( 130 PTS)
4th Prinplup(90 PTS)

I forgot to say, order is based only on how much someone gained in the judged turn. Just a friendly note ^^

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