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Default Re: [Normal Beauty] Aelitaluver vs. Nitrodown vs. LC vs. Noob of all Noobs

Golduck uses Tail Whip! +6
Crowd looks on [CL=3]

Chimchar uses Ember! +4
Crowd cheeers, +1 [CL=4]

Squirtle uses Water Pulse! +3
Crowd goes wild! +5

Heracross uses Horn Attack! +4
Crowd looks on [CL=0]

1st Golduck 290 pts
2nd Squirtle 260 pts
3rd Chimchar 250 pts
4th Heracross 200 pts

Adding in primary:
1st Golduck 404 pts
2nd Squirtle 340 pts
3rd Heracross 268 pts
4th Chimchar 250 pts

Congrats to the winner, Noan! GG. Look at my log for additional info, prizes. And pm me your choices of berries.
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