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Default Re: Twisted Mirror [PG]

1 Discovery of Revolution

As I march toward this final setting much have I learned since the beginning of this insanity known simply as war. It seems to me that it's strange to reflect upon the seemingly unimportant past, as I know that this manuscript, would probably be buried by the end of this predicament. It matters little now, since it will only be days before the end comes. However, this may someday be dug up, and I hope that whoever does read this manuscript learn from what I have learned in my past and never repeat history again.

Simply said, this began with a revolution that changed the world strangely for the better. I could never piece together why this was the reason for the war itself, but I guess this is another example of how good things only bring the bad.

I remember the first day some time ago when I was still in Viridian City, minding my own business with school, games, and other things that I used to cherish so much. Yes, years ago I was a normal human being obsessed with training Pokemon and dating girls. I remembered how I was the best trainer in my class, how I was undefeated in Pokemon contests, and how it was so likely that I would be successful in life.

Either way, my day began when my mother would wake me up at exactly quarter after eight. I would lazily get ready for about half an hour before going downstairs to get some breakfast, made by my mother. I never really liked my mother's cooking, but I never bothered to make the food myself either. So it was for me a trade-off, one that still ended in my advantage. I would then leave the house with lunch prepared by mother by nine in the morning.

Uneventful as it was, I would enter the doors to the classroom at about the same time as the first bell would ring. However, that day, instead of seeing the girl I had a crush on at that time, I saw several people, Bob (blue short haired kid), Samantha (who's Caitlin's best friend), and Caitlin (whom I had a crush on) chatting away. I naturally eavesdropped on them, just to make sure that it wasn't anything negative about me. “You heard?” Bob chattered.

“It's not anything stupid is it?” Sam retorted.

“Unfortunately no,” Bob glared at Sam. “I just learned that they actually genetically modified a Pokemon to have specific genes for power generation. This would mean that-”

That was pretty much all I heard before I ignored them for no actually talking about me. But it was interesting, how some Pokemon can be bred to have genes that would benefit mankind in such a way. Besides, if a Pokemon can generate that much power compared to cost in power generation, it would mean that getting my hands on such a Pokemon would surely make me the king of this school. Strangely enough, this was the first resolution I have made in a long time. From what I knew back then, there was no need to care about anything. Survival was just another trivial matter, and there was no worry in the world there in Viridian. That night, I went home by the same route that I took for the better part of my life, did my homework, ate, washed up, and went to bed, thinking about the possibilities of genetically enhanced Pokemon.

This marked the beginning of the long years ahead, known to us as the Final War. I woke up after being stirred by my mother that same night. In my drowsiness I saw fear in her eyes like never before. A bead of sweat dripped from the top of her forehead, slid down between her eyes, around the nose and mouth, and landed on her pajamas. Not only that, the radiance that I thrived upon from her vanished from her as if her soul was taken from her.

Before I knew anything, I was already outside my house, with me carrying my pokeball belt. I did not know when I took that belt, nor did I care, because what I saw was the entire city burning with incinerating heat. The sky was coloured red in the darkness of the night, as if dawn had come early for several hours. I looked around, still holding my belt. I was moving, and I was escaping from this city on a vehicle of some sort. Around me were my mother, my father, and several others I did not know of. I looked up and saw the sun yet again, but it was night. Before long the brightness of the burning orb came crashing down toward our vehicle, and that was all I knew of that night.

The attack on Viridian City marked the beginning of the Final War. From what I knew, survivors were few as they took almost no prisoners and destroyed all that opposed them. This war raged on for about five more years after the attack on Viridian city, and during these five years I lived in Fuchsia Swamp. Somehow I survived the attack on Viridian city, and the only thing for me to do was survival within the new world.

Saffron City was still standing tall during these five years, with its north, west, and south covered by Allied Forces. Technically speaking Fuchsia Swamp was allied to these forces, but we tend not to care all that much. On the other hand, the New-gen forces took control of Viridian Ruins, Pewter city, Lavender Tower (formerly known as Pokemon Tower), Cinnabar Volcano, and Seafoam Islands. At that point in time most of the other areas that connected these locations were either at war, or are being controlled by one of the two sides.

Fuchsia Swamp was a special place in this war, mainly because it was a front going up against Lavender Tower and the Seafoam Islands, but it was also an easy route to Celadon Forest, which at that time was known as the “no front land”. Beside that point, Lavender Tower was also the front to Vermilion Harbour and that of Cerulean city, and was probably the weakest location they had. Nonetheless they kept that position quite nicely for the five years.

Not only was Fuchsia a two-fronted land (Cerulean being the other), it was also the place where the alliance was the weakest with the Allied Forces. In order to survive in this dump, we had to raid allies and enemies alike, as this was the way that we could survive in the harsh warring world, within a harsh warring dump. We raid anything from pokeballs to food rations. During that time period, electric, fire, and water Pokemon were at the premium, as the swamp itself lacked all three.
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