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Default TTP: Trading shinies and events

I have many shinies and a few events to offer. I hope you find something that you want. My ut pokemon that have some pts. to it only have it because i used them for breeding purposes and dont have any ev's to them.
All i want in return are shinies that i don't have or 10th anniversary pokemon. I would also like it if they were untouched but just tell me if there not. It's no big deal to me. Oh one last thing I DO NOT ACCEPT HACKS.OK now onto my shinies:

Legendary Shinies
Regigigas UT sassy
Mystery Mew UT lvl 10 bashful
Mewtwo UT modest
Suicune UT naive
Palkia UT relaxed
Giratina UT hasty
HoOh lvl 80 careful
rayquaza UT gentle
latias lvl 50 careful
latios lvl 100 rash
lugia lvl 100 quirky
deoxys lvl 100 modest
cresselia UT careful
heatran UT rash
10 ANIV celebi UT sassy
Manaphy UT serious
Dialga UT timid
Groudon lvl 100 sassy
Manaphy PKE2 UT
Wishmaker Jirachi UT
Azelf UT
Mespirit UT
Uxie UT
spiritbomb UT
rayquaza UT

Regular Shinies
hoppip lvl 29 timid
treecko UT impish
turtwig UT quirky
manectric lvl 45 quiet
victreebel lvl 47 impish
skorupi BR UT docile
staryu UT docile
Slowpoke lvl 5 naughty
zangoose lvl 100,1 serious, adamant
raichu lvl 41 naughty
elekid UT bashful
flaffy UT lonely
riolu UT rash/ adamant
Mime JR. UT jolly
Glameow UT Impish
Luxray lvl 100 mild (nick name Sir Purr)
larvitar lvl 7 adamant
trapinch UT modest
Gible UT Brave
Magnemite UT rash
bagon UT hardy, adamant
eevee UT modest
tyrouge UT careful
doduo UT bold
phanpy UT naive
absol lv 31 met at 31naive
tauros UT jolly
vulpix UT brave
torchic lvl 8 relaxed
magby lvl 23 impish
torkoal UT bold
cyndaquil UT adamant
charmanderUT jolly
rapidash lvl 42 timid
sneasle lvl 22 adamant
smoochum UT quiet
onix UT careful
banette lvl 38 bold
golbat UT naive
bronzor UT impish
makuhita UT adamant
geodude lvl 9 relaxed (nicknamed rocky)
machop BT modest
duskull BT Bashful
Gengar lvl 55 relaxed
poliwag UT impish (nicknamed polishiny)
croagunk UT careful
Piplup UT quiet
mudkip lvl 6 bashful
squirtle UT gentle
tentacruel lvl 30 impish
horsea UT modest
milotic LVL 40 jolly
magikarp lvl 4 jolly
kyogre lvl 70 timid
togetic lvl 46 modest
pelipper lvl 31 careful
tailow lvl 8 adamant
pidgeot lvl 40 bold
pidgey UT jolly
staravia UT quirky
altaria lvl 63 lax
gligar UT adamant
hypno lvl 60 naive
skitty UT serious
buneary lvl 16 quiet
gardevoir lv 36 rash
ralts UT adamant (male)
aipom UT careful
lairon lvl 35 impish
metang lvl 22 adamant
butterfree lvl 39 lax
ekans UT jolly
Totodile UT Hardy
froslass lvl 34 impish
dragonair lvl 32 serious
kirecketune UT modest
skarmory lvl 100 calm
chickorita UT bold
happiny UT mild
buizel UT timid
porygon z lvl 100 modest
munchlax UT brave
lunatone UT bashful
poochyena lvl 6 timid
spiritbomb UT modest
seedot UT rash
wurmple UT lax, brave (one evolves into beautifly the other into dustox)
baltoy UT calm
budew UT lax
lotad UT mild
psyduck UT serious
drifloon UT jolly
porygon UT timid
chatot UT timid
minun UT timid
feebas UT bold
nidorina UT adamant
Nidoking LV 22 modest
abra UT modest
likitung UT lax
clefairy Ut brave
pineco UT impish
shroomish UT rash
nicada UT adamant
chimchar UT mild
growlithe UT adamant
snover UT naughty
shuckle UT brave
rhyperior UT quirky
anorith UT careful
cranidos ut lax
barboach UT calm
lotad UT mild

10 ANIV Blaziken UT modest
Fiesta magmar BT naughty (used at the daycar)
regular myster mew UT lonely
10 ANIV Celebi UT modest, careful
Collesum Lugia lvl 100 impish
Mattle HOOH lvl 100 naive
10ANNIV HOOH UT quirky
Space C Deoxys UT calm
WISHMKR Jirachi lvl 12 calm
Tanbata Jirachi
CHANNEL Jirachi lvl 100 serious
Movie Darkrai UT bold, docile, timid, calm
10 ANIV Dragonite lvl 74 calm
10ANNIV Lugia UT adamant
10 ANIV Entei UT timid
10 ANIV Suicune UT modest
10 ANIV Charizard UT sassy
10 ANIV Blastoise UT lax
TRU manaphy UT hardy
10th (movie) Deoxys UT naive
10 ANIV Tyranitar UT rash
Saikoyu Salamence UT naughty
saikoyu Elevctivire UT
Saikoyu Magortar UT
Saikoyu Milotic UT
Saikoyu dragonite UT
10 Aniv Zapdos UT
10 aniv Latias
10anniv Latios
pokemon event 07 Mew UT
Palcity Lucario UT
madness lickilicky UT
10 aniv umbreon UT
10 aniv espeon UT
happy easter buneary UT
pokemon event whischash UT
spring break pikachu UT (shiny)
St. Patricks day tanglea UT (shiny)

[COLOR="Navy"]Regular Legendaries: all UT unless stated.
Deoxys (all forms)
(hacked) shiemi
(hacked) Arceus

Well that's all for now. I'll add more as i get them. I clone using the gts and i don't have a lot of them cloned so please be patient sometimes it takes a while to clone. Thank you all and have a nice day.
Major Wants (would like them all legit definately and ut if possible):
sheildon, lileep, scyther, shellder, execute, and pinsir.
Tm's: 61, 64, 73,
Items: deepseascale,
these are the only pokemon i will trade for right now and this list will change. Post other offers if you feel like it.
Have a nice day

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